Koa Speed 911 RSR: The Japanese Singer

Yes, yes, we know – it seems like everyone is getting into the re-inspired 911 movement these days. And given the popularity of older air-cooled Porsches, it’s not really surprising.

In fact, it actually makes a lot of sense. You pick up the dream 911 you’ve always wanted to own, and then you discover that there’s a ton of stuff that can and will go wrong. You either fix things one by one, or you hand the car and a wad of cash over to someone that will fix it all up for you, and along the way give it a fresh, new custom feel.


That’s what Koa Speed in Japan offers.


Teaming up with Watanabe-san at Supermachine, they will take your 911 and give it a proper ground-up restomod. For their 911T demo car, that included an all-metal RSR wide-body look.


It’s not as exotic as a Singer build, but something that gets the job done. The end result is very pleasing, with nice detailing that you can’t help but admire, much like the salmon color and the custom-widened Fuchs wheels in contrasting pistachio green.


Those massive rear fenders were all hand-shaped and beautifully integrated into the body to give a minimalistic yet purposeful race-car-for-the-road feel.


A simple ducktail is all that’s needed to complete the rear end treatment.


But it’s what hides underneath the badge-less grill that gives the Koa Speed RSR its true substance.


Watanabe-san hand-built the 930 3.3L turbo engine, which with its modern day components comes on song nice and early and has a linear and useable power delivery topping off at 450hp.


I was pretty impressed by the overall quality and attention to detail, but that’s not surprising given that Watanabe-san has put his name to some of the best American customs and hot rods in Japan. He easily ranks as one of the best automotive fabricators in the country.

Little touches like the laser-etched Koa Speed logo on the vintage-style fuel cap is one of those things that people appreciate.


As is the interior.


The execution, color aside, felt like a mix between RUF and Singer, and I just kept nodding in appreciation at everything my eyes saw.

Check out the customized 930 tachometer with the integrated boost gauge, and that billet shifter.


The freshly restored and repainted shell was treated to custom-colored carpets, the piping on the edges matching with the green of the contemporary Recaros.


The braided center portion of the seats is carried over to the dash, door cards and rear seats, and as you can see there’s also half a roll cage to give a boost of rigidity to the older shell.


Koa Speed finished this whole project in record time. Three weeks prior to the show, when I just happened to stop by Supermachine to pick up some parts, the shell was bare and unpainted.

Now they have to dial the engine in and get it all set up, then I will definitely need to go out for a drive in this thing.

Dino Dalle Carbonare
Instagram: speedhunters_dino



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Being color-blind isn’t a crime, but this may be the best argument for it.


My poor, poor eyes. It's just missing purple ostrich feather cushions, diamante dash inserts and pink alligator heel pads.

Bleach please...


That color execution, wow! The pistachio green really brings out the contours of those wheels.


Now here’s the thing about the color combo. You rather love it or you hate it. It rather looks really awesome together or it sucks

Dino Dalle Carbonare

It looks awesome up close. Very different and not what a lot would go for, but hey it's a demo car and they need to generate strong reactions right


I consider Singer Porsches to be classy and tasteful. This, in my opinion is neither. The color combo is horrible and there's just too much of everything. Sure it's nicely built and judging by the photos, fit and finish are at a high level. I guess the Japanese either have a really restrained, classy sense of style or they go all out with everything. A really good example of the former are the Brat Style motorbikes. This 911 could have taken some cues from that scene.

Dino Dalle Carbonare

As I stated above, it's a demo car and they are out to make themselves seen being a new company and all. Job done I'd say


i need one in my life..... why did i sell my old 964??? aaaargggghhhh

Dino Dalle Carbonare

Bad move man!


green has never been this good


Count on speed hunters commenters to look at the color scheme before the hoosiers. I don't give a damn if this car is purple and has ostrich interior. It's on the right tires and is probably capable of lapping faster than 80% of the stuff featured on this blog. Great build.


Hey, for once they aren't complaining about the half cage! Small mercies lol


it's the little things we must enjoy


I see raw salmon and wasabi. That´s good. Colored on beautiful Porsche, that´s ..umm.. different! :)


"The execution, color aside, felt like a mix between RUF and Singer, and I just kept nodding in appreciation at everything my eyes saw." You read my mind, Dino. The very last things I expected to see were those particular interior parts in combination...and a widowmaker 3.3 turbo. Not quite my style visually but I'm glad to see a build that fearlessly combines different looks and performance-part combos.

Dino Dalle Carbonare

Yeah will be cool to see what customer cars they will end up building. If this was in simple white I'd be all over it if it was a similar spec. Not that I could afford it even if it isn't Singer priced!


Dear GOD that is ugly! The myriad of color found on the ground of a parking lot after a night of binge-drinking!

More money than sense. More ego than taste.


the color combo is VERY bold, but I´d be lying if I said I didn't like it.


i think i would have liked it even more if the colors were reversed. Exterior pistachio green, interior orange.


To much Porsche guys... They are great and interesting cars but I'm on Porsche OVERLOAD! lol Good read as always though. And that interior kinda reminds me of the Scoobie Doo van color scheme. lol


SINGER my ass, the car is shit


SOOOO dammmmn ugly


Fantastic looking car and I especially love the interior. If you'd asked me about it without seeing it, I'd have been a hard no. However, this goes to show why you should give things a chance.