920hp For The Street

To me, this is the embodiment of a modern day tuned Skyline GT-R.

Back when I started covering this scene, anything over 600 to 650hp was regarded as an undrivable track or drag car. It was surely noisy, clunky, and hard to tame. But these days, power figures like this Garage Mak-built BNR32 churns out are becoming the norm. The 920hp produced here resides in a car that is legally road registered, passes the bi-yearly shaken test, and retains a full interior with air conditioning and all the creature comforts and gadgets you’d expect in modern street-driven car.


The impressive figure is thanks in part to the rather large HKS T51R turbo that sits proudly alongside the fully built RB28.

You aren’t going to get these sort of numbers if you don’t have every possible angle of the engine upgraded to spec, from a bottom end able to take the abuse of such savage forced induction, to the ability to match that appetite for air with an equal dose of high octane fuel. Not E85 mind you; here in Japan we still don’t get the good stuff because the market thoroughly protects the domestic oil companies. If you’re able to get E85 at the pumps locally, consider yourself very lucky.


Here’s another example of some of that awesome welding I was talking in the previous R’s Meeting post, a beautifully fabricated lobster-tail titanium intake pipe to add even more drama to an already highly impressive engine bay.


The HKS V-Cam system has become a must-have addition for many Skyline GT-R owners chasing higher horsepower, especially when there are generously sized turbos in the mix. Nothing is more important than helping an engine spool up and respond sooner and stronger in the low-RPM range.


I’m from the school of thought that the less you do to an R32 GT-R aesthetically, the better. But trust Garage Mak to come up with a few simple additions, like these side skirts, to add more presence to the car. In fact, I even had to spotlight the R35 GT-R next to it as they’ve got a mean looking kit for it too, but more on that on another post…


The rear is how it should be, untouched, save for those simple finishers on the the flanks. The stock wing along with a Nismo trunk lip helps nail the look.

There’s a lightweight sealed battery relocated from the front laying flat on the trunk floor, along with a billet swirl pot for the fuel system. The latter must pack a pair of pretty hefty pumps to supply all the juice the engine would need at full chat.


The cabin hasn’t been treated to any strip out; in fact it’s been added to with auxiliary gauges and modules, a full sound system, and even a tablet mount. The most interesting aspect is the unsuspecting shifter, topped with a black Nismo knob and actuating the OS Giken OS-88 6-speed sequential transmission. No expense has been spared in making this GT-R the best it can truly be.


Hidden away behind the 19-inch Yokohama Advan Racing RS wheels is a full Endless monoblock brake setup. The 6-pot calipers up front and the 4-pots in the back give piece of mind to the driver, who knows that no matter how fast the car can pile on the speed, he’ll always be able to rely on proper anchors to haul it back down.

So what do you think – is 920hp a little too much for the street? What would your ideal power goal be on a similar car? As always I’m keen to hear your thoughts in the comment section below.

Dino Dalle Carbonare
Instagram: speedhunters_dino



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Beautiful 32, perfectly executed by a great shop.A big part of the making of a street car is its ease of driving. Yes, you can make 1000 hp somewhat easily, and reliably these days, but when you're making over 300hp/litre of displacement, engines tend not to make a lot of low down torque, what with big cams, and turbos, despite having a twin-scroll setup, and the addition of variable valve timing. The creature comfort certainly helps make things easy.
Still, a decade or two ago making 600 hp resulted in a peaky engine, now you have factory cars close to 200hp/ litre, and usable on a daily basis, so who knows.

Dino Dalle Carbonare

Yeah it's nice how it's all evolving and how we can bring all of that to our old and most favorite chassis


Honestly, I'd like to drive a stock one.


I too dreamed of being in a stock R32 GTR and when I was taken out in one I was SO disappointed! It wasn't the Godzilla I was expecting at all and it totally bummed me out but having been in one with just very basic mods with 450bhp I can tell you it's amazing. I definitely couldn't leave one stock.


My daily is a 4k pound Isuzu suv with 130hp. YMMV, but I get your point.

