Showcase, Not Show Car: The Work Of A Craftsman

I’d like to travel back in time with this introduction. Not too far back mind you, but back to when internet forums were in full swing.

Yes, that wasn’t all that long ago, but thanks to the rise of Instagram, Facebook groups, and a certain photo storage company’s questionable upsell tactics, it seems like much further back than it actually is.

Anyway, imagine it’s an evening, on any day of your choosing, and it’s not too late. Being a few years ago, your responsibilities are slightly fewer and hours less taxed. This means you’ve got a few hours at the ready for procrastination.

VW - Keiron Berndt - SpeedhuntersToronto Hangs - 9 - 6 - 2018-5655

Sat in front of your desktop you launch Firefox hoping to find the night’s automotive inspiration. If you’re anything like myself you’ve got a steady virtual Rolodex of sites to rifle through, searching for an active ‘new posts’ button.

Shortly one tab becomes two, and two become seven. Scroll, click, scroll click, what’s new? And more importantly what’s interesting? Tonight, a thread titled “Wide body, 3 piece rpf1’s Mk4 Golf build” appears at the top of the new posts list.

VW - Keiron Berndt - SpeedhuntersToronto Hangs - 9 - 6 - 2018-5645

If any title deserves a click, it’s this one.

A Creator Among Creators
VW - Keiron Berndt - SpeedhuntersToronto Hangs - 9 - 6 - 2018-5912

Jason Bos, or filtersweeper as his forum handle reads, is a creator who comes from a family of creators. His late father was a machinist and a tool maker, and his mother is a talented seamstress. However, each also found creative outlets outside of what paid the Bos family bills. Their passion for creating instilled a similar fire in Jason to build things himself.

Today, like so many of us, Jason has a nine-to-five outside the automotive sector, but his spare time is when he tinkers with anything that he finds interesting.

VW - Keiron Berndt - SpeedhuntersToronto Hangs - 9 - 6 - 2018-5702

Neither his mother or father were into cars, so inspiration came externally by way of a local ’64 Impala lowrider. Studying the car from its wire wheels to its pleated interior, Jason was enamoured with both how the car looked and moved.

His interest in lowrider culture grew quickly, and before he was legally able to drive he built a lowrider bicycle of his own. That bike helped Jason realize that vehicles – cars specifically – are a perfect canvas for someone creative.

VW - Keiron Berndt - SpeedhuntersToronto Hangs - 9 - 6 - 2018-5650

Metalwork, paintwork, upholstery, mechanical – there’s so much to do, and so much to learn if you want to build a custom vehicle from the ground up yourself.

VW - Keiron Berndt - SpeedhuntersToronto Hangs - 9 - 6 - 2018-5672

Yes, a Volkswagen Golf is a fair way removed from a standard lowrider build, but inspiration doesn’t always manifest itself in a straightforward manner.

Starting From The Bottom

Jason’s Golf is unique in several ways, but for many (myself included), its wheels are the defining feature. They’re what drew me into the build thread initially, and while I did stay for the rest, the wheels are what I focused on when I saw the car for the first time a few months after Keiron shot the photos for this feature.

VW - Keiron Berndt - SpeedhuntersToronto Hangs - 9 - 6 - 2018-5657

For those of you not overly familiar with the iconic RPF1, it’s an Enkei wheel that is a lot of things: It’s light, good looking, and fairly strong. But one thing that it most certainly is not is a modular wheel.

Jason loved the look of the RPF1, but also wanted to build a car with “the widest and shiniest” wheels possible. With his two desires at odds for each other, Jason started to explore the possibility of a 1-piece to 3-piece wheel conversion. Noticing a few people spread across the globe had completed such conversions, Jason reasoned that if they could do it, so could he.


To create the 18×11-inch and 18×13-inch RPF1s, Jason split the wheels on his lathe using a custom hub post he manufactured specifically for this purpose. Once the faces were removed from the barrels, Jason calculated the number of holes the new face could support from a structural standpoint.

From that point it was a matter of choosing the right lips and barrels to match his determined specs, and then fine tuning the faces to bring everything together.

VW - Keiron Berndt - SpeedhuntersToronto Hangs - 9 - 6 - 2018-5659

The RPF1s are the first wheels Jason split, but he’s since gone on to make a few others, most notably a 3-piece set of E30 ‘Bottlecaps’ and another set of Mercedes-Benz Barock wheels. Each have balanced and performed flawlessly for general street use.

But, Will They Fit?

Wheels built, it was clear before they were mounted over Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution front brakes, that no amount of rolling or pulling would allow the custom Enkeis to tuck.

Being such a significant width increase from factory, there were no off-the-shelf widening options truly suitable. Additionally, using an off-the-shelf option wouldn’t have provided Jason the personal challenge he was looking for with this car.


Not a fan of the mess involved with creating fiberglass flares, Jason jumped straight to metal – an ambitious task, especially for someone who had yet to shape any metal. However, one thing he had shaped was fabric.

