It’s Cool To Hate
The Bottom Line

I hate your wheels. I hate your paint. I hate your ride height, and I also hate your shitty car choice. I mean, c’mon, look at it…

It’s just junk. I’d never roll in something like that.

Those Mr. Monopoly men over there in their supercars – complete wankers. The hatchback kids who roll down my street with tacky vinyl, no exhausts, and rep wheels – paupers.

Hate_Everingham_speedhunters_ (11)

And don’t even get me started on that narcissist GT-R owners club or those cute but polite Honda fanboys that somehow always arrive dressed identically.

Hate_Everingham_speedhunters_ (10)

Naturally aspirated? Are you some knuckle-dragging cave man? Turbos are for cheats and big blowers are the calling card of attention whores.

Quickly, turn around, don’t miss it! Check out those five old muscle cars with exactly the same wheels, race stripes and designer sunglasses. Apparently, their dinosaur cars pre-date originality.

Hate_Everingham_speedhunters_ (37)

I’d need to open a whole new story about the toothless bogans that prefer to drive Australian cars. I’m way too tired for that though, so let’s not even go there.


Drag racers are simple, track warriors are try-hards, and drifting, well, that’s for people who can’t do either. Rally? Well, that’s for people with 11 fingers and 12 toes.


Regardless of where your interests rest within the shrinking car community, one thing is assured: other people despise you, loathe your car, and will heckle the choices you make.

Hate_Everingham_speedhunters_ (17)

The illusion of invincibility that accompanies a bulletproof keyboard and a screen only seems to amplify these unchecked emotions.

Divide & Conquer

If there ever was a time for car owners within the different automotive niches to co-exist and stand as a united scene again the greater public, that time is now. Like it or not, the car scene is shrinking at an alarming rate.

Hate_Everingham_speedhunters_ (40)

I’d be happy for an old timer to correct me, but I can’t remember reading about a world so against the very things that we love.

Environmental lobbyists are keen to point out the devastation to the planet has everything to do with the vehicle pollution people in cities see, and nothing to do with the deforestation, mining, dredging and industrial farming that’s slightly less visible.

Hate_Everingham_speedhunters_ (16)

The future of fully and semi-autonomous cars taking precedent over human-driven cars is much closer than those outside of the industry could ever imagine.

Hate_Everingham_speedhunters_ (27)

Even as I type this, local government authorities scramble to build the legislation and infrastructure to accommodate this brave new world. Meanwhile, tech giants and automotive manufacturers wage war behind the scenes that will ultimately reshape how humans view and use personal transport for infinitum.

If you think I’m being overly dramatic, let me tell you that I’ve just spent the last week walking in and out of training sessions, learning how to use driving robots that will be used to verify how well the first wave of these semi-autonomous systems work in cars being sold today. A dire outcome, but expected when our road-using fleet has the personality of toasters. Beige toasters. I’d rather not test my loyalties by being given a choice between piloting a beige toaster or taking duck-faced selfies while playing Angry Birds in my automated drone.

Hate_Everingham_speedhunters_ (26)

Autonomous or not, the vast majority of modern cars lack character. They might be more reliable, economical and safer than ever, but boy are they dull. Of course, there are fun exceptions to the rule, but with manufacturers charging us for the privilege of a fun ride, it’s a sought out experience, and not something average punters stumble across and get hooked on.

Dear carmakers, if the driver experience of your latest product is so sterile that it requires fitting a lane departure detection unit to keep drivers awake, perhaps it’s also worth engineering a little more enjoyment into the experience.

Hate_Everingham_speedhunters_ (19)

While other manufacturers pave the way to their demise by making vehicles simpler, safer, and more intuitive, Toyota has responded by making driving more engaging and rewarding again. They’ve even managed to inject fun and character into the previously Granma-spec Camry. Who’d have thought?

Hate_Everingham_speedhunters_ (13)

They understand that the long-term battle against Apple’s iCar and the Google Transitsnooze will require forcing users to choose between an exciting and engaging experience, or being ferried around like semi-sleeping cattle between tasks.

Hate_Everingham_speedhunters_ (21)

On top of the longer term issues, we’re forced to justify our passion for motoring to the masses, who are often informed by media outlets that speak the political agenda of whoever it is they serve. Be it a nanny state that’s playing cotton-wool protector, or a police state looking for soft targets to demonstrate their power and promote fear in the wider public.

Hate_Everingham_speedhunters_ (20)

However you choose to look at it, we as motoring enthusiasts are under an unprecedented level of public scrutiny, and there is a tremendous amount of pressure coming from all sides that would prefer people like us didn’t exist.


As the outcasts of the global community with a growing number of unfavourable influences looming on the horizon, doesn’t it make more sense for us to band together, rather than trying to score cheap points when somebody has a slightly different approach or sense of appreciation?

