Remember That Electric Audi?

Earlier this year we brought you news of the Schaeffler 4ePerformance, a 1,200hp EV concept car that, for all intents and purposes, is essentially an all-wheel drive Formula E drivetrain mated to an Audi RS3 saloon.

The story ignited a discussion in the comments section at the time. With a 220kW electric motor behind each wheel, the 4ePerformance can rocket from 0-200km/h (124mph) in under seven seconds, albeit with a somewhat disappointing lack of any real audible clues that it can almost spin the Earth backwards. In fact, back when the original story broke, the bulk of your comments were focused the lack of noise that accompanies EVs in general. Sadly, this isn’t something that’s going to change, unless we start pumping fake engine noise into the cabin. That didn’t work out so well for BMW on the latest M5, though.

Now, a new video has emerged of the S4eP (can we at least come up with a catchy name?) in action with professional Formula E driver Daniel Abt behind the wheel, and this time it has some competition. Abt puts the S4eP on the line against some of the top performance cars of the moment – the Audi R8 V10+, a Lamborghini Huracán Performante, and the outrageous Porsche GT2 RS, which Paddy still hates. If you don’t speak German, then you can skip the chat and watch each race at 2:53, 5:16 and 7:45, respectively.

Knowing what we know about the performance element of electric propulsion, let’s just say the results aren’t surprising. I do know which one I prefer the sound of, though…

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I can get on board with electric cars, I would own a Tesla if I could afford it for an every day car and that S4eP is mighty impressive and I imagine its a riot to drive, but its just the noise, its so boring.


yeah, nice accelleration, but.. "wuhu an car with more horsepower is faster" *facepalm*
this race is so stupid.. why not compare cars with the same power and all 4wd?

the only thing which is really impressive is how fast the rwd Porsche is, although it has not even nearly that power!! the real winner
(sorry Paddy ;-)


hey man you can't compare an ic vs electric motor because the torque difference is just way too different.


If Porsche were to send me an all-black GT2 RS, I might change my mind. Maybe.



and slicks vs. street-tires - this video shows really nice how outdated these heavy, really fast upheating electric toys with their little km/miles range are..

this is not the future, this is a big step backwarts AND a huge environmental disaster if you look a bit at the battery-prodution


Definitely agree with your thoughts, this is more of what has been shoveled at us by the EV market: comparisons that aren't equal (sure it's great for such a heavy thing, but not on an equal weight/power basis), and ignoring the facts behind manufacture impact (horrible) and actual usefulness of the EV side given general lack of charging stations and lousy charge range (non-existent and may not change much without forcing us all to go EV).
Blatant disregard of these things makes EV a no-go for me in all ways...sure if some people want one I have no problem they make them, but they are NOT a reasonable solution to anything IMO and it pains me the manufacturers are SO locked into these pigs.


lol what so gimp electric vehicles to make them as slow as an internal combustion motor? The impact really is over exaggerated especially when you compare with 10 years of fuel use, charging stations well do you regularly do over 200kms a day? Otherwise you just charge at home.
I feel you are more stuck in your way than any real discourse?


Exactly. Insane amounts of power for free... Home chargers fed by wall-mounted domestic batteries charged by super efficient solar panels - where's the enviromental impact? All the necessary self-sufficiency paraphernalia is dropping in price so that it's not just for the 'quirky rich' amongst us. I'm as guilty as the next person in loving my grunty fossil-fueled motors but realise it has to change. Commuter cars will ALL have to be EV or risk (like 'dirty' diesels across most of the EU) being outlawed by cities worldwide. It IS the future...


I don't speak German, so I am going to assume the race was ~1/4 mile. Push that out to 3/4 mile or more and you get a very different story.


honestly i can understand why he hates it, but that audi is badass!


The world has seen the internal combustion engine evolve tremendously since its inception, Multiple cylinders, multiple configurations, 2 stroke, oval piston, wankel and so on. Those ideas weren't of interest to the engineers of the first cars, but they still came to light.

Just because we can't imagine an exciting sounding electric drive-train, doesn't mean it won't be invented.

Jay Soh Tsu Chung

Paddy sounds like Jeremy Clarkson. XD


And so he's most boring winner car, and world's silliest comparison. First of all, let's see 1200hp 4x4 petrol car go against the audi...second of all, let's see the 1200hp 4x4 petrol car go against the audi in a 1 mile race, not in 1/4 mile. Mindless pro-electric video, the part I enjoyed the most was the doughnut at the start, damn that gives a serious idea of the torque


I don't care if it sounds like a jet turbine... it spanks butt and has huge torque coming off the corners or starting. It's like a 1:1 scale of my RC AWD touring cars, neat!


I'm really wondering why the Audi is on DRAG RADIALS while the other cars are on street tyres (GT2 RS on semi-slick I guess).
Were they afraid the win of the EV won't be devastating enough? :D


I noticed that too, pretty bias video, also let's see it stretch its legs on a longer race, they had the space for it! Guess it didn't win and footage was deleted.


The duell is not well balanced. S4eP on Slicks?


One-off concept vs mass produced car(s). Apples and oranges. We all know of the EV potential. Just another video. Not worth the time.


Paddy has bags on his car so no one cares what he thinks. Stupid test that misses the mark.

Just like that b.s. air ride video years ago


now there's a video out doing >200kmh in reverse haha


check this out, i found the interesting information, so dont miss it

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