The Road To Luftgekühlt 6

As I’m sure everyone expected, a few of us spent this past weekend at Luftgekühlt 6, indulging in nothing less than P-car heaven.

Both Keiron, Antonio and I have coverage in the pending queue, but to hold you over until then, I figured I’d give a quick recap of the drive down from San Francisco to Los Angeles. After all, any excuse to take a road trip in a one of roughly 300 911 Clubsports is noteworthy in my opinion.

Prior to daylight cresting over the rolling East Bay Area hills and mountains, my alarm set off, and with the usual annoyance I face any time I have to wake up at 4:00am, I reluctantly got out of bed, got ready, and set forth to meet some of the RGruppe guys at a local fuel station.


The first 75% of the trip down wasn’t really anything special to document, hence the reasoning behind the single raw iPhone photo above.

The weather was totally against us too, which was abnormal for this time of the year. It’s nearing summer, and we are still seeing rain, even while I’m writing this. So I guess taking the easy route made sense for us all. Especially since I was breaking in a brand new motor for my buddy G in his recently finished 911CS.


So we took a straight road for 350 miles and eventually ended up in Southern California, stopping in a dirt lot for some impromptu photos. It’s always awesome hanging out and driving with this group, as they refuse giving into automotive social norms, like staying out of rain and/or dirt.

If anything, they tend to encourage it, which is how we ended up here.


Shortly after, we finally met with the some of the other members who managed to make the trek down prior to us. Upon arrival to our lunch rendezvous, the Luft effect kicked in. The lot we all parked at had quite a few interesting P-cars scattered around, including one of my all time favorite 993 builds – the GuntherWerks 400R.


Paddy covered one of these back in 2017 at SEMA, and it must have been glorious to see one in that setting. But there’s something about seeing prestige on the road that just gets my panties in bunch – in a good way of course.

This carbon-bodied beauty had just finished a run up and down the Los Angeles mountains, with heat-cycled tires, dirt and grime all over it, and reeking of burning brakes. I couldn’t prefer a better way to see it if I’m honest.


After chatting with a few of the random Porsche owners that showed up, our group decided it was our turn to have some fun prior to the big day. Since I was focused more on driving, I again wasn’t able to get a whole lot of action on the way up, though I did snap a couple of photos once we arrived at Newcomb’s Ranch.


With pre-Luftgekühlt shenanigans in the books, we all took way to the sheets in preparations for the big show ahead. I think we played it safe to not get in over our heads with the weekend, as Luft itself was quite an overwhelming experience the following day. So keeping the vibes chill and easy was definitely the best way to kick off the weekend.

That being said, brace yourselves, because Luftgekühlt 6 is here.

Naveed Yousufzai
Instagram: eatwithnaveed



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Travis Stewart

MOAR pictures!!!!! Thanks for sharing. NOM!


Man I wished I had known about the event, that lot is literally down the street from me. Would have been nice to just get a look see.

Jay Soh Tsu Chung

Wow... the 400R looks better with a ducktail spoiler.