I mean really, how different is a Civic to a Camaro? Plenty, right? Unless you zoom out a little further and you’re comparing both to an iPhone, a cat or any other time vampire. It’s all relative to what you’ve got to compare.

Hate_Everingham_speedhunters_ (22)

As a human, I too hate being wrong. Especially in public (although reading Speedhunters replies has thickened my skin substantially). I think it’s this fear that stops people from achieving a high number of things. A mate of mine today brought this same idea up. Imagine if Leonardo da Vinci shared some of his thoughts online? Would he have followed through with genius or taken up knitting instead and left us without his brilliance? What marvelous ideas have we missed out on due to lurking trolls?

Hate_Everingham_speedhunters_ (36)

The next time you feel the urge to share your own ‘expert opinion’, stop and ask yourself why? Are you frustrated? Are you jealous? Are you trying to impress a crowd that most likely doesn’t care for your input?

Are you content knowing that you are in a tiny way helping to destroy an already fractured car scene? But seriously, if you’re not helping, move along quietly.

Hate_Everingham_speedhunters_ (41)

Pettiness seems to rule supreme within online car communities, but really, it’s just the lazy option and a weapon of the weak.

Perhaps it’s time for a change. A change for the better. Rather than relaxing within the temporary safety of inaction, the next time you see somebody acting out of line and potentially weakening our fragile world, don’t ask what they should or could have done better. Ask them what they have done better? Followed up with why they think their ideas are more important than others.

It’s never made sense to me that so much hate exists in our hobby, in our escape from the problems and hatred of the real world.


Don’t mistake this story as a plea to like absolutely everything you see, or even to expand your horizons. It’s not about that. We each resonate with different aspects of our culture, and that’s fine. No, I’m merely pointing out that our lack of respect within our broader community weakens ourselves, making it even easier for the wolves to pick us off quicker, one by one.


It’s a shame that this completely self-indulgent behaviour isn’t just accepted, but often expected within our world. But that doesn’t mean it has to be accepted or expected in the future. Remember that today’s actions are tomorrow’s echoes.

Hate_Everingham_speedhunters_ (31)

The next time you’re on the receiving end of a slathering of irrational hatred from within our scene, give yourself a pat on the back or shout yourself an extra beverage. Because if you have achieved enough to get a stranger all riled up, you know that you’ve at least achieved more than one person during that day.

Matthew Everingham
Instagram: matthew_everingham



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Sadly, a large percentage of humanity is petty. It is easy for the majority to point out differences and denigrate the same. If we remember that we are all in love with car culture; wheels and an engine. Fast, slow, flashy, humble, ratty, raw, etc, is all fun and fascinating.

Matthew Everingham

Insults are for the weak. Info for the wise.


And some people cant tell the difference between the two. For example the people getting worked up about this post, the ones who fail to understand that you aren't asking for people to just like everything but instead to have a little respect and common decency towards other people. Honest opinion, i think you could have been a little more concise in your words, it felt a bit run-on for me but your point came through; Dont waste energy being a negative nancy, its one thing to share an opinion but its a whole other to expend the energy to try and cut someone down among other car enthusiasts.

What really bothers me is that people cant see that this is happening in every sub group for every interest out there, android vs iphone, xbox vs playstation, dog people vs cat people, etc. This divide and conquer strategy has been in place for centuries, maybe even milenia, as a way to ensure that the current power structures remain and the people in power stay in power.


Spot fucking on. preach!

Matthew Everingham

Cheers, Brother!


Well said.

The online world echos this whole article. Every culture and its subs, from Motorbikes to push bikes, from the haves and the have nots. Its everywhere. We have caused this. We allow this by giving stupid people attention. But as Matthew puts so well, we need to come together and hold onto what is important to us. The culture around passion for vehicles and everything about them....


Word. Some absolute truth spoken there. Well Said 87seca. If you don't dig someones car, don't waste your life belittling the owner or their car. Move on to a car you do like. The owner likes it...that's all that matters.


I need a lesson from Gen whatever the F on what I want to do online like I need another hole in the head - stick to the pics, no one cares.


You cared enough to reply (L)
Oh, so sweet. You DO care!

Matthew Everingham

Back in my day kids had respect... And carburetors.


ok... when carbs were around, there were also segregated beaches in California and women didn't really have rights... things are so much worse now, SMH. SO ANNOYING hearing about how older generations did things so right when actually there's nothing further from the truth.


And reading comprehension. you young dudes sound like total twats lol. this is speedhunters now?


Cheers to all the Car lovers out there.


Mate this story is absolute perfection, both behind the pen and camera. It is far too easy to knock someone's pride and joy down rather than bite your tongue and enjoy each car for what it is and what the owner has made it to be, 11/10 read

Matthew Everingham

11/10 Thank you, sir!


loving the pics, amazing photography...
this article is on point. as its always said, if you have nothing good to say. don't say anything...

