Something Different: A Lifted ’79 Camaro

When I came around the corner of SE 10th & Stevens scanning for cars during the recent Portland Transmission Spring Classic, I did a massive double take.

I was sure I had just seen a face-lifted second-gen Camaro, but something didn’t quite add up. The gears spun as I turned towards the car again, trying to make sense of the quick glimpse I’d just had of the car. It was red, possibly a T-top version, and in great shape. Yet something was clearly amiss…


A half-second later when I laid eyes on the car again it all came together quite quickly. It was indeed a great-looking Camaro, only it was in the wrong place. Almost another entire Camaro-worth of height has been added to this ’79, and I first spotted it over the top of another car.

We quickly tracked down the owner, Neal, and asked for clarification of what exactly it was we were looking at. He told us that his son Casey originally bought the car for $250 and the frame of a Chevy Blazer for another $50. There was a 3/4 ton Chevy pickup involved, too, which set him back another $700. Basically, Neal says his son’s idea was to build something cool without a huge budget.

What happened next is relatively self-explanatory, and involves a carbureted big block Chevy 454ci V8.


Neal told us that eventually Casey wanted to get rid of the car, so he ended up taking it off his son’s hands. From there it was dad who cleaned everything up and, although the car sees trails, dunes, and plenty of off-road activity, Neal’s done a good job of keeping everything in ship-shape condition since he restored it.


I’ve actually run into an alarming number of old muscle cars built to this style up here in the Pacific Northwest in the last few weeks, and it isn’t a coincidence. Oregon is home to an off-road rally called The Gambler 500, where cars of all kinds — the cheaper the better — are encouraged to drive to a remote location using as few paved roads as possible.

While I would wager that this is likely one of the nicer examples that might show up, I’ll be doing my best to make it out to Gambler Town the week after my N24 trip. That is, unless the jet lag, the rain, and whatever else Germany has to offer kills me.

Trevor Yale Ryan
Instagram: tyrphoto



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Sebastian Motsch

Great find, well spotted. Okay, spotting this isn't really a challenge - it really sticks out. Well done, nice conversion. Hats off to Neal for cleaning up the leftovers and creating a great looking rig.

I love unusual 4x4 conversions and have created a couple of concepts over the years. This Nissan is a more OEM looking approach. Nissan could have build it like this or rather... they should have built it.

Best regards

Sebastian Motsch
Sebastian Motsch
Scherpereel Clement

COol concept
However, this is the real deal : Peugeot 505 Dangel (official tunner at the time) from 1989
Dangel was a military tunner but you could buy this car strit up from the dealer back in the days


Why do people think it is a good idea to make cool looking muscle cars into ugly donk cars SMH


I think you're confused about what a donk is....


I'm saying it is as ugly as a donk


To each their own, I think it looks awesome.

Looks aside, there are plenty of these cars available and considering it started out as a $250 project I'd say props to the owners for doing something unique and executing the build so well.


This is the most redneck botched bullshit I've ever seen. Pure overcompensation for personal issues. P.S. owner thanks for destroying a car that could of actually been really nice.


If you were paying attention you'd see that it's actually quite well done, other than that I guess you're just a butthurt purist.


Lol dude looking from the photos which part of the finish of the car was not "nice" enough for you, other than the fact that it's not your cup of tea.


That's Bitchin, I bet his parents could actually drive it up from the Bahama's...

Ronnie Redmond

To each its own but it my opinoin this is a waste of a classic Camaro


Sometimes the bodies aren't restorable. So I made one for children's charity car shows.


Here is Sully Camaro. He attends children's charity car shows and other special events. This one has a few tricks too!


It is unique, one of a kind but it also stupid, very stupid. How can one climb the stepboard unless you are 8' tall. Maneuverability must be really poor not being able to change direction quickly.


Pretty sure you use the rear tire as a step then the step itself to get in. Maneuverability is probably similar to a lifted K series Blazer.

Canyeroooooo hiyah


I am okay with this.


God this is cool. Much more interesting than the usual boomered-out Camaros with a busted 305 and chromies.


Neal runs an awesome off road shop, All Knight Offroad as well, his office is covered floor to ceiling in photos of other projects. Did a lift kit and installed bumpers and electrics for my Frontier Project. Really really nice guy and he is a hoot to talk to.


Fact is... You wouldn't be running your mouth with this thing behind you lol