WTAC: The Results Are In…

This year’s World Time Attack Challenge saw competitors battle not just each other, but some of the most adverse weather conditions Sydney has to offer.

Torrential downpours and wild temperature swings, punctuated by sporadic showers. Conditions have never been more unpredictable.


Teams were powerless, and essentially left to guess what conditions they’d be forced to push both themselves and their machinery through. Despite the wild weather, a new record was set, and a new champion crowned.


Pro Class

1st Barton Mawer, RP968 Porsche 968 – 1:19.8250


2nd Warren Luff, MCA Suspension Nissan Silvia PS13 – 1:21.3980

3rd Suzuki Under, Escort Racing Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX – 1:27.5580

(You’ll have to come back for our full coverage to figure out why these two teamed up)



1st Kosta Pohorukov, Royal Purple / Tilton Racing Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX – 1:24.6300


2nd William Au-Yeung, Vibrant / PZtuning Honda Civic Si – 1:27.935


3rd Serse Zeli, J-Spec Performance Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X – 1:31.775



1st Adam Casmiri, JDMYard / Hardrace Honda Civic – 1:27.7500


2nd Josh Coote, MCA Suspension Toyota 86 – 1:28.4590


3rd Matt Longhurst, Intergrated Motorsport Nissan Skyline R34 GT-R – 1:28.6650



1st Brett Dickie, Elusive Racing Honda Integra – 1:38.7560


2nd Stephan Wan, BYP Racing & Developments Honda Civic – 1:39.9400


3rd Jim Tu, Team EXE OTR  Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 9 – 1:40.0480

With the results now taken care of, we’re free to move on to share some of the many exciting and moving moments in the paddock as well as out on track.

Adversity unlocks the true potential of people. We can’t wait to share some of those stories with you, but right now, it’s time to defrost my wet feet and soothe my sunburnt face.

Matthew Everingham
Instagram: matthew_everingham



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That Tilton evo collision was brutal


The bits of expensive panels flying off was saddening. Hopefully the owner isn't discouraged by it, he was doing quite well (it was a damp track and EC isn't exactly smooth).

Matthew Everingham

Kosta is fine. A replacement car is already getting started. :)

Jay Soh Tsu Chung

Oh, so J-Spec did manage to do some times laps huh? I feel happy for them.

Matthew Everingham

Sure did. Best story of the year.


Definitely. Really wanted to see them get some more laps in. Their story is definitely one of the best of the event. Under Suzuki actually getting a chance to drive was also epic!


Super proud of fellow Canadians - William with his Vibrant Perfomance Civic.
Happened to see it at Ontario Time Attack on the CTMP GP track earlier this year. You could hear it coming from a mile away and then it would appear and vanish in seconds.
Phenomenal car and pilot.

Matthew Everingham

I spent some time talking with Will over the weekend. He's a stand-up guy! Smart, humble and fast. He's one to follow!


when 7-8 years ago breaking 1:30 was something big and now a fwd civic is doing 1:27 is crazy. Spectacular stuff, shows how far everyones come from when the event was held in its first few years.


You couldn't find an on track action photo of the BYP EK9 to use for this results post?!
Seems quite distasteful to use that photo, considering they ran fast enough to finish 2nd in Club Sprint.

Matthew Everingham

No mate, no other shots of civic. I spent over an hour flicking through every shot I had instead of sleeping. It's all I had.
Besides, it's not distasteful. It's motorsport.
That smashed up Civic (which crashed on turn one) shows you guys that everyone was pushing their limits.


Great coverage otherwise.


What happened to that BYP Civic?


a pretty much dead stock i30N put down consistent 1.45s all weekend which is pretty wild. interested to see how they go in the future


Was nice to see a Swiss team compete there! I just saw a bit of the live stream where the Moderator pointed with the finger at the hole in the crankcase. There i just thought: Oh my dear... Hopefully they can do some laps with another engine"
Happy it worked out! Well done


Seeing the forecast of Sydney weather had me thinking WTAC would be pretty crap. Rain should mean records wont be broken and just walking around would suck, but it was surprisingly good. Small showers here and there just cooled the track down especially on the Saturday.

Seeing how the Porsche has evolved over the last few years to not only win WTAC but smash the record was awesome. That car has come so far from the first time I saw it with a mostly stock looking body to the INSANE thing it is now.

Seeing the Tilton crash made my heart sink. It was the poster child for WTAC during it's reign and one of my favourite Evo's ever (being an Evo driver myself).

The Evasive team had an insane win too. They were in 4th place and jumped up 2 seconds to take first by over 1 second. This was all after a fire early on aswell! Good to see a local and very small melbourne team do so well!

Overall I'm glad the weather held up for the most part and allowed for probably the most eventful WTAC I've been to (my 3rd one). I just wish there was fewer crashes and Scortch racing could of brought their car!


what happened to the BYP Civic in that picture?

Matthew Everingham

Turn one.