Matthew Everingham

Thank you, sir!


Somehow it seems the editor line on speedhunters seems to be how should be blindly admired and how there will always be people hating it. Well, you are all a bunch of whiners and I think we all understood.

The thing is, you have decided to propose a commenting system on your website. So basically you are asking for opinions. You can't do that while at the same time ask people to always agree with yours. Or else rename your website to (For those that didn't care to check .kp is the tld for North Korea).

Life and the world would be boring if everybody had the same opinion on all kinds of subjects and if we were forced to feign agreeing to anything.

As long as the discussion stay civil I have no issue with people not liking stance, drift, whatever.

Matthew Everingham

Firstly, thanks for the honest feedback.
Secondly, and I'll probably get in trouble for being so blunt, but....
I'm not proposing we all need to sing kumbayah and run through the flowers holding hands. Not at all. We like what we like, we dislike what we dislike. We are human. That's fine.
The TL;DR version of this story is simply this; 'Don't be a C#nt for no reason.'


I agree with Matthew on this. I know it's a childish thing to recite, but I was always told, "If you don't have anything nice to say, then say nothing at all." Like Matthew said, in this day and age, trolls are everywhere and online shaming and hatred are all too easy. All you have to do is type out of bunch of trash and hit send. If you were at a meet and saw that car you hate in public, would you go up to the owner and tell them their car is shit? This same theory applies to all online hate. But really, if you don't like something fine...just shut the f*ck up about it. If I don't like something, I just move on.


Refreshing, accurate and inspiring.

Also, very cool to see a sneaky picture of the Engineered to Slide garage in there, as this is currently one of my main inspirations.


Matthew everything about this is pure G O L D!

Matthew Everingham



Too long bro ... i did dig the poem and pics in the beginning.

Speedhunters helps keep the ideas in our heads alive. Im different from haters and dreamers. Cuz I actually build my ideas and dreams in my head. We need more money in the modify game. Too many just throw down cash on the foreign and forget about the scene.


If you can't take criticism, don't enter your car in a car show! Solved.
@speedhunters, just put a like button instead of comments if you've got such a problem with opinions. Alternatively, stop telling people how to act. We're not children.

Matthew Everingham

Nobody has a problem with criticism and sharing opinions. That's cool. The only problem is when people put shit down and try to tear others down for no reason.


It's you who struggles most of the time to defend your opinion Matthew. You resort to name calling and rarely offer any technical insight into anything.




same with Paddy, SH is losing it.


Its perfectly stated in the article, if people stop showing their cars or ideas because of constant criticism we may all miss out on some great ideas/cars. "Don`t enter your car in a car show" that it exactly what real car people are trying to avoid, if less and less people go to car shows or meets with their cars, there is less of a culture and soon enough it will disappear. If people were more welcoming, and encouraging, the opposite would happen.If you can´t manage to do that, at least, just keep your mouth shut

Matthew Everingham

This guy read it!
Clearly a lot of people skim articles and fill in the gaps on their own.


Nobody is telling you to do anything, it's just a request to (and I quote Matt from another reply a few posts ago) "not be a C#nt for no reason", it's okay to have opinions, it's okay to speak what you think, it's not okay to call someone an asshat for putting wheels on a car in a way you don't like, and that's where division enters and we eventually get destroyed as a culture.


Great Article Matt!

I think I’m one of the few that think that car culture is getting better (I’m nowhere near the age of an old timer, so I definitely could be wrong). But regardless, I like what Jeremy Clarkson said about horses. “The horse is completely useless. you can’t even eat it. But every weekend people use them just for fun.” Even if autonomous vehicles do take over, car culture will never die I don’t think. They’ll always be track days, car meets and sweet rides every weekend.

Matthew Everingham

Your kinda right but kinda short sighted. Yes. People still ride horses. But you don't see them on the road. They are prohibitively expensive and you have to take them to certain zones. Kinda like race cars. Imagine driving your street AE86 was 6x more expensive and only drivable at a track or driving recreation park.


Ah yes, I see where I'm wrong. If autonomous vehicles do take over and car culture on public roads is banned (which, I still believe to be highly unlikely), car culture will become a rich persons game. I definitely see your point and what I've missed.

But, I still believe that car culture is getting better and expanding. And like your article, it's the hate that is not only threatening to weaken the bonds of our culture, but also stopping it from growing.


Horse meat is delicious actually I don't see why anyone would say you can't eat it.


That escalated quickly


Excellently written article.

I've lost count of the times I've seen stuff I don't like on Speedhunters, but every time I try to find something i do like about a feature or car, but I never leave a negative comment because what good will i do?

I used to shout loudly about what I think is the best looking etc etc, adamant that everyone else was wrong and they should see how right I am... but then I realized if everyone liked what I liked, it would be the norm and then where would we be?

