Let Your Inner Tuner Customize Away

One of the main selling points of any racing game is customization. Some allow a little, some allow a lot, but Need for Speed Heat is taking us that one step further – certainly for tuning fans.

Not only does the new game allow for total customization of bodywork, paint, decals and liveries, its extensive use of real-world parts from some of our favorite brands, means you can actually create real-world cars in the virtual world. We thought this was so cool, we went and had a crack at it ourselves in NFS Heat Studio, taking some of Speedhunters’ favorite feature cars, and crafting the equivalent in the digital realm.

No bias at all for the first one, Project GT-R.


This is what the car looks like at the moment; there haven’t been many changes since the last time you all saw it earlier in the year, and, yes, it’s still very much green.

Photo 31-10-2019, 09 39 29

In the NFS Heat world the car not only wears the same Nismo Z-tune bumper it does in real life, but we’ve gone ahead and added a little bit more Nismo-ness into the mix with Z-tune fenders, R-tune vented hood, and the side and rear skirts to complete the Nismo treatment. Volk Racing CE28Ns aren’t available in the game, but RAYS-made Nismo LM GT4s in bronze are a close enough addition. Thoughts?


Moving on, do you remember the RWB/NFS 964 build from 2016? Well, here it is in all its digital glory.

Photo 31-10-2019, 09 40 09

It certainly has that RWB feel about it.


Out of the many cars we’ve shot at Gatebil and around the event, this BMW-powered Volvo 242 remains one of my favorites. There was just something so right about this car.

Photo 31-10-2019, 09 41 51

It’s so cool that you can recreate it in NFS Heat, although it does need a tad more low. What do you guys think?


During all our visits to the old and new Rocky Auto shops, this carbon fiber Hakosuka is one that always stood out for the amazing execution. This was like a wild ’70s works racer reimagined for the 21st century.

Photo 31-10-2019, 09 40 50

Being able to mount the oil cooler on the bumper, like these old race cars really did back in the day, adds so much authenticity.


We shot the RWB Yoshiwara 993 Targa out in the Nevada desert a couple of years back. I always thought this car looked so sick with its custom turbofan covers; black on one side and with gold motifs on the other.

Photo 31-10-2019, 09 51 02

It’s something you can also do in the NFS Heat Studio.


If there was an award for the most out-of-this-world Golf build, the Forge Motorsport MK1 would definitely be a top contender.

Photo 31-10-2019, 09 42 59

And here it is, almost identical in the digital realm.


The Advance NSX build is one we’ve followed for some time in Japan.

Photo 31-10-2019, 21 44 53

You’ll be seeing a lot more of this car very soon.


Remember the twin-turbo Lamborghini Huracán that Mark shot last year?

Photo 31-10-2019, 22 00 28

This has to possibly be the closest and most identical-looking digital version of it.

Now that we’ve had our fun with the eight cars above, we thought it’d be cool for you guys to have a go. Pick a car from our vast library of feature cars, and see if you can craft the equivalent car in the NFS Heat Studio. Then, upload it to Instagram with the tag #SHxNFS, and we’ll select our favorites for a social post. We’ll even dig out some exclusive merch for prizes, too…

Now, get busy creating!

Dino Dalle Carbonare
Instagram: speedhunters_dino

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I saw Mark making these virtual Speedhunters feature cars whilst we were travelling, and I couldn't believe how quick and easy it is to create these. Proper fun. My favourite video game was Micro Machines on the SEGA Mega Drive, so that shows how old I am, but the new NFS Heat game is proper fun. That, for me, is what it's all about - having a laugh!

Matthew Everingham

I'm hooked.
I've made over a dozen cars using the app. It's a great little time waster while travelling and waiting around.


Micro Machines II was a go to for me and my sister! We spent countless hours playing that game, a proper classic.


Now this will BE FUNNN!!! Expect my submission SiR , i've missed that CRX you posted before, will you ever follow up on the one at the back of it ?


Hi Allan, look forward to the submission. Not sure which CRX you mean, do you have a photo you can share?


Submitted. ^_^


Back to Basics: Driving A Stock Honda CR-X SiR this CRX Ben i dont know for some reason I'm unable to share the photo.


I'm game

Jay Soh Tsu Chung

I am still puzzled as to why canards are not in the app when they have the categories in there.


Interesting questions. Let's ask the game team and come back to you on that one. Paging @BrynAlban...


There were a few technical limitations with the Heat Studio app that didn't allow us full integration of all of the customization options you can play with in the full game, canards and part sets being a couple of them.


I love the studio, and i'm excited for the game. The exhaust tuning, the customization options, and just the game itself is beautiful. Whenever I scourge up enough money, this is definitely my top priority. Although, I would like to see lower ride height, more wheel customization options, and maybe some more bodykits. But this game will definitely be a fan-favorite.


Honestly, NFS Heat Studio is one of the games that I had the most fun on my phone
There are a lot of cars with a diversity of parts and really this has to be the best customization on NFS ever since Underground 2, Most Wanted 2005, Carbon, and Prostreet
Can't wait to play NFS Heat!


NFS Heat is the series finally coming back to form!
Looking forward to great things with this game!


Are we allowed to enter multiple cars...?


Dino - that Volvo 242 is one of my favorite Speedhunters photoshoots ever. The car, the lighting, the rain... couldn't have made it better in my opinion. The article is a bit old though, with pretty low rez images available. Would it be possible to get a couple of the shots in higher rez?

Matthew Everingham

Where's Project Nine? :O I feel so left out.