The Other Side Of Autosport International

When I last visited Autosport International in 2011, I couldn’t have imagined an entire section dedicated to aftermarket street cars ever being added to the show. But that’s what has happened in recent years as the motorsport show looks to acknowledge the importance of this part of the industry.

While it’s definitely an area of the show that’s in its infancy, I think they’ve gotten off to a pretty good start with decent representation and variety. As you go through this post, do bear in mind that I only attended on the Thursday of the event – the first of four days – and more cars were expected over the weekend.

2020 ASI Performance Show Speedhunters PMCG -4

The keen-eyed amongst you will recognise some of the cars from the Car Audio Security stand as featuring regularly in our UK event coverage from last year. In my opinion, this was the best representation of current British car culture trends and tastes.

The contrast between CAS’s lineup of subtle BMWs at the front and our friends at JVC Kenwood’s more adventurous creations (concepts courtesy of Khyzyl Saleem) at the rear was pleasing.

2020 ASI Performance Show Speedhunters PMCG -19

Behind this was a small selection of individual owners’ cars. I would have expected this area to feature more cars over the weekend as people normally work Thursdays and Fridays, but there was still enough here to keep me interested.

The lack of light was a bit of a downer, but we made do, and that MkI Golf was a highlight of the day for me.

2020 ASI Performance Show Speedhunters PMCG -26

At the other side was a selection of UK owners clubs, with the GT-R OC catching the most of my attention. I still have a big soft spot for the relatively unloved R33 GT-R, and there were a couple of nice examples here.

2020 ASI Performance Show Speedhunters PMCG -22

In addition to Liberty Walk Europe’s main stand, there was also a second Liberty Walk Europe Car Sales stand featuring this R35 GT-R and V10 R8 combination. The price? £69,995 (US$91,500) for the Nissan and £99,995 (US$130,500) for the Audi.

2020 ASI Performance Show Speedhunters PMCG -39

There were quite a few supercar customisers present, but try as I might, I cannot even pretend to feign interest. In saying that, I appreciate we all have different tastes and they proved popular with a lot of the younger showgoers.

I could almost come around to the matching Veyron and Mercedes 6×6, but I just can’t comprehend why someone would wrap their Lamborghini Huracán rose gold with a dark glitter rear. That’s probably old age, however.

2020 ASI Performance Show Speedhunters PMCG -32

I do have to apologise for overlooking Regal Autosport’s perfect antidote to all of the superficial supercars, with their supercharged Huracán, which I missed beside the illuminous green Lamborghini Urus.

2020 ASI Performance Show Speedhunters PMCG -10
2020 ASI Performance Show Speedhunters PMCG -30
2020 ASI Performance Show Speedhunters PMCG -35
2020 ASI Performance Show Speedhunters PMCG -18

The subtleties of a relatively stock Clio V6, an Astra GTE, a carefully modified R34 GT-R and a tastefully bagged Escort Cosworth were a treat for the eyes. Not to mention the sublime Land Rover 110 on the Tarox stand.

At shows, it’s all too easy to focus on the bits you don’t like, but there was a lot of good in here. It might always be overshadowed by Tokyo Auto Salon happening on the same weekend, but the only way Autosport International’s ‘Performance & Tuning Car Show’ (to give it its proper title) can improve is by people getting out and supporting it. More opportunities to see great cars should always be welcomed.

Besides, if they’re looking for help further expanding it in 2021, we know a few people…

Paddy McGrath
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Nice coverage!


""I cannot even pretend to feign interest. "" Agree, the gold/glitter lambo and the flat wrap Veyron, gag me with a fork. Near zero artistic skill, looks like disco lounge wallpaper from the late 70's, and it clashes with the body lines. It's not age either, it's an eye for form


Lot of great cars here
Love the Euro culture!


I don’t know why everyone is hating on the super car wraps. I think that Rose Gold Lamborghini with the glitter in the back looks pretty cool. But to be honest, it does need to stop somewhere and matte Bugatti is where it should stop

Daniel P Huneault

that was glitter??? I thought the car had a fire before the show and they pushed it in anyways and said"well were already here..."


Everyone so salty lol


you spelled lamborghini anus wrong

Cableknit Cardigan

Buggered Veyron too...


why so salty?


The 6x6 with the Veyron reminds me of a german porn starlet who owns a 4x4² with a matching Aventador. There's quite a few images out there where she has the Lambo trailered behind the 4x4².


Is it wrong that out of all of those cars I gravitate towards the Astra GTE? Rightly or wrongly I'd have walked straight past the likes of the Lambos.

Great coverage, thanks for sharing!

Cableknit Cardigan

Not at all. With you 100%. When presented with tat like the gross 6X6 and its aborted Veyron child, its easy to ignore their expensive taste by-pass and enjoy the sublety of a clean 80s classic. As always, new money doesn't buy class, style or IG likes.


Hideous as the G and Veyron are, if you're going to advertise an obvious lack of taste - twice - then A8EST and ABE5T plates are quite witty UK finds.


The Astra GTE is the stand out car from this selection for me. Really aged nicely and sums up what separates British car demand from the rest of the world IMO. Proper little hot hatch. I'd love a sleeper like that.


Comment section is salty this week :)


Paddy that blue Golf with the cutout hood is beyond sick! You have GOT to do a full feature article on that car! Please! Who is that guy? Amazing. Soon!


Is this the new trend for 2020? Next to air ride, fit your LB equipped car with a tyre inflation/deflation kit normally used for rockclimbing and other 4x4 happiness, just to lose the last mm's of ground clearance?
Or is it just a flat tyre?

But, man, what a lovely wheels under this car!