Rarity: Vu Nguyen’s Subaru Outback Sport

Vu Nguyen is the owner of this perfectly pieced together GF wagon, a vehicle that started off life as a two-tone Outback Sport.

Coming from a few other Subarus in the past, Vu picked up this wagon thinking he was not going to do much to it. But as the story often goes, the exact opposite happened.


Being part of an online group that continually had rare JDM parts sold through it, Vu began building a nice little collection of components, which he eventually fitted to his car. Included in this is the ARC radiator shroud, ZeroSports intercooler splitter, and a Ganador Titan power bar.


While building his car, Vu strived to do things differently, and the visual result has totally been worth it. What you can’t see is also impressive, starting with the 2.2L stroker EJ205 under the hood. Living in California and running this motor legally is a real feat, but Vu was able to achieve it by using a ’02 WRX donor car and swapping everything over with help from an iWire harness.


Engine aside, the standout feature of this build is the genuine Chargespeed body kit and Panasport wheels.

The kit consists of a Chargespeed front lip, front fenders and rear over-fenders. Originally, Vu ran with generic over-fenders and contemplated running a 22B-style kit on the wagon, but once he saw that Chargespeed made a kit for the ’93-’01 chassis, he was sold. There are a few more Chargespeed parts to tick off the list, and Vu’s looking to complete the set in the future.

With their deep polished lips, the multi-piece Panasport G7 wheels in their 17×9-inch fitment look superb – especially when the Subaru is dropped on its Air Lift Performance 3H air ride system.


While Vu enjoys cruising around in his car, no one enjoys it more than his son who is always keen to be strapped into his Recaro car seat.

Vu’s wagon is a prime example of a build that is quick to catch your eye. Then, when you come in for a closer look, you’re amazed not only by the sheer number of rare parts fitted, but also the perfect execution.

Jarod Olay
Instagram: jarod.foto


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SO... SEXY.... (besides the aero otherwise it’s sexy)


Cool, another Subaru that doesn't do Subaru things. Neat.


Beautiful car, great shots!!!


Solid build. Is that a flocked dash?

UYA With A Bass

This looks absolutely ridiculous.

Gang bangers/drug dealer car, take your pick.
The wheels look like they are going to fall right off. You'd look like a clown driving that.
Hit a small rock and your fender is flying off.


You absolute mongoloid. He doesn't drive around like that, it's on air suspension. If you aren't a fan of this car, or all Subaru Wagons, you should rethink your life. Its understandable that this car's not going to be everyone's cup of tea, but what you're saying is just absurd. Peak boomerposting right there.


ur joking yeah?


Love this!


Personally he should of went with the R32 front bumper LOL