A Long Road To The Elite Showcase

If you saw my recent post on the ‘Made In Jogja’ ethos, you’ll know that late last year I visited Indonesia for a big car show in country’s capital, Jakarta.

On an invitation from a friend, I arrived in Jogjakata a few days before The Elite Showcase, and during that time checked out a few local workshops where custom and modified cars are built. The subject of that first post was Laris Understeel, a stance specialist that creates some amazing cars out of a very basic shop.


As it transpired, none of the cars at Laris were coming to the show; those that were – 16 cars no less – were at some other workshops that we visited a few days later, right when they were due to make the 10-hour road trip to Jakarta.


Some would driven, others would be making the journey on the back of a transporter, and I was tagging along for the ride. That was the original plan, anyway.


It quickly became apparent that some of the cars were pretty much ready to go…


…And others had a long way to go. By now it was after midnight and past our scheduled leave time, so the idea for my friend and I to drive throughout the night was abandoned. We’d fly the following afternoon, which would leave us enough to help load the cars into the show the evening before The Elite Showdown kicked off.


As the cars became ready, they were loaded onto the transporters; the next time I’d see them would be in Jakarta.


We actually arrived before all the cars did; with heavy rain and other complications the drive ended up taking 14-hours. During that time the cars had gotten very dirty too, which meant we’d be working into the wee hours of the morning getting them in perfect condition for the show.


The last four cars arrived shortly after 6:00am, which was just a few hours before The Elite Showcase opened its doors to the public. To be honest, I think it was an absolute miracle that all 16 cars even managed to get to Jakarta without any incidents.


The number of amazing builds at this event was astonishing; Indonesia really has a lot to offer when it comes to car culture. When it was all over, the cars from Jogja even picked up a few awards, so everyone was proud and happy with how it all went.


I would have liked to get photos of all 16 cars on their own and together in a group, but it wasn’t possible as most owners rushed straight back to Jogjakarta to prep for the next event, the Black Auto Battle, which was held the following week.


The phrase ‘Made in Jogja’ has a completely new meaning to me. It’s bizarre, awesome, and lots of hard work. I have massive respect for the builders and the effort they all put in, and can’t wait to see what they come up with next.

Rick Muda
Instagram: ardskellig


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I refuse to accept that the Broken Suspension Look is as popular as Speedhunters would have us believe.


Majority of them are all on Air Suspension. They take pride with how the car handles. It is surprisingly comfortable and easily daily driven.


""They take pride with how the car handles.""

LOL!!! That's why they had to trailer them. Wondering if this fad is every going to end. Probably not, there's no shortage of people who have zero concept of engineering and don't mind ruining function for (supposed) looks.


I dunno man! I see it everywhere just here in my little nowhere USA, Florida town :( Seems to be the new "cut springs" from the early lowrider days. Cheap to do with a dramatic effect, just add rent-a-wheels and a gangsta lean.


Love the Euro culture here!


I love the lime green on that Audi, really pops. Has a nice yellowish flavour to it.


I think that might be Audis Original shade called "java green"




Crazy! How do those cambered cars ride? They wouldn't last 10 seconds in New Jersey! The Navy uses NJ streets for missle practice! A Hellfire hit my street 2 years ago and now we have a lake with water in it!(ha ha) Love the Audi and the 3 series!


Since they're on Air Suspension. It's amazingly comfortable. It just ride smooth, even if there's bumps on the road!


Love to see some stuff on the RB1/2 Odyssey, also this is great photography

Jay Soh Tsu Chung

Oh, that's a Honda Stream, not Odyssey.


Thanks for the awesome photos, Rick. All the long-hours spent, great effort put in really paid off. Love the shiny cars and shinny wheels.
BTW, are the interior of these cars customized?


Some of them yes, but it's more accessory pieces just to make it feel more VIP.


Wow Amazing phots. These cars are dream for me.


Just ... WHY !?

Kresna Nugraha Susetyo

yes pls


Surprised this hasn't been said but more pictures of the 5 series please!


"Broken suspension" is a look and a creative expression. How boring would this industry be if we all did the same suspension? Not all of us want performance out of a car. These suspensions are not just a "cut springs" way of lowering. If you look into the engineering that goes into some of builds in Japan you will have a better appreciation. Is it for everybody? no, but isn't that the point - freedom of expression.

Great write up and photos Rick!


Creative expression,can be done in many different ways,but putting your car on such negative camber is just dangerous to do
I’m very open minded about new tricks but this is just stupid to do,not only because it affects the handling of your car,but also to other people who participate in traffic,it would be the same dumb idea to use slick tyres on a normal road going car


on the next visit to indonesia. you need come to yumos garage where old porsche and Volkswagen
has been restored again like porsche 64 berlin rome, 356 outlaw and many more classic porsche & volkswagen