Jason states that while the toolsets are different, the principals of shaping fabric transfer almost directly to shaping metal. Mistakes with the latter are a little harder to reverse, but patience and planning make both achievable.


Starting with the passenger rear, Jason first made a buck based on the factory fender arch. Understandably, this first fender was the hardest, and Jason actually wound up making three separate right rears before he felt satisfied enough to continue with the other three.

During the processes he not only became more proficient with shaping metal, he also dialed in a removable buck design that allowed each fender to be formed in a symmetrical manner.


After shaping the flares themselves, Jason then transitioned them back into the factory body, taking care to work around the factory turn signals and modified rub strips.

Yes, the fuel door opens fine.

VW - Keiron Berndt - SpeedhuntersToronto Hangs - 9 - 6 - 2018-5648

The choice to not to permanently affix the fenders to the body was a deliberate one.

First, Jason wanted the race-inspired look that bolt-on fenders provide, and second, he wanted to retain the ability to replace or rework a fender should he ever need to.

VW - Keiron Berndt - SpeedhuntersToronto Hangs - 9 - 6 - 2018-5701

Much like his desire for wide and shiny wheels, from the outset Jason envisioned a visually aggressive overall aero package for the car. Big aero demands a big wing and for that Jason has mounted an APR GT250 deck to uprights of his own design that were waterjet-cut.

VW - Keiron Berndt - SpeedhuntersToronto Hangs - 9 - 6 - 2018-5711

To balance out the rear of the car, Jason designed and cut an equally aggressive front aero package, culminating in a very aggressive splitter that’s able to manicure lawns with the utmost precision.

VW - Keiron Berndt - SpeedhuntersToronto Hangs - 9 - 6 - 2018-5626

Finally, all his work has been wrapped dark grey, a colour that isn’t too far from the factory silver, but distinctive all the same.

The Full Package
VW - Keiron Berndt - SpeedhuntersToronto Hangs - 9 - 6 - 2018-5923
VW - Keiron Berndt - SpeedhuntersToronto Hangs - 9 - 6 - 2018-5918

Under the hood, Jason has outfitted the Golf’s engine with Integrated Engineering connecting rods and added a Precision 5858 turbo, blow-off valve and 38mm wastegate. Supporting mods include Grams Performance 1,000cc injectors and a Hemi throttle body. Vibrant Performance provided the intercooler, and Vibrant HD clamps connect all the piping Jason built himself.

The car is currently running a Doman8 base tune, and the goal is to transfer 400whp through the Southbend Clutch stage 3 clutch and Peloquin limited slip differential.

VW - Keiron Berndt - SpeedhuntersToronto Hangs - 9 - 6 - 2018-5670

On the other side of the firewall, the Golf’s interior is a unique mix of performance and luxury. From hatch to front seats much of the factory interior has been removed. The driver is supported by a Sparco Ergo bucket, but passengers have to hitch another ride because it’s the only seat in the car.

AEM Electronics and Podi provide auxiliary monitoring, and a double-DIN head unit provides source to an intricate stereo set up I’ll touch on very shortly.

To the right of the steering wheel is a large handle that actuates a Wilwood master cylinder for the hydraulic handbrake.

VW - Keiron Berndt - SpeedhuntersToronto Hangs - 9 - 6 - 2018-5778

Still a front-wheel drive car, the brake isn’t explicitly needed, but making it all work was something Jason simply wanted to figure out.

My System Bumpin’ Down The Street 
VW - Keiron Berndt - SpeedhuntersToronto Hangs - 9 - 6 - 2018-5674

With the ability to run a straight stitch in his personal tool box, surely you didn’t expect factory upholstery throughout. Jason spent hours behind his Pfaff 1245 sewing machine bringing his interior vision to life.


Diamond pleating is prevalent throughout the entire interior as Jason used a combination of vinyl and fabric to elevate the cabin’s level of refinement.

VW - Keiron Berndt - SpeedhuntersToronto Hangs - 9 - 6 - 2018-5673

Jason also moonlights as a DJ, so just behind the seat is a robust audio system built around two 8-inch JL Audio W7 subwoofers. The serious JLs are given 1000 watts of honest power via a retro Zapco amplifier that spans nearly the entire width of the rear floor.

VW - Keiron Berndt - SpeedhuntersToronto Hangs - 9 - 6 - 2018-5679

The amplifier is visible through a backlit, etched, acrylic window that resides under a pleated false floor. Tucked where the jack used to reside is Air Lift Performance management, while the bright white tank is a visual focal point.

Tidy hard line work veers to one side before disappearing under the same false floor the amp hides beneath. For servicing, the entire floor is mounted to a linear actuator.

VW - Keiron Berndt - SpeedhuntersToronto Hangs - 9 - 6 - 2018-5687

The stands holding the tank, and support holding the lines were all of course fabricated and polished by Jason himself.

