Just Right: A Well Balanced NSX
The Perfect Driver’s Car

We all know the NSX to be Honda’s answer to having your cake and eating it too.

Designed to compete against the thoroughbred exotics and touring cars of the era, the NSX’s development took place in the late ’80s in Japan under the leadership of Soichiro Honda himself. Though the company was still building some of the most economically sound cars ever made, a dream to innovate and break technological grounds progressed with the development of Honda’s supercar.

2018 Honda NSX by Naveed Yousufzai for Speedhunters-01

The ultimate vision was to create a well rounded machine that could give Ferraris and other exotics of the time a run for their money. The result was a sleek and timeless Italian-inspired design, featuring an 8,000rpm-revving V6 mounted behind the driver (VTEC included, of course) and a 42/58 weight distribution, which ultimately made for an unconventional Japanese supercar.

2018 Honda NSX by Naveed Yousufzai for Speedhunters-32

Nim Divino stumbled upon this ’91 Acura NSX while actually searching for an S2000 back in the early ’00s, long before the collector taxes we see on these cars today. With a car history that includes multiple Toyota Starlets and AE86s, Nim was looking for another nimble sports car that was lightweight and raw. When the NSX popped up in his search and seemed to be within budget, he knew he had to have it.

2018 Honda NSX by Naveed Yousufzai for Speedhunters-37

The car started off Formula Red and stock, save for a double DIN head unit and some lowering springs. His vision fell in the same category as his previous builds: retaining homage to the original purpose of the car, while creating a more modernized appearance and mildly upgrading performance.

Nim enjoys driving the car spiritedly in the mountains, and knew immediately that he wanted to add some of his own enhancements to what he described as a “perfect driver’s car”.

2018 Honda NSX by Naveed Yousufzai for Speedhunters-05
2018 Honda NSX by Naveed Yousufzai for Speedhunters-35

The build began with gatherings of new wheels, suspension, aerodynamics, performance parts, and interior bits. The Lamborghini Giallo Orion Pearl Yellow paint job was something not to be compromised in the build process, the color being one that Nim envisioned shortly after his initial decision to build the car.

2018 Honda NSX by Naveed Yousufzai for Speedhunters-09

It’s a real standout color but somehow retains subtleness, but let me be truthful in saying that pictures do not do the hue justice. The shift in the pearl really catches your eye and brings out the lines of the car in all aspects of different lighting, and it’s one of my personal favorite custom paint jobs.

2018 Honda NSX by Naveed Yousufzai for Speedhunters-38
2018 Honda NSX by Naveed Yousufzai for Speedhunters-16

Other notable details include a tablet incorporated in the center console, an exposed engine bay, and Downforce rear diffuser. Though they are quite subtle, they aren’t overlooked.

2018 Honda NSX by Naveed Yousufzai for Speedhunters-29

Over the course of a few years Nim’s vision slowly reached the light at the end of the tunnel. Thorough research, selective choices in parts, and help from friends made over the course of ownership overthrew most hardships commonly found in building a car, and these things helped keep him motivated throughout the entire process.

Future plans are modest, consisting of upgrading to NA2 tail lights, upgrading the clutch and flywheel, and upgrading the rear brakes to match the fronts. Nim’s idea of well balanced NSX shows great promise of how proper execution of a simplistic build can easily outweigh a hefty mod list.

Naveed Yousufzai 
Instagram: eatwithnaveed


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2018 Honda NSX by Naveed Yousufzai for Speedhunters-02
2018 Honda NSX by Naveed Yousufzai for Speedhunters-06
2018 Honda NSX by Naveed Yousufzai for Speedhunters-11
2018 Honda NSX by Naveed Yousufzai for Speedhunters-20
2018 Honda NSX by Naveed Yousufzai for Speedhunters-40
2018 Honda NSX by Naveed Yousufzai for Speedhunters-45


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Cool article, I really like the photos - the only thing I would point out is the NSX was powered by a V6, not a straight 6. Lucky Blake hasn't seen this article yet


SH please make Naveed a full time SpeedHunter, this is good stuff. Consistently.
C30A inline-6 variant be damned!


appreciate that! thank you!!


Umm yeah maybe educate yourself more about cars before writing for Speedhunters. Just looking at the "exposed motor" it ain't no inline 6..... I guess anyone can write for SH now huh?


Riley: Let's see you write an article for SH. EXACTLY. kthxbye.


Someone needs a nap.
I'm sure these guys aren't usually working on only one project at a time, or one car at a time. There are so many cars and so many variables.......give them a break.


you mad?


