Kyusha Festival’s 1UZ-Powered AE86 Corolla

“If I can imagine it, I can make it happen. And if I can do it myself, I will.” This is what Marc Allen de Asis told me as we were talking about his 1986 Toyota Corolla, a car which was built as a tribute to his first Corolla.

This Toyota is Marc’s ultimate 86, “basically the build I wish I was able to do years ago,” he says. Everything except the two-tone bodywork was done by Marc himself, the end result of which is clean and tidy with the car wearing a Shine Auto Spec-G full aero kit paired with Jubiride fender flares. But it wasn’t the panda exterior that caught my eye and made this Corolla jump out from the rest at the Golden Week Kyusha Festival.


It was Marc’s power-plant of choice – a 1UZ-FE. The 4.0L V8 sits so cozily in the engine bay, that it could have come like this from the factory. While the LS400 V8 does wear a CARB-legal Injen intake, I really like the stock appearance of the engine. Sometimes, less is more.


Inside and out the Corolla features modifications which are either period-correct or appear to be, with the master stroke being the gold-faced Work CR-01s. From end to end the car has been modified, and everything under the skin has been upgraded to accommodate the big motor up front.


I’m obviously leaving a lot on the table here, as Marc’s Corolla certainly deserves a full feature at a future date – I’m just not sure when I’ll get to it.

But seeing as how I didn’t focus on too many Corollas of the many that were at the Golden Week Kyusha Festival, I wanted to post up this standout example. Hopefully you can live with this taster for now…

Trevor Yale Ryan
Instagram: tyrphoto

The AE86 on the Speedhunters



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raymond koledoye

What is the 1UZ Engine ?


The infamous bullet proof Lexus engine. Used in the 1st gen LS400, and GS400, these engines produced a healthy 260+ #hrsprs from factory. Big torque and easy to mod, think of it as South Africas LS engines :).


it's a V8 engine manufactured by toyota. it comes stock with a auto tranny


It comes in the lexus LS400. Been swapped into almost every chassis imaginable at this stage as there reliable and cheap to buy. Seen a few ae86's, ke70s, is200, s13, s14 and e36's in Ireland alone and plenty of others around the world. Respond really well to a bit of boost too


if i 1uz can fit in a corolla i can fit a uz in my yaris.


it'll go well with the 4speed lol.


Nice, that thing is clean.

I'd love that engine swapped into my 1988 Toyhome.


Fun facts.

The 1UZ can balance a coin on its edge while running, yes, its that smooth.

The 1UZ connecting rods and crankshaft are constructed of steel. The pistons are hypereutectic. (they do not expand or contract under high heat applications)

The 1UZ was planned to be used on GT500 vehicles

The 1UZ-FE was voted to the Ward's 10 Best Engines list for 1998 through 2000.

The more ya know! God bless this V8, the sound is second to none.

Daniel P Huneault

after owning a 1uz corrolla the past 10 years a not so fun fact is the amount of starters you will go through due to the placement of the starter - another not so fun fact the astronomical price of said starter


besides the choice of engine it has.... thats the most perfect AE86 i`ve ever seen!


Haha he does have a Beams for his other 86 and said he might think of switching over, but this is a job well done

Charlie Joiner

Does anybody know if a 1UZ-FE engine conversion can be done without too much difficulty on D31 Nissan Terrano / Pathfinder? My gutless 2.4 lt carburetted engine is simply under-powered although reliable. Any suggestion / advice is always appreciated.


D21? That came with VG30. But you should be able to fit SR20DET and VGs in there.


my guess is it would fit, but it would probably be tight

Charlie Joiner

That much I know but I am not sure if it has been done by somebody.