Without Rivets: The New LB-Silhouette WORKS GT Huracán

While most of us mere mortals won’t ever have to worry about whether we should or shouldn’t wide-body our Lamborghinis, we think that Liberty Walk just made this hypothetical decision a lot more difficult…

If there’s one thing that people have been split on over the years when it comes to the wide-body craze that’s enveloped our world over the last while, it was the use of rivets to attach and secure the extra bodywork.


A lot of people still wince at the idea of cutting up and drilling through any bodywork to fit a bodykit, let alone a supercar, which is why Liberty Walk recently started to develop and retail their new line of ‘Exchange Type Fender Kit’ which doesn’t involve taking a blade to your Aventador or Huracán’s bodywork.

Further to this, there has also been the introduction of their new LB-Silhouette WORKS GT line which is completely rivet-less, as it probably should be. First, there was the 458 GT and now there’s the Huracán…


Information is currently limited, as the official unveil hasn’t actually occurred at the time of writing, but we would expect to see the kit offered in both full FRP and full carbon along with a combination of both at a halfway price point.

The kit seems to take influence from Lamborghini’s Super Trofeo race cars, along with a little inspiration from Ferrari’s FXX-K Evo, too.

The result is pretty stunning I think, and it’s certainly not lacking in aggression. The cleaner lines offered by the sans-rivets installation offer a more modernised and futuristic style, although I fear it might date the older kits quite considerably.

I just hope there’s enough metal and carbon left on those older cars to install the new kit…

Paddy McGrath
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No rivets, YES PLEASE.

BTW, that rear wing looks SICK.

Jay Soh Tsu Chung

I don't mind bolt-on type flares. They make people rage, and that's why I love them. :D


straight away i thought of mad mike.....time to update!


Can we start using the phrase body kits again? Without the negative connotation? Because that's what these are. This is mid/high level show car 101 from the 2000s.




look childish imo

Mark Joseph I. Argoso

Well I guess I found the car Blacklist 5 will be driving.


I for one am a fan of rivetted parts. Way easier to replace once you actually drive a car a lot. And if you really want to, you can have your rivets color matched.

But then again. The above just applies to racing and people actually driving there car a lot. I remember during the 90's that we had bodykits that where seamlesly mounted. It might look cool, but driving it and keeping it that way was a nightmare. So for me its rivets for life!


This actually looks really good. I like it!


Those Super Trofeo lambos are pretty rad. Restaurant I ate at last night had a 6hour race on, although it may have been a rerun. Either way it was cool to see something besides baseball on every screen lol.

This kit looks great imo.


Yay! finally no ugly rivets or bolts on the flares. I cant stand that cheap flare bolts mod fad. Doing the right way looks best. Please put an end to that please.....


It's not a fad though.. The "works style" bolt on overfenders, have been a thing, for a few decades I believe..


cuz everyone was home-depot-screwing cut up garbage can lids on to F355s right?


So..there's this place called, Japan right? That's where the "works style" of aftermarket exterior modification, started;(I.E. bolt on fender flares, external oil coolers, bucktooth front spoilers, etc) which was influenced by cars such as the the Hakosuka and RX3 factory works cars.


Actually way older then that. Mini's had them, as wel als alfa's back in the day. Japanese car manufacturers where almost non existantant back then....


It's amazing how little people in this sport understand history. The Japanese didn't invent any of this shit, but it's hard to sell stuff to the kids if they think the British invented this cool new trend on YouTube.

Simply amazing how much the culture has really slipped and how few people reading this crap actually understand the history of motorsport. SH is a very youth centric publication and I think we see the knowledge base reflecting that. Pretty funny stuff.

Look like the Japanese even invented slip angles--because no one ever got sideways before the JDM scene *rolls eyes so hard they fall out of skull*


In the last 5-8 years its become popular to "bolt-on" and I feel its the "poor mans" body kit mod. I've been modifying Japanese cars since 1996 and back then people use to take the time to mold the body panels. That looks cleaner and shows you took the time and had skills. I feel that is the cleaner way which was the hard way but looks better in my opinion. The overfender bolt-ons remind me of what people do to lifted trucks. Call it a trend, fad or whatever.


You've been doing that since 1996, so what? What relevance does that have, in regards to the "works style" of modification, having been around in Japan for decades?


Let me phrase it another way. In America this trend has caught on in the Japanese tuning world. All I meant to my original post was that it was refreshing to see clean lines etc. and not the trendy cheap ugly fender bolts.


People in America have been doing amazing fender work since the 1960s by hand and it takes a lot more skill. No one can even argue the opposite, because anyone who has actually done it comes to the same conclusion. They do look a lot better as well. Millennials like stuff to be fast and cheap because taking time to learn things is hard to do...and they might get offended when someone says their fenders look like shit, so they just go right to buying the shit instead!


This looks like something haggard from Midnight Club or NFS Underground.

I can't wait for idiots to pay 100,000+ to ruin their Italian designed art peices hahahahaha.

To think people lie to themselves and pretend it looks good.

If it weren't labeled with the "LiBeRtY wAlK" name, it would be scoffed at as a freshman high schoolers design project. Open your eyes people...

Keaton Belliston

That would look fantastic with proper track suspension. Any wrecked Super Trofeos out there?? Lol


Looks like one of those cheap/fake ebay kits.


EVERY LB kit looks better at a useable ride height, IMO. There's no combination sillier than race-car bodywork set literally on the ground. Lower it *a little*, but let's see how it will look on the road.

This one will have so much more presence IRL than the rivet-on, monsterpiece. That said, we probably won't get a good look at it because it will doing 180mph down the merge lane. But with aero that may actually function now, it will at least be flying past with a little more safety.


way nicer than the lick n stick rivets

Julio Jonathan

The fact that many people love or hate this thing (the overfender scene, riveted or seamless) and arguing about it would do nothing but further increasing the success of Kato's "I don't give a f**k" mentality.

The point is to make all these LB things a talking point. More and more people will know of LB. If they don't, they'll check it out themselves online, on car shows, etc., and they'll throw their opinions too. More other people will heard of all the online shenanigans going on, and then the cycle repeats itself.

Well done, Kato-san! (yea can we just stop for a while and appreciate how much of an influencer Kato is in the car scene?)