Great photos as well. I was almost hoping for one colour image right at the end, the light at the end of the tunnel so to speak :)

Matthew Everingham

Great big picture outlook here.


Well..., I started reading (great points btw)..., but I got distracted. THESE PICS!! Epic photography!!! Thank your for that!

So.., let's hope everyone can enjoy their automobiles (or any other passion), in the way one sees fit, for a very long time ...
Live and let live.

Matthew Everingham

Cheers man


Holy shit, this post smashed the nail right on the head, and into oblivion. This post is the truth.

Matthew Everingham

Call me car Jeebus and throw me money.


Here is the old timer you've been asking for, my year of registration is 1964. I am into rallying since 1986, and believe me environmentalists have been chasing us back then with aggression and unforgiveness back then. If you say "...reading about a world so against the very things that we love", this is probably due to this ting called internet. It's always been there.
That said, this does not help the case and your key message to stand together as a united scene is absolutely true and vital. Well done, Matthew.

Matthew Everingham

Thanks, old timer! :)


Speaking on your bit about today's car, I totally agree. When your car breaks for you, makes sure you're staying in your lane, monitors your speed, makes sure you know someone is in your blind spot, it just sucks all the life out of you. My daily is a Mazdaspeed3, which is totally stock because I'm poor. But it doesn't have all the goofy systems and monitors in it that handle all the instinct for me. I enjoy driving it, even if I'm just going to work.

She's been stored away for the winter and I've been driving the girlfriend's Ford Escape. This thing has all the beeps and blinks and sensors. It's got a sad transmission, heartless motor, and uninspiring feel. It beeps at you for everything. I've figured out what our modern cars are...over protective mothers! Oh don't do this! Be careful! Watch out for that! Slow down!

I actually pay less attention to what I'm doing when I drive this thing because it is sooooo boring. There's no soul, no flavour. It's so....vanilla. The sad part is...this is not the only vehicle like this. They're all becoming that. And with semi-autonomous, autonomous and whatever else is coming, it's only going to get worse.

Matthew Everingham

And worse and worse And worse


Funny how much positive feedback your article gets. I can remember a little while back when a website posted an article about an electric motor transplanted into a Porsche 911. I proceeded to comment that people need to wake up and realize that the support for this kind of modification is going to eventually ruin the hobby and that there's a lot to be said for the smell of grease, oil, gas and hands-on builds. Yet I distinctly remember many of the comments being haters and saying that I wasn't open-minded and accepting of just another form of customizing.
Your article strikes a nerve with many in a good way and that many realize that what you wrote is currently happening or going to happen. There has been a movement for many years now that has made customizing vintage cars more popular with the younger generation. I believe that due to the technology (fixing it) and cost of newer cars even the younger gen are realizing that you just can't play with newer cars – this warms my heart when I see the posts of these older cars getting the love they deserve!

Remember the "Cash for Clunkers" program? I fully believe that it was the perfect opportunity to get many of the older cars off the road to push the agenda of the future self-driving lifeless automobile... but that's another conversation.

I'm in the automotive entertainment business and I truly hope that this hobby regains momentum and not diminishes as it seems to be doing. There will always be that tug-of-war between keeping the classics and the push for increased technology but I really hope that ALL generations (no matter what genre you enjoy) agree on one thing and that is we are all automotive enthusiasts and we need to keep the creativeness, the drive, and the excitement for car customizing alive.


We'll, you say this: "people need to wake up and realize that the support for this kind of modification is going to eventually ruin the hobby.."

And also this: "we need to keep the creativeness, the drive, and the excitement for car customizing alive."

I'd say the E-RWB fits in to the latter comment just fine, and if that's what we have to work with in 50 years then that's exactly what will keep car culture alive.


Hmmm, can't say i'm very good at typing my thoughts out – maybe just I missed the point of the article...


matt is talking about the death of car culture, modifying and personalizing our cars. The E911 is modified and personalized, it is not mass produced white goods. So yes you did then and have now missed the point of the article.


Yes, he is talking about the death of car culture but he is also talking about the electric and autonomous cars in the industry. If people start embracing the electric world (ie, the E911) then they are also contributing to the death of the industry. By supporting the electric movement in any way shape or form you are agreeing with the change and cars as we know them now to become outlawed and pushed into museums for the future to gaze at. If car enthusiasts all agree that the car culture is diminishing I don't think banding together is going to save anything. We all have our own opinions about car genres, styles, makes, models. One way to help slow the progression of government forcing us to buy electric is to support groups like SEMA who do fight for many issues regarding the automotive aftermarket and customizing world.


Does the Teslonda contribute to the death of the industry? I don't think so; it's someone taking an old, otherwise unloved car and making it into something awesome, which I think is the heart of this hobby we all love.


BTW top article and mad photo's!