Damn, stop beeing so harsh dude, everybody makes mistakes from time to time.


Sorry, no excuse other than it slipped my mind tbh.


These cars are awesome and I wish I could afford them. In Australia people are asking insane amounts of money for these i.e. high mileage automatic early 90's nsx asking $150,000 aud. Completely ridiculous I want to shoot the sellers. How much does a 97+ model year manual nsx cost in the US?


There's one in the local Utah ads right now for $68k. It's turbocharged.


In Europe you will find from time to time offers around 20k for a pretty clean gen 2 with around 80k km on it and others that sell a rusted, really tired NSX for 100-150k.


The NSX market in the USA is all over the place honestly. there's guys asking 6 figures for the really desirable NA2's with low miles. but there are also guys asking anywhere from 30-80k for the average NA1's and NA2's. it really just depends on documentation, condition, and history.


man you guys are so brutal! lol i guess ive just been around too many Nissans lately and the inline six thing slipped my mind. i actually own an NA1 nsx as well =) sorry guys!


Im sorry that you have to apologise for this, its just a small mistake, I dont get why people need to get so toxic over something like this.


No apologies needed. They're just jealous. It's clearly a slip of mind.


People just always have to find something to complain about, no matter how small they are nitpicking. We all make mistakes bro


Wrong, It's a Inline 6-Gallo24... How can you forget that?


lol the gallo 24 is saved for my skyline haha




V6, not inline 6


Quick question: could a 2.0 m tall guy fit in an NSX with bucket seats? I have never seen one in person and I dont know what to expect.


I think you can. I'm 6ft tall and I fit just fine, though it's not the roomiest car in the world.


Hmm...well, I will remain to my beloved wagons then =))) thanks for answering, show us your NSX one day ;)


Yeah man, lets see it!


Naveed doesn't own an NSX. He was actually lying about that. His Girlfriend owns an NSX and he claims it. This is not related to the article but I think he's stupid for saying that.


Just one question: exactly how do you know this?


how do you know this and why so toxic over that? =))))


This car is gorgeous...............and I HATE yellow, haha.


It's all in the execution!


This is just epic!

Colour suits it perfectly in my opinion, nice job!


Nice car, lovely photos


Another amazing article by Naveed.....when will you be added to the staff?


Haha thanks Andrew!


nope, nice try ricers, just because it an nsx does'nt give you a free pass to ronald mcdonald the car, slam it till the bump stops and expect anyone to believe it serves it original purpose of being an everyday sports car.

next on speed hunters oh look at me swimming downstream again

Ronald McDonalds NSX

Calm down. It has larger diameter wheels and wheel gap. Not slammed. Easy daily. And yes, anyone with an NSX has a pass to do as they please lol


I think this is the perfect NSX I have ever seen


Sorry I know speedhunters answers this on every article, but how can I download high-res versions of the pictures? This shots are simply stunning and would love to open my laptop and see them every day, just without the grain of a low-res pic


Click on them, everything is uploaded in 1920x1280 :)


mmmmmm now this is how I like my future NSX. Keep the original lines, just subtly upgrade a few things here and there, and just drive it how it's supposed to be driven. i like how he has decided to keep the original pop ups instead of going fixed like some owners.

btw where in california is the car located? I noticed the plate, and I feel like I might've seen this car driving around recently.

colby osterholm,

That yellow is nuts and I bet its crazier in person. It looks like a sorted car, very well done


This is less of an article and more of a photoshoot. Which is probably something SH should consider: some cars need detailed explanations / articles on their history or list of modifications, some (like this one) don’t really. There might be space for galleries rather than trying to fill in with words that only marginally add to the story. Petrolicious does the full stories as well as just the car driving and hearing the sounds. A gallery would be the equivalent of the latter.


Who gives a damn if it has a V6 or straight six.... blown away by the QT pics and just the magnificent specimen. Good work man, keep it up!


Great article, the NSX is perfect, very clean. BTW, did anybody else notice the Skyline in the background? (2nd chapter, 2nd pic)


Thanks Jose, yes its my GTR in the backdrop. Maybe I'll feature myself one day haha!


Pretty sure that is Naveed's GT-R, it's a really nice car!


Please, don't forget specs. Marga Hills front, tcrc side skirts, etc

Daniel from sacramento

Nice article. I enjoyed it a lot. It’s nice to own an Nsx but really enjoying when you read about one in an article. It makes me feel like I’m part of history in some way. This Nsx was clean.