Speedhunters Live: The Stills Before The 4K Storm
Thank You

Before getting into my impression of our 10th anniversary celebration at Fuji Speedway, I just wanted to echo Dino’s thank you to everyone who came out to support, participate, and assist us with this rather massive endeavour. We truly couldn’t have done it without you.


‘What is Speedhunters Live?’ seemed to be the number one question I was asked beforehand, and even now I’m still seeing it in the comments section. So I suppose this post will be my interpretation of what it was and how it unfolded.


As Dino stated, my main responsibility was to film the event with the help of Phil Boquida. We knew in advance that with a large attendance expected, and with Dino trying his best to divide himself into 20 people, a little extra help to make sure we had everything covered was going to be necessary.


With all my filming duties complete and all but one battery finished off, I quickly ran around to see what I could capture in two dimensions.


At this point it was towards the end of the event, and Blake was busy taking photographs of all the cars and their respective owners for the Photobooth Super-Mega-Album which he’ll go into more detail about in his own post.


Knowing that it was going to be a massive undertaking to photograph the hundreds of cars and their owners, Blake was somehow able to convince his better half to help guide them into the right position to speed up the process. Truthfully, all of our better halves were involved in one way or another helping us to make the event a success.

So, back to the original question: What is Speedhunters Live? The way I can best define the event is that it was more like a big family reunion.

Like a lot of family reunions, there are always those that will show up that you haven’t seen in years, yet somehow they are the ones you have the strongest bonds with. All day long, those familiar faces from features, garage tours, event coverage, you name it, were there.

It was great to catch up and see what changes these owners had done to their cars since the last time we met.

On the other hand, there are those cousins and relatives that show up that you have never seen before in your life, and yet they know of you through other members of your family. Being the newest member of the Speedhunters family in Japan, there were a lot of faces that I hadn’t seen before.


Although they hadn’t met me in person, they were more than eager to find me, introduce themselves, tell me that they came to support the event since Dino or Blake had featured their cars in the past, and then show me their cars.

It might not have been good for productivity, but these kind of moments are what make events and shows so special to me.


Finally, you have those friends of the cousins and relatives that show up to the reunion. I suppose I would equate that to the fresh faces that showed up to the celebrate with us, and as the saying goes, the more the merrier. Our families are mixed with all types of characters, and Speedhunters Live is no different in that regard. All styles, genres and cultures were welcomed.

It was truly an amazing and humbling experience. Once again, thank you to all of those who came out, and everyone that lent a hand. Now if you’ll excuse me, I believe there is some video footage that needs my attention…

Ron Celestine
Instagram: celestinephotography



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Can't wait to see the footage!
What's that infiniti coupe is see?


Stay tuned! Hopefully I can get it knocked out soon haha


I think its an M30 (F31), probably just rebadged as an Infiniti. I believe they were sold as the Nissan Leopard in Japan


It's LHD. Real Infiniti M30.


Aww, you're right. I did not see that


Dino's wrapped 34R looks great.


It really does! I wonder how long he will keep it wrapped for ..


Hey Ron-San :)

How about a mini-feature about the purple Z? Looks interesting ( and yes... we need some more Z33 stuff here please ;)


Haha I actually became good friends with him so that shouldn't be too hard. It's DUMB loud thanks to it's Ti exhaust o.o...


ThAt er34 is sweet.


Hey Ron, why the ER was not on display?
Waiting for the "4K Storm" with patience.


Oh the picture of the DC2 and the FC23s..... I owned both, in white just a shame thats not a championship white DC2 but what an iconic photo!


Where can a guy cop those s13 headlamps from?? Not exactly bricks and not really projectors. They look great !


I think there jzx100 chaser headlights that have been taken apart and trimmed down to fit inside s13 lenses but im not too sure, its pretty common to do on s14's since they are a pretty close match in shape but not too sure about s13's


Thankyou very much for your feedback! I appreciate it very much.. So many modifications people do, I thought I heard them all. I didn't know people do this; i gotta admit its very creative and aesthetically it works really well. I've got dual projectors with yellow driving lights (ca18 spec) but wouldn't mind changing my face up every now and then... Also it is probably wise to have a few spare lamps floating around the garage...


Is that at tercel/starlet (has red wheels) in the background of the first picture with the 86?

Love the crown wagons.


Those Canon stickers on the NSX make it look like it's sponsored by an office printer company. Booo


Everyone needs a fax machine sponsor living in Japan.