Excellent article Matt, a very important message that I have been echoing in my own automotive outlets. The sad fact is that owning a gas burning car and the simple act of driving that car will most likely be outlawed in a shorter amount of time most will realize. In a granny state, the driver is the lowest common denominator and public enemy number one in the eyes of legislators. If we as a group are blinded by hating on each other to see the common troubles, our lifestyle is doomed.

I like to relate car hating to racism. The hate comes from a lack of exposure, if haters actually inspected the cars they hate so much and talked to (not typed about) the owners that built/restored/bought them, they would most likely find a person very similar to themselves. You can still dislike the genre, but still respect the work done and similar passion displayed by our supposed competition. Like Matt said, we got a fight coming, and we will all be stronger united and will likely lose the privileges we are already losing by bickering at ourselves.

Matthew Everingham

Beautifully said, dude!

Александр Трофименков

This is the best article on this website. And the one everyone in car community should from now on treat like a mantra of some sort


Mr. Monopoly Man has a name, and it's Uncle Pennybags.

Matthew Everingham

Do not pass go. Do not collect $200.

Ivor the Engine Driver

Am I supposed to care about the opinions of anyone who writes crap like this?

Environmental lobbyists are keen to point out the devastation to the planet has everything to do with the vehicle pollution people in cities see, and nothing to do with the deforestation, mining, dredging and industrial farming that’s slightly less visible.

Matthew Everingham

It's your choice. You ignore. Take my word. Or do some research that isn't linked to CNN or a report written by McDonalds/Shell University.


But he's not wrong. I'm as left-leaning and pro-environment as anyone, but also grew up wrenching on muscle cars and racing stockcars. I know we're destroying the planet--but I also know that modern emissions equipment have made cars IMMENSELY cleaner, and in my lifetime we'll likely see a majority of cars in first-world countries switch to electric. And I'm all for it. The number of classic/performance/tuner cars out there that still "pollute" are a minute fraction of a single percent of the contribution to global warming. The carbon footprint of large scale industry, commercial transportation and airlines dwarves what automobiles contribute by a gigantic margin. And there's virtually no regulation of it.


I can't tell if you're joking, but I love how Matt clearly states "Don’t mistake this story as a plea to like absolutely everything you see, or even to expand your horizons" and your takeaway is that you're supposed to care about his opinion.

Besides, what don't you like about that quote? That's far more a fact than an opinion...


I just love the black and white filter
Gives it the classic look


Whenever I see a vehicle with any mods, even shit ones, it’s cool. (As long as it’s safe) There is no need to hate. That car is making the driver happy with way they’ve chosen to modify it. Who am I to say ‘what makes you happy is shitty because I don’t like it’


"Who am I to say ‘what makes you happy is shitty because I don’t like it’"

"(As long as it’s safe) There is no need to hate."

Maybe you and the people you have mentioned aren't able to drive a car fast enough to actually provoke the way you have modified it to become unsafe. Another driver might have more skill than you and is able to do so. This would mean that you could drive this car for 10 years without ever knowing it's unsafe because you never obtain the skill to crack the threshold where your setup changes.

Plato's Cave Analogy is more relevant than it has ever been.


Matthew Everingham



Excellent article. Well said Matt and great that you raised this topic! At the end of the day, I'm a car guy and with age I've learnt to enjoy people's passion as much as the cars themselves. When car guys come together in person at all types of gatherings respect is ALWAYS shown. Most people have the balls to interact the same online, however sadly it provides a safe release for the weak > Period.


You make a great point but fail to show how the car enthusiast industry has climbed back up the ladder over and over through the years. The one thing I am confident of even if I live to see the mandatory autonomous car is that tuners will always be tuners. A maunfacturer creates a new vehicle with new features and drivetrains yet tuners quickly develop software to upgrade them, wheels to fit and various others to help you still stand out from the crowd.
Yes some day we all may be forced out of our regular cars but tuners will always be there creating products and writing code to over ride the factory so we may enjoy our vehicles even when we can't drive them. But maybe, just maybe that new coding can over ride things like speed control to whip in and out around Joe commuter but still have all the safety these cars bring that our cars don't yet posses.
Don't get me wrong, I'm not rolling over and letting this happen. I'm an old hot rodder that's seen many rises and falls in the automotive world and your story was well received but never give up on the hot rodder till you can no longer walk this planet!


"I hate you. I hate you. I don't even know you but I hate your guts. I hope all the bad things in life happen to you, and nobody else. ...what can I say about your [car] that hasn't already been said about afghanistan. ...Kiss my ass, you rotten mfs. "
- Silky Johnson, "Player Hater of the Year" 2002


"I'm always thinking bad
I never have nothing good to say
I'd rather tear things down
Than build them up


I'll cut you down and give you lip
Being positive's so unhip
I'll cut you down cause I'm a fool
Being positive's so uncool


I'm only happy when I'm in my misery"

- The Offspring, "Cool to Hate" 1997


car culture at large, lol.
love the offspring

Matthew Everingham

David Flinn must have been listening in to me while penning this piece. :p


Counterpoint: It’s real easy to call for unity while having a backdrop of cars good enough to be featured on this site.

