There’s Wide, & Then There’s This

There’s no hiding the fact that the R33 generation of the Skyline GT-R was a tad on the bulbous side. It’s possibly the reason why this model is often regarded as the unloved iteration of lineage; but it could also be the most loved one if you’re someone that likes to stand out and not follow popular trends.

The BCNR33 definitely has its own character, and for a lot of diehard fans it’s actually the one to have given the impressive accolades under its belt. It’s the only GT-R to have been raced at Le Mans, and the only GT-R to have set an official Nürburgring Nordschleife lap time.


So you can understand why people choose the R33 – and then go and visually enhance it, just like this example I spotted parked up in Fuji Speedway’s upper paddock area during last Sunday’s R’s Meeting. There was no way I could leave without shooting a spotlight on it.


It’s not every day you see an R33 fitted with the Wise Sports wide-body kit, something straight out of the mid-1990s. Being so wild, it’s almost hard to believe this kit made it to market.


I’ve only seen a handful of cars with the conversion but never up close, so I took this rare opportunity to take it all in and check out all the details.


In 1995, the Team Zexel BCNR33 competing in the JGTC ran a Wise Sports wide-body conversion. It was the second year of the newly-founded Japanese Touring Car Championship, which up until 1993 was called Gr.A, and also the first year the R33 competed. With the new regulations, competing cars could run a wider track, and it was Wise Sports that was asked to come up with a crazy aero package for the Zexel entry.


Then Wise Sports did something even cooler – they offered a road-car kit for anyone that thought the big and chunky R33 GT-R needed a little more girth.


This kit was all about aggression, and you can tell just how much wider the rear end is from this angle.


This particular car was recently sourced and sold by Manaboom, a car dealership specializing in sports cars. Under the hood there’s an N1-based engine with oversized pistons that push capacity to 2.7L, and a pair of Nismo R1 turbos.

Compared to the aero kits we’re used to seeing these days, the Wise Sports conversion looks very basic and almost clumsy in design, but it certainly accomplishes that race-car-for-the-road feeling. Filling up the massive arches are 18-inch SSR Evolutions sporting a 12-inch width and shod in 315/30ZR18 Pirelli P-Zero tires. The same size is of course used at each corner – the ATTESA system would complain otherwise.


I don’t expect that this R33 will appeal to all, but you certainly can’t argue what it’s all paying homage to. For some, wider is better.

Dino Dalle Carbonare
Instagram: speedhunters_dino



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That’s hot


Get in my garage!!
I think these older style body kits have a lot more character than some of the fender flair based kits of today.

Dino Dalle Carbonare

That they do :)

Pah Patipan Donsingha

Bruh, she's THICC.


Yeh 90's jgtc, pretty badass.


JTCC*, JGTC would be Japanese Grand-Touring Championship. All BNR-GTRs are considered Touring cars.


The series the racecar competed in in 1995 was the All Japan Grand Touring Championship - which is shortened to JGTC.

The JTCC was a whole separate entity with cars conforming to Class 2 - or "Supertouring" regulations at the time.


Love it!!!


I never understand why people put so much dollars into a car and then use horrible tires. Excuses in 3...2...1...go!


315's on all corners, no less.


Hello mister Tirehunter. I am not so well informed apparently, because I thought that Pirelli P-zero Rosso's are decent tires for streetuse. Would love to know why you call them horrible.

Dino Dalle Carbonare

It's very good rubber, not sure what you mean


It's a N4 Porsche rated Pirelli P Zero Rosso, something that was fitted to 996 Turbo / GT2. So if it was ok for a Porsche... Why not this GT-R...?


OK, it is going to be me again, getting my comment deleted because it'll be somewhat degrading for certain tyre manufacturers. Truth is, a lot of brands are overhyped due to marketing or because traditionally, everyone was using them on their cars because there was no alternative. Fact is, there are some tyres that I would not even put on my bycicle - Pirelli P Zero, Michelin PS4, GoodYear F1 just to name a few. And before anyone asks - yes, I've used all of the above on my own cars (fwd platform). Certainly, my judgement is based on personal preferences so I might not give the most unbalanced of reviews. In my honest opinion there are (lot) better and (lot) cheaper options out there. You just have to do your own research because tyres are the single most important part of any car...


pirelli p zero, the michelin ps4 and the bridgestone s001 are some of the best tries i know. pretty good in dry condition. verry good in wet conditions and they have decent lifespan. on the other hand, i only drive cars with rear wheel drive (bmw f31) or all wheel drive (996 turbo). actually all the other stuff (hankook, nangkang whatever there is) is either were bad in rain or disintegrates immediately.


