Icons Over Coffee

Situated in the heart of the English Midlands, there’s a place where motoring enthusiasts unite over coffee and their prized obsessions.

Some might say it is just a petrolhead-themed café and bar, but C&M is also an art gallery, an inn, and much more.


You never know what is going to pop in at any moment, and this spontaneity gives a different character to this place. One moment you are checking out someone’s tuned Supra and suddenly a beautiful retro 1926 Bentley passes by.


Having followed the C&M story for quite some time, I recently had the opportunity to photograph an event. When the day finally came it started raining in the morning, but nothing was going to stop someone who has always had a passion for cars and photography. I packed my camera bag with all the essential tools and went to cover the day.


As I entered, I could see a Jaguar XJ220 and a Lexus LFA parked up in front of the main door that leads into the café. It’s not everyday that one sees this perfect combination, so it’s safe to assume I was in for a treat.


By noon there were hundreds of cool cars in the parking lot, but then all of sudden everyone just started pointing their cameras, phones or whatever they found to capture an insanely beautiful Ferrari F40 that was rolling in.


There was so much content right in front my eyes, so I jumped into the details: The exhaust pipes of the LFA; the XJ200’s see-through engine cover; exposed carbon fibre on the Ford GT; the gear stick of the Bentley Petronella; the beautiful stance of a Ferrari 288 GTO.


By the end of the day I had shot hundreds of photographs, but I kept my finger on the trigger as the sun set. I could do this every day.

Kapil Dubey
Instagram: thelammergeier


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Dammit! I missed it


Near my house sits a red 911T, stuck in the bushes for the last 25 years. I used to drive by it on the bus in middle school.
During fall it completely disappears. In front of it sits a 3 series with long ago flat tires. Nobody is ever home and there are notes stuck to their door asking about the car. I want it.


Surprising turnout for a British event. Some very nice machinery there.

But Cars and Coffee is a SoCal thing, and all others are imitators!


What's your point, Jerry? Do you really think likeminded people around the world haven't gathered together on sunday mornings for a bit of a chat before someone branded it?


C&C Irvine (and it's forbearer, the Crystal Cove meet) were the originals. All else have replicated them, and the world is better for it. One could say C&M took the original idea and improved upon it (I'd love for someone stateside to offer a "destination" C&C that included an inn).


Lol, it's been happening long before anyone gave it a catchy name and nobody knows where it originated, it just started happening


Lol, spoken like someone who doesn't know or doesn't quite understand. Car meets have certainly been around since there were two cars. The super-early-Saturday-morning-every-type-of-car-is-welcome format is a bit unique and it's fantastic that it has spread/morphed.


My family would go to Saturday morning "cruise ins" which were just cars and coffee back when I was a kid. This was long before cars and coffee existed. I'm glad you admitted you don't know or understand though, no hard feelings


Please add a link to C&M, it would be good to know what this place is, and maybe how to attend one of these events.


Amazing article with great pictures. Truly a paradise for auto lovers.


Love to see the best cars and bikes here for coffee


I need to visit C&M someday
They got the best cars and bikes of the past and present


Fantastic photos!. The event is nothing short of interesting cars of different shapes, sizes, colors and eras.


An F40 and a GTO at the same show... Dream cars!


I just want to hug that beautiful doge and drive away with him in the Kei car.

... kidding I'll take the 288