The internet is a breeding ground for keyboard warriors. That won’t change. But if you go out in person to a track day or Cars and Coffee, you’ll see lots of people going out of their way to be helpful and just regular old car talk. Sure, when people walk away from a car there might be criticism of the build. But it’s done in hushed tones, not getting up in someone’s face. Pretty respectful.

You’re not featuring the brodozer with a 3 foot stinger bumper that likes to roll coal on pedestrians and Prius’. You’re not featuring the straight piped Harley that has to make sure everyone within a mile knows he’s waiting on this stoplight. You’re not talking about the brand new M3 that can’t be bothered to signal before cutting across 3 lanes of traffic and a median to get to his exit. You’re not talking about how cars stanced low enough can create legitimate dangers to others. You’re not talking about how the lack of mudflaps on that street registered off road rig is tossing rocks and cracking windshields. These are all people and acts that give us a bad name, and at the end of the day the legality of things is decided by edge cases. These people that go out of their way to be obnoxious are as big a threat as the busybodies that will create laws to counter them.

My life is dedicated to cars. I work in the automotive industry and moved my entire life to do so. But if you make me choose between the most ridiculous amongst us, and the mainstream, I’m not going to be on the side of rolling coal.

I don’t have to respect all builds. Not if its built with a callous disrespect to others.


TRUTH. Finally, some sense.




We gotta make a change
It's time for us as a people to start makin' some changes.
Let's change the way we eat, let's change the way we live
And let's change the way we treat each other.
You see the old way wasn't working so it's on us to do
What we gotta do, to survive


So this basically calls out everyone who goes to H2Oi and acts like an moron.

Mortimer E Gormsby

Take some of the disdain (or hate as you say) as feedback. For real speed one tests, takes feedback, modifies, tests and so forth. If one can't take opinion and dissect it and use some of it as feedback then they will indeed end up misguided. Show some emotional resilience and let people comment, even if they "hate". Or would you rather "everyone gets a medal and everyone is a winner" such that no one is offended?


This article is a reflection of the larger social mentality at hand. People can't be told what they just built is crap when in reality there are a lot of builds that are garbage...even at a highly professional level.

I have friends who have been dealing with this since the 30s. Nothing new. Onto the next article...


I think you're right in the whole unity thing, but the problems come when people start saying we have to accept all builds because a guy throws air on a time attack car and then we're all told air ride can win championships.

You can't forget that even though the community might be shrinking, that doesn't change the fact that Penskes with the right springs will always shit on an air ride setup at a national level. You will never see this stuff in NASA or SCCA championship level cars, but we're criticized if we say it's not as good as something else.

"Respect all builds" is not the answer to increasing societal changes with regards to how people feel about the internal combustion engine. Sorry mate.


Sorry “mate” but why so married to any one brand/idea? Your “Penskes” are also shit compared to a better set up and cars are shit compared to aerospace-craft. You’re the problem: who cares of some “air suspension” weirdo is a tryhard and wants to elevate their obsolete tech? Let them be and talk about how “penskes” are so well engineered or something- just don’t get your panties twisted since lots of great things were invented by accident, and because all ideas are worthwhile ideas as long as they’re positive changes.


A shrinking, fractured car community?

Not my experience at all. There's so much to be excited about as new technology upgrades older cars. Fresh enthusiasm from younger enthusiasts that want their 'classic modern' to reflect their personality as efficiently as their intuitive multi-media. We embrace technology and innovation seamlessly within our lives, cars are no different. Just the way we express ourselves as individuals. There will always be a car community and there will always be those with mild to aggresive personal opinion. Even the default haters have a place in our scene.

Our needs as individuals will counter 'beige box' normality every time.


Has to be one of the most truthful articles about car culture ever written! Well done Matthew, let the truth be told!

Matthew Everingham



I've always felt that "true car guys" are car guys who have their favourites, who enjoy their own specific makes and models, but generally understand that there are cool cars everywhere, from every brand, every country, it doesn't matter. A "Mopar guy" should look at a built Civic and think "hey, good for him."

What always stuck out in my memory was me and a buddy, each with 9c1 (Police) Caprices that we took good care of and kept in good shape, hot rodding around one day and pulling into the Canadian Tire cruise night, only to be told our cars weren’t allowed, and that the show was only for pre-80 cars. I then glanced over and pointed at the row of fox-body and SN95 Mustangs, and the other row of C5 Corvettes. The guy at the gate said “oh well those are still muscle cars, they’re an exception.” Never went back there again, as fans or otherwise. Thankfully another cruise night across the city had the rule “IF YOU LOVE YOUR CAR, BRING IT TO THIS CRUISE NIGHT.” Imports, ricers, euro-cars, muscle, hot rod, you name it. It was excellent. Lotus Esprit turbo parked next to a ’32 highboy, y’know?