I was answering to Claudio.

Jay Soh Tsu Chung

It looks a lot like the LM kit as well!

Jay Soh Tsu Chung

Amen to that!


This body kit looks SO '90s. I'm a sucker for box-styled fenders and this one looks GREAT.
(If added a set of diffusers under the rear bumper would be perfect!)


I was never really a fan of the 33 but i seen one the other day purring past in town , it was in midnight purple with some gold bbs damm the thing looked so fine. this thing looks the nuts too love it . I miss the 90s.


I literally think that it's just the body panels that make people lean r32/34.
Reminds me of the bulbous r35.
I like the r33; it's the only skyline model I've ever seen in the states. Some NYC dude had a purple one slammed and modified to garbage. I have no idea how it was even there.


If pumped guards are your thing, R33 GTR is the generation to go for. 33 was heavier than 32 primarily due to the extra reinforcement that in turn simply allowed it to go faster around a track. Naturally 34 was heavier, although slightly once again as is the typical case with performance lineage. Still the best and toughest look GTR in my opinion


I said this before on one post with JGTC-inspired NSXes, will repeat this again. This is one of the most amazing widebody kits I've ever seen, and again it is killed by pairing with the wrong wheels and the wrong stance.
The kit itself is pure sex.

Dino Dalle Carbonare

Well said! Totally agree with you, for best result you need to mimic the chunky sidewall tire look to nail the stance on these massive wide bodies


I love it tbh, the R33 race cars had the best looking bodykits. If I ever own an R33 I'm seeking out this kit.

Dino Dalle Carbonare

I wonder how many they've made, can't be too many. The one on this car is number 9


There is at least one in NZ, number 3 from memory. Painted blue.


That's so cool that one's ended up in NZ. Maybe I'll actually get to see it someday somehow.


This + more low and JGTC sized wheels and tires would make this the coolest Skyline to ever hit the streets anywhere.

Rapee Leepraditwan

I'm lovin it.


I don't like the R33 trim (to my own reasons/taste the skyline must be edgy with the minimum curves possible) but this example and some few others popping here are changing my mind.


This is awesome, love it.


I love that kit, looks very well done. I would just update the exhaust area to bring it up to date with a wider cutout and integrated diffuser. For some reason I envisioned it with Porsche style "extractor fan" wheels like the 935-78 Turbo or OZ Racing rally wheels like the Lancia Delta Integrales... white of course.


A good classic indeed


Excellent alternative to the LM bodykit.


Why does everyone go on about how portly the R33 is when it's lighter than the R34??


because of the long wheelbase they are the least playfull skyline. the r33 and r34 have a more agressive handling style. i actually prefer the r33 over the other two. the r33 is the best match for the autobahn.


By far my favorite of the Skyline bodystyles. Not as sleepy as the R32 and not as yarrrrrr aggressive as the R34. Clean lines and purposeful styling.

I prefer the "thin" bodystyle - follows my preference for women, lol - and in white all of the grills and openings have maximum contrast. Set mine on some BBS with a low, but usable, ride-height, and a lip.


If I am not mistaken Dino I think you got a pic of this car on your New Year's post at Daikoku Futo for this year. I am glad you did an article on this car. It is badass in my eyes.


Being from Canada, first contact I had with a Skyline was in 'Gran Turismo'. Since then I had always dreamed of owning one myself. Still just a dream right now, hopefully I can still get one before the R33 prices balloon as other desirable models have.


I know it's "against the trend", but I would take widebodies like those (replacement panels or modified bodywork) any time over bolt-on stuff like the kits Liberty Walk, Rocket Bunny and similar put out.


Absolute beefcake. My favourite GT-R alongside the Group A Godzillas.


There used to be an R33 in Perth with this Wise Sport kit back in the early 2000s, had the deep dish Wise Sport wheels as well