Dino Dalle Carbonare

You'd need to have both, best of both worlds


Dino, I've only seen one in person. Twice, same car, two years apart. Gts-t, young kid imported it. I drooled over it, saw him drive it like an asshat, now its sitting beside a shop with the roof crushed in and the drivetrain stripped and put into an s14. :/

Frederico Estermann

I've got a stock BNR32. Exhaust, suspension, wheels ... they're all just the way it left the factory. Even the ECU still have the Nissan seal on it! It's a great vehicle the way it is and an honour to own it. It's a real pleasure to drive it too. But in saying that, I think these cars can be improved significantly without changing them a whole lot. I feel like they're asleep as a stock vehicle, and that they can be exponentially better without that many modifications done to it.


Probably too much power, but what the hell do I know? I like the fact that it's a traditional street car in that certain creature comforts remain.


The only thing "too much" is the choice of wheel diameter.
Other than that - lick the stamp and send it.

Dino Dalle Carbonare

I thought that too, 1 inch too big....


If only we were all so lucky...




he italiano he Japanese to show respect ass nugget


Grammar police. Because everybody likes that.

Dino Dalle Carbonare

I'm confused


Really loving that front bumper... It's obviously aftermarket, yet still looks like factory at the same time.


It's rocking the full Greddy body kit. front bumper, side skirts, and rear aprons.


Solid build. Not to keen on that font bumper as I'm from the old skool train of thought as well on leaving them alone.
A bit inspired by that trunk setup, ill be diving into this shortly with my 32! Keep em coming Dino!

Dino Dalle Carbonare

Lot more coming...


Very tidy set-up. I'm assuming this is crank hp at the engine versus the wheels? Accounting for a generalized 25% AWD drivetrain loss, that puts this car at roughly 690whp, which is about spot-on for the modifications. I have yet to drive a single turbo car with the V-cam set-up, but I am eagerly looking forward to it!

Dino Dalle Carbonare

I'd assume so, that's about right for whp Singles are intoxicating to drive, that external wastegate sound is addictive as is the shove in the back


A lot of studies show that twins are more efficient when built right. Anything past a 5 cylinder should generally be twin turbo. Maths and stuffs...


My god this is insane and I love it! Awesome spotlight Dino


Full sound system? As in with tweeters and subwoofer and all that? Me likey already.


Perfect for overtaking in 6th gear when you're stuck behind an old man in his kei car going at 60km/h in a 100km/h zone

Dino Dalle Carbonare

Might want to drop down a gear or two lol

Brennan McKissick

900hp and a sequential transmission are definitely overkill for the street. I think that 600hp at the wheels and a standard manual trans or a really nice auto (depending on preference and what kind of traffic you drive in) is more than enough. That's considering this a daily though. If it was a weekend car, 900hp and giving up other comforts would be fine.


You can have as much power as you like, but if all it does it make the traction control go nuts or just spin up the tires when you tickle the throttle, then whats the point? I'm guessing this thing is tuned so that it only develops that much power at higher rpm and gears, otherwise it'd be like driving on ice. In the middle of summer...
Hey Dino, does this guy hit the Wangan with it? You should go along for a joyride with him and take video! it'd be fun to hear you screaming your lungs out.

Dino Dalle Carbonare

The car is from Nagano, so a tad far from the wangan. But don't worry, it's a GT-R, it'll hook up even with that much power.

Jay Soh Tsu Chung

Been a while since we last saw a T51R turbo inside a car on here. Garage Mak sure knows how to build their cars. Their aero kits are some of the best looking on the market as well!


In my opinion, there's no such thing as too much horsepower. But I would agree that a lower power output coupled with the 6-gear transmission from an R34 would be a more ideal street set-up. You know what, disregard what I wrote, just give me the keys and let me try that beast for a round... ;-)


You've got enough power when even with AWD, dry pavement and wet ice are the same thing.


In this car, I see a beautiful throwback to a time when all your cylinders were in one straight line, the only way to go fast was with a manual transmission, cars like this existed to break the law in spectacular fashion and 900 hp was mind-blowing.


this car is as close to my perfect r32 iv ever seen well done to the guy , id like it with just a touch more power at the round 1000bhp and the gear box is bang on , only thing id change is the dash dodger cage


I wonder what it would be like if Mid Night racing team was reborn at this time ...


Impressive build. I would just remove all the lettering and prey on unsuspecting victims, for pinks.