I’m positive there are a few of you wondering why? Why the big wing, why the big wheels, big audio, and flares. To Jason, this car is a showcase of both what he’s learned and what he is capable of.

Though it might look it, he didn’t build it to win awards or fit in. It’s been a continuous proving ground that’s pushed Jason to constantly learn new things. It’s the vehicular personification of one thing leading to another.

VW - Keiron Berndt - SpeedhuntersToronto Hangs - 9 - 6 - 2018-5610

For example, even with the Air Lift Performance suspension installed, transporting the car on a standard trailer required completely dismantling the front end. So, being a builder, Jason built an air ride-equipped trailer entirely of his own design. That trailer in itself provided Jason with even more learning opportunities.

VW - Keiron Berndt - SpeedhuntersToronto Hangs - 9 - 6 - 2018-5601

Aside from troubleshooting boost spikes, the car is as finished as it’s going to get while Jason focuses on both his business and his future projects. One of which is a BMW café racer, and the other is his own interpretation of the lowrider that set him down this path in the first place.

The golden era of forums may have passed, but here’s hoping Jason starts a build thread, for old times’ sake at least.

Until then, you can check out the Golf’s build thread here and check out his other projects on instagram.

Dave Thomas
Instagram: stanceiseverythingcom

Photography by Keiron Berndt
Instagram: keiron_berndt



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yknow usually this kinda build ain’t quite my style but the fact that it’s all homemade just stuns me. absolutely marvellous- especially that diamond stitching in the interior.


Honestly this build is not my taste but the work that was put into this build was what made me appreciate what he done for this Golf
I'm up for this kind of style


Clicked for new content and was not disappointed.

That is a great build, and the personal challenge to learn the why or how behind the individual systems is admirable.

I have to say, I'm nerding out over that trailer, and would read an equal length spotlight on it now that I've seen some of the shots of the deck completely on the ground.


"race inspired look" just doesn't register for me. So the point is to fool the uneducated into thinking you drive a race car but you really just want to park it at shows in hopes people think it looks cool?


Chris that's one way to look at it. The other is he didn't want to fool anyone, but just wanted his car to look like a race car no deception intended?

People have mimicked race cars pretty much since there's been race cars.


That about sums it up. Could not have said it better myself.


Wow! This piece of work is badass! A lot of of time, effort and creativity in to all the custom hand built pieces including the metal flares! Love it! Much respect!



First of all you are amazing! Your engineering skills are sick! Secondly, I am a "hardcore" VW guy. I've put 20K into my 95 MKIII Jetta. I love this car to death. Thirdly can you bring your car to Waterfest or H2O this year in New Jersey? Everybody would live to see it. See if you can make the trip down. Fourthly your ride is badass!


So much time wasted on something so tacky and outdated.


And so little effort to shoot down his work.

Those that can, do. Those that can't, criticise.
Unless you have something you've created that's more involved, STFU. The world has enough haters, we could use less in the hobby.


How do you justify your statement of wasted time? He now knows how to use an English wheel, hammer, and dolly proficiently along with becoming more familiar with his lathe and sewing machine.

You might not like the look, but those are subjective.


There's always one guy. Usually he's named Johan.


In your eyes maybe. Its really not my thing, but love the work that was put in, and the skills learned will last a lifetime.


I think it’s his decision as to whether or not it was time wasted. The skills he learned while building it were probably worth the time regardless of the finished product (which I think is badass).


There's one goof in every crowd.


Thanks for self- identifying, saved us some work.


Hats off to that man. The time and energy put into crafting the finished car, the hours, days, weeks spent on details, admirable. Regardless of whether you or I like what he has created, he obviously does and that's the key. I loved this article and would be delighted to meet the owner and chat with them about the car.


Damn, this guys ingenuity of making his own over-fenders. And not out of fibreglass, but metal too! Now that's commitment!


31+ "Jasons" in this article


I suppose that's rather a lot, but it is also his name.


I can remember following the build thread for this car, glad to see the owner got it all finished up! While some of the style isn't my personal taste, I love seeing all the work he's done, and really appreciate his willingness to dive right in, try new things, and learn some awesome new skills along the way. Plus, there's nothing more enjoyable than a quality build thread!


This article is choice! Nostalgia and jealousy and inspiration all in one. I love how it wasn't one of something, but many things to show a personality.


I'd never build it. Not my style.
I'm not a VW guy, the crowd never interested me.
But damn it all if that's not a journey of leaned skills, with outstanding execution. I'd like to see what he could do to a track car - or even a "nines" show vehicle.
(knock the bling back for an even more elegant presentation).
Impressive work and he's someone I would hire.


Who knew sex spec was still as thing?


Come on Mook, you know those wheels are too wide and too small to be considered Sex spec.


Now this.... this rocks. I love seeing people wanting to learn the skills to apply them to something. Especially when it's not following the usual paths. Great work.


Damn that is some quality craftsmanship. Loving that interior setup, great article overall!!!


Jason, please learn about scrub radius before you build another car.