Nacho Typical RX-7

If there’s one thing that’s severely lacking within our online automotive communities, it’s a good sense of humour.

The irony of it is that pretty much every car human I know in real life is great craic. Even the most competitive & professional people I know have a side to them which they often let out away from prying eyes. Has anyone read Adrian Newey’s book ‘How to Build A Car’? I think that’s maybe all the evidence needed for someone who looks terribly serious all of the time, but has a wild side too.

I know this is just the nature of online communication, where it’s difficult to detect certain humour triggers and most people just avoid even trying to be funny in order to avoid the almost guaranteed misinterpretation and subsequent argument which will follow. It’s just how it is.

However, when Daniel Piker submitted these photographs of Tim Pardue’s Mazda RX-7, I have to admit that I got a decent chuckle from them. Behind the humour, there’s a pretty cool car with an interesting back story, too. 

I’ll let Tim take it from here…

2019 Daniel Piker - RX7 Speedhunters-01

Tim Pardue: The car was imported from Japan by C&S Performance in Cranbrook, BC. It had a complete overhaul upon its arrival.

The C-West N1 bumper and sideskirts were added along with a Shine Auto RE-Pro style Rear Diffuser and Carbon Spoiler. A VIS Racing Carbon Hood and Hatch were added to complete the carbon accents. The sideskirts were molded to the body and the car was painted GM Arctic White with custom flake and blue pearl added.

2019 Daniel Piker - RX7 Speedhunters-05

The Enkei RP01 wheels were also finished in GM Arctic White. Megan Racing coilovers were chosen to get the proper stance. The engine was upgraded to a large streetport 13B-REW with non sequential twin turbos, custom FMIC and radiator, throttle body secondary butterflies deleted, emissions deleted, Racing Beat pullies, upgraded to 850cc Primary injectors, Walbro 255lph, all controlled by the Apexi PowerFC.

The transmission was rebuilt with longer gears and an Exedy clutch was installed to help with the added power.

I had the opportunity to purchase the car from Craig at C&S Performance last November 2017. I had met Craig a couple of years prior when he had come down to Seattle for HIN and brought the FD along having completed the car not long before.

I had sold my previous RX-7 in the fall of 2014 and decided it was time to look into realizing my ultimate goal of owning an imported RX-7 just like the ones I always covered as a kid playing the original Gran Turismo.

2019 Daniel Piker - RX7 Speedhunters-13

Our mutual friend Brian of Phantasy Kolors found out I was looking and it just so happened Craig was trying to find the right buyer to move the car so he could begin his next project. Everything just sort of fell into place like it was meant to be.

Then, came the month long wait until I could drive up to Cranbrook to get the car.

2019 Daniel Piker - RX7 Speedhunters-09
2019 Daniel Piker - RX7 Speedhunters-12

I really wanted a custom plate on the car that was rotary related. Something catchy. Something unique. Easily identifiable. In the rotary community we have an ongoing joke about the cars being powered by Doritos. Obviously, because the rotors are triangles.

It was a no brainer when I looked online and both “DORITOS” and “DORI7OS” were available. Due to the car being an RX-7, being part of the F7LTHY family, and 7 being my favorite number I had to choose the latter option. What I didn’t expect was it to be such a hit.

2019 Daniel Piker - RX7 Speedhunters-15

Surprisingly, many people can’t decipher that the 7 is a T. About 50% of those that can decipher the plate think I really like Doritos, the others get the rotary joke. And, that’s exactly what it is. What better way to express my sense of humor than through my passion for cars?

2019 Daniel Piker - RX7 Speedhunters-24

I had a friend invite me out to meet a couple of his photographers and I thought it would be fun to show up with a few bags of Doritos and add them into some pictures. We had a good laugh about it and it turned out pretty well. Then, I decided to one up myself.

I showed up to the next shoot with a few different photographers and surprised them with a trunk full of Doritos. About 35 bags. Completely blew their minds and I couldn’t stop laughing at their reactions. It was so funny.

2019 Daniel Piker - RX7 Speedhunters-22

The conversations that I’ve had with cashiers when buying so many chips make it well worth the price, too. I decided to take the car to a few shows and again filled the trunk as part of my display. The reactions of people walking by and seeing the trunk were so entertaining.

Some get it. Some don’t. Regardless, who doesn’t like Doritos?

2019 Daniel Piker - RX7 Speedhunters-25

I have a very strong affinity for puns and the car has become part of that. I think it turned out even better than I had expected.

Truth be told it kind of brought me out of a really tough few years that started when I had to give up on my dream car and it feels good to be back. I can’t and won’t take credit for the build because that’s all Craig and he’s now a good friend, but I’m honored to own a beautiful machine that people seem to love.

2019 Daniel Piker - RX7 Speedhunters-28

I can’t wait to put my vision to it, though. She needs my unique flavor.

Spicy Nacho coming soon…

Words by Tim Pardue
Instagram: buildabonfire

Photos by Daniel Piker 
Instagram: pikerphoto


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Thank you, Paddy. That intro was stellar!


Is this how you spice up your life???
By adding spice-ness???

Don’t these cars get the munchies enough already???

Running the car on ethanol + constantly restocking the Doritos will aid thousands of US corn farmers.

Naveed Yousufzai

I fucking love this HAHA!

Matthew Everingham

There's a crisp message to this story.
Don't be salty & Chip away at your goals.

Nice one, gang!


A much needed article and I hope it's not the last of its kind!


dude, your tabs are expired (ツ)


This has been brewing for quite a while. We shot all the way back in September of 2018.


How can you have a Doritos powered car if you have no Pringles cans for housings?


Pringles cans are cylinder sleeves.

phantom2468 .

This is funny lololol.


All-round epic.




Matthew Everingham

LInk! Link!


News Update: Speedhunters will soon be changing the site name to SnackHunters


Should contact Doritos about a custom rotary flavored bag. I guess it'd be a hard sale though either tasting like burnt money, burnt oil or tears of blown seals.


Love the idea, and the car. Surprised I haven't seen this one around since it's in my area, just not making enough car shows obviously.
I also have to say that I also enjoyed the story vibe, and that attempts at humor SHOULD be made and if others don't get it, so be it and that's their both ways.


Love the wheel fitment. People seem to forget that up until circa 2009 you didn't need wide, low offset wheels with stretched tires, camber, and hellaflush fitment. This setup looks proper


Loved the car. Love the attitude. But what I loved the most, was the title. I'm that easy.


I'm a sucker for them sweet chilli but boyyy I be crop dusting everywhere after eating them!


I see RX7 and a Dorito chip with nachos


Wow Rotaries and Doritos are indeed perfect for each other


Love this. Great to see someone who doesn't take themselves, or their car, too seriously. As a rotorhead, I salute you sir. Brap on


The photos in this article are amazing. Truly inspirational! Good work!!!


haha, nice pun! I really like that!






Great input!
Thanks for commenting!


One of the purest of line, truly "beautiful" (as opposed to "striking", "purposeful", "aggressive", or any other number of tedious tropes applied to ugly cars that are quick) chassis built in the Nineties. Low, smooth, graceful, lithe. The FD is an incredible styling triumph.

Nice car. Don't go too bonkers adding vents and winglets - it's a gorgeous form to begin with.


this car is Spicy, Sweet, and Tim is a VERY Chilli guy. definetly the type is want to be my Right Hand (drive) man