We Don’t Usually Do This Sort Of Thing

My final post from last weekend’s D1 Grand Prix event in Tsukuba has got nothing to do with drifting whatsoever.

In fact, it’s not even the sort of vehicle we’d usually talk much about here on Speedhunters, but this was just way too cool to pass up.


This is the all-new Suzuki Jimny which has recently hit dealerships across Japan. It’s been a very long time since this little kei-class off-roader received such a comprehensive refