Is This Real Life? Matt Field’s Super Vision

Ken Block has a lot to answer for.

Since the first Gymkhana video was unleashed on the unsuspecting Internet ten years ago, countless rally, drift, drag, motoX, offroad – you name it – athletes have attempted to follow suit with their own take on Gymkhana’s style of all-out attack video. The end goal is usually viral success and a publicity boost for the athlete and their sponsors, however the slew of entrants into the arena has, predictably and inevitably, ended up diluting their own efforts.

Heck, even Mr Block himself now has to continually come up with more and more extreme stunts and routines to retain interest and keep the endless onslaught of comment-section naysayers at bay.

So when something comes along that makes us say ‘holy sh*t’, we have to share it with you. Enter Matt Field and his Rotiform equipped 1050hp C6 Corvette, a closed mountain road and some pretty slick FPV aerial videography.

Swooping through trees, skimming the car and chasing the Corvette around the bends, the drone footage really makes this touge attack come to life. That’s not to belittle Matt’s skills in keeping it on the black stuff, and that ridiculous armco run – did you notice how close the camera was to being wiped out?!

Top stuff.

Jordan Butters
Instagram: jordanbutters



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WOW, that production was seriously incredible! that opening scene! just wow!


That little clip starting @1:50

That was Money.

Mad props to everyone involved... was truly stunning <3


off i go to watch Runningfree86 on the Gunsai.


Hats off to putting a Perturbator track on there


I feel like what should have been an amazing clip of outstanding driving skill was tarnished due to bad filming and editing - shaky, car not in shot, when it is its half out of shot, lots of pointless cuts.

the start sequence and at about 2.25 around the tree are amazing tho.


I have to agree. Matt Field's driving is amazing. But this video makes it look jerky and amateur. Matt has a very smooth style and none of the cuts are long enough to show this. I was very disappointed.


You must be joking right? The production is insane. It definitely does not tarnish Field's driving.


My manager just caught me watching this in the bathroom stall at work hahaha. He walked by and heard the sounds of engines revving and "oooo" "ahhhh" "shiiiiit"

Joe @

Great watch, thanks for the share Jordan. Love the pit stop!


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