If I had a dollar for every cruise night browser who walked right past the C2 Corvette or ’69 Camaro parked beside me, to gawk at my 9c1 or my Buick Roadmaster WB4 wagon, I’d be a rich man.

There will always be lawnchair warrior idiots. Most are old guys, yes, but some are young too. I try to ignore them, but it’s difficult now that I’ve moved to cottage country–the median age is about 90, and car cruises are the same ol’ same ol’ now.

Still, online? If you're on a forum for a specific make/model, obviously bias will be there. But I think there's plenty of "general" automotive forums and websites (much like Speedhunters) that have "Just Plain Enthusiasts" hanging around them.


I will add, though, that I agree with comments above that there are just some 100% definitive shit builds out there--not because of poor aesthetic choices, but because they're a danger to themselves and others. Rolling Coal idiots, or stance so absurdly exaggerated that the thing is a rolling hazard. These things do not deserve respect. Common sense still needs to prevail.


Respect ketchup+jam sandwich on moldy bread, guys. Owner is happy with it


Hate is entertaiment tho', thus a dab of it hurts no one. We need a sort of Jerry Springer in car community lol


Do what you want to your car. If your passion is genuine thats all that matters. You do it for you. The community is nice to have but at the end of the day its YOUR Car.


a "can't we all get along" post on Speedhunters?!

i think we're wearing the rose-tinted glasses here. i've written a bit of a tome here, but let me raise two interrelated counterpoints to a few ideas in this piece:

1. fear and loathing from the general public
living in CA i'm very familiar with absurd smog laws, but it's hard to argue that some sort of program to make new cars cleaner and keep old cars clean isn't valuable. the skies over American cities today are much, much cleaner than they were 30-40 years ago and the vast majority of that has come from emissions control programs. look at the skies over New Delhi, Beijing, any crowded European city packed with diesels, etc and it becomes clear that the American emissions control program has paid off in spades. yes, there are other factors that weigh into this, and there are tons of rules that don't make sense. but regulating cleaner cars, as part of a larger environmental protection program, has been a huge boon to our environment and health. i can't in good conscience say that it'd be better to have 9000hp cars with no catalytic converters running on leaded gas - which i would like very much - than to have clean skies, fewer kids with asthma, and lower carbon emissions.

the question then becomes what amount of efficiency and emissions regulation is too much. it's easy to say "we're already there, [rule xyz] is absurd" - but that's what we would have said when they took the lead out of gasoline, mandated catalytic converters, etc. hybrids, electrics, buzzy little turbo fours, and the like seem like too much now, but the fuel economy of newer cars has been getting better and better.

on top of that they've been getting safer and safer. you can look up the numbers for yourself. the average car today is about as safe, in terms of deaths per mile driven, as the safest car (Lexus ES300, Volvo 850) twenty years ago. the average car twenty years ago was dramatically safer than the average car twenty years before that. tens of thousands of people die on the road every year, but per mile driven the deaths are dropping steadily and have been for years.

the point i'm making is, all this stuff works. cars are less damaging to our planet and society than they were before. which leads me to my second point....

2. cars are fine today
it's instructive to watch the Regular Cars video on the stock Ford Falcon, before they threw a 302 in it ( Mr Regular has discussed elsewhere how old timers will tell him that they remember their old Falcons, share memories they have of their Falcons, etc.

but here's the thing: the Falcon was a boring, dumpy little car that nobody bought to be cool. if we think a Falcon is cool today, it's because we're far enough from its time that it's exotic, but it wasn't really an object of desire. in the pastel-hued, chrome-lined design environment of late '50s America, it didn't stand out. it's just how a you'd draw a pretty basic car if you lived in 1959. i think of his old Falcon the same as i think of a modern Hyundai Elantra: "huh, that's a good-looking little car. shame it's such a bore to drive."

so the boring cars aren't new. we remember the Mustangs and GTOs and Celicas because they were the cool ones, and their aura rubs off on the Falcons, Parisiennes, and Crowns that have survived to the present. but the ratio of cool car to blandmobile is probably the same today as it ever was. i'd wager many readers of this site are roughly my age (about 30), and we all have a passion for those cool '80s and '90s cars that grace the pages of Speedhunters. but do you miss the Toyota Paseo? who give a shit about the Mitsubishi Diamante? i love seeing an old Taurus like my family had when I was a kid, but it's pure nostalgia. the notion that cars are boring now is peak rose tinted glasses. most cars were never really very exciting.

