The Ratty Drift Hakosuka

There’s a pretty good chance you’ve seen the videos of a couple of Hakosuka Nissan Skylines drifting in Japan. Given the classic nature and collectability of these cars, such a thing seems so wrong, but so right at the same time.

At SLY Summit’s grassroots drift jamboree this past weekend – an event I’ll be bringing you coverage of very soon – the kyusha class had not one, but four C10 Hakosukas sliding around the Sportsland Yamanashi circuit.


Out of the four, this ratty-looking example was the one for me. The want was so strong.


I have a thing for rough-edged cars being driven to the absolute limit, and that box was definitely ticked with this Skyline.


On the subject at hand, the older gentleman who pilots this Hakosuka has replaced the car’s original and outdated rear suspension with a Silvia multilink system. Besides the setup making the Skyline a lot easier to drift, when things go wrong (which in drifting is a matter of when, not if), it’s much easier to find replacement parts.

The owner even hand-formed the aluminum front lip, which in conjunction with the front-mount oil cooler and overfenders pulls the kyusha works look together nicely.


In terms of engine performance, you won’t find a high-horsepower turbo power-plant get things sideways here. Instead, the humble L20 remains, breathing through Solex carburetors.


Yes, it’s all about style and having fun with this Hakosuka. But probably the most impressive thing is the fact that when the day is done, the owner packs everything inside his car and drives home. Yep, it’s shaken (road) legal.

Only in Japan…

Ron Celestine
Instagram: celestinephotography



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It really was awesome to see. Walk up to it assuming an RB26 swap but no! All mechanical! Really cool.


why does he have ducting through the windows.... to his footwells?


Probably to keep his lower half cool since no doubt it gets toasty in there, and A/C is most definitely non-existent in that car


Beautiful, so sexy...

I guess hi has to setup slight corrections previous to the Shaken Inspection; In case of the rear suspension i can imagine they look for functionality and not modifications..

so sick ride; watching the pictures is painful looking at how much love this car can get and oddly satisfying to see it is being driven how it was meant to be.


I always love to see ‘real world’ cars. Ones that aren’t built for likes or recognition but simply for enjoyment. Awesome ride.


You and me both! Absolutely love it

Jay Soh Tsu Chung

A proper definition of "Project Rough". Hahaha!

By the way Ron, how's your ride coming along?


Hahaha it def is!

It's good! I have a few updates coming up after I finish this event coverage ^^ Hang tight with me!


Finally something cool! The boring Euro Cars and Hot Wheels is getting old fast.


Hahah glad I could change it up a bit ;)


I'd love to see this car for real. Very very cool.

Amazing to see more of it and get more info on it! Thanks Ron!


You and me both!

And no problem! Glad I could be of service ^^


well that didn't go as planned. I start reading about the car, stopped and got a really big coffee. then continue reading to learn that after few scrolls its done hahahhahahaha we want more.


Hahahaha sorry about that. I definitely need to get a big follow up with the owner


So. Much. Character. The car just oozes fun, and I imagine it sounded glorious!


This.... is exactly what my soul needs.


We need to know more about this gentleman's plans for the car's future :D Now, I look at the BIG rust spots on the left rear quarter and think, "Oh, man. Fix that before it rusts through and falls off." But then, maybe that's what he's waiting for, and he's planning a partial restoration afterward. The whole car has a great sense of humor, though.

I used to drive / slide an e36 M3 that was in similar shape, so I can relate to the aesthetic. Soooo many cool old cars / otherwise big-money classics could be enjoyed this way.


Love it! But I was hoping for some vid so i could hear that thing run.


Back on track speedhunters. I have seen a much worthy clickable story in a while. This is what i come to speedhunters to see and read about. And I appreciate the low amount of photos, I don’t need a thousand photos per article


This thing looks like a blast.


The 3/4 rear view..... Much much love for that - and many wows!


I'd love would to daily drive that thing! Just the impact statement and cool factor would make it a blast to cruise around in....JMO.


Am I the only one that hopes we can make cars like this in the new need for speed that's coming out soon...?


Awesome, I was actually able to read this post from start to finish.