and we're absolutely soaking in options for future classics - 450hp Mustangs and Camaros out the door for under 35k; a Miata that weighs roughly the same as the original, costs the same adjusted for inflation, but is a thousand times more refined; a 700hp family sedan that isn't even the fastest model in its lineup; 200+ hp hot hatches dripping out of our butt cheeks; lesser AMG E-Classes hitting 60 in 4.5; a large electric sedan that hits 60 in under 2; the list goes on. there are so many options for cool cars in 2019. their prices are the same as they've ever been, but their capabilities are absolutely insane.

in short, the percentage of fun cars is the same today as it's ever been, and the fun ones are way more fun now. and, to recall my first point, they're as good as they are despite all of the regulations and restrictions we complain about so bitterly.


now, regarding self-driving cars. i won't argue that self-driving cars threaten our hobby as it is, maybe even threaten fun cars full stop. maybe in 50 years there won't be car enthusiasts like we have now; the future may have car enthusiasts more like today's train enthusiasts, who share our obsession for arcane and technical details but can only really participate as observers. but while 2019 me isn't interested in that, my 2069 equivalent probably won't give a shit. i love cars because i grew up watching my parents drive them, watching movie stars blast around in them, watching rappers in music videos party around them. i love having my own cars and fixing them, tinkering with them, driving them around town and the track. but it's because i'm steeped in a culture that depends on them and glorifies them. let's recall that cars didn't exist 150 years ago. if they don't exist 150 years from now, who cares? we'll all just do something different with our time.

i'm not saying we should walk away and let car culture die right now, but i can accept that it's not eternal. i see no reason to want my hobby to be passed down forever. if my kids or grandkids don't care about cars, it's not a bad thing. it's just different. (maybe it's good. their hobbies will probably be cheaper.) there are more important things than making sure my particular obsession is shared by people until the end of time. if the tides carry cars in an appliance direction and the world is cleaner, healthier, and safer as a result, i can accept that. it's not like i wouldn't have had something else to do if cars hadn't been invented by the time i was born.

anyway, too many words here. hope i could share an alternative perspective.


It has probably been said a few times in the 80 or so comments here already but the saying "if ou don't have anything nice to say then don't say anything" rings so true. Go one step further maybe though and fine one thing you actually do like on the car i.e the paint is flawless, those rear view mirrors are spot on for that car etc.


Best thing i´ve read in a VEERY long time! Spot on, the Swedish scene is full of these, and being an outsider is often equal to be weird or just stupid..! SPOT ON!!


Do a Marie Kondo on your thoughts: Will what you say bring joy or improve the conversation? If no, then chuck it and move on, its really not that hard

Matthew Everingham

Check yo self before you wreck yo self.


Totally agree on part 1. Plenty of groups within the "community" are arrogant, and people you have nothing in common with beyond both liking motor vehicles.
Part 2 - I don't think that autonomous driving is as close as you say, but we're both just speculating, really.
Part 3 - something about being on the internet and letting everyone have a say just brings about a sarcastic snark, which we should all work towards avoiding. It's not helpful. Even without anonymity, if happens. Everyone thinks they're a comedian spokesperson.
However, calling a loose collection of people into cars a "community" is false, in the same way lgbtiqqpuzyu is called a "community" - lesbians hate the trannies, black gays hate the white male gays etc. Pretending as all get along is a fantasy communist utopia that doesn't happen in human social groups. So let's try to be respectful for others, without pretending we go to a car meet to link hands and sing kumbaya

Matthew Everingham

Good summary here. Shall we place bets on autonomy? ;)


I like hating. Deal with it Matty!

Matthew Everingham

I hate you.


He's soft. Can't handle it! The sky is falling Matty the sky is faling!

Matthew Everingham

Don't you have some airbags to install?




I was on a bike forum that had a thread called "Hot r Not" it was probably one of the most bangin' threads on the whole message board. Over 1000 pages of posts and comments, a lot of criticism, a lot of compliments, a lot of trolling, a lot of fun. Yes, a few people got there feelings hurt but it was mostly all fun and games. Long story short, the moderators went too hard and now it's dead. Don't get your panties in a twist, a couple trolls on the internet isn't a threat to the 'community' the real threat to the community is your "community" when a bunch of dimwits get together for the 'scene' to do dumb things and ruin it for the real car guys tinkering in the garage at home or going for a drive with the homies. I remember my first time on the internet.


Most people have no idea what they're doing when they build a car to be dead ass honest, including your writers. Some people here who comment have a lot of experience and it's hilarious to see the smart guys get bashed on here not only by other posters, but even the staff who don't understand how to tune.

Stupid people attack smart people historically. Always have, always will. A lot of the "negativity" comes from you guys going after people who criticize or correct something that is flagrantly wrong. The car world is full of people who throw money at things and then get "respect" or have to be "respected" because of what they own. It's an insight into how people like to be controlled on a macro scale in a way. Pretty sad really.

It might come as a shock to you, but it's the truth. Sorry to break the news. It's a lot harder to think than it is to just write some BS and then get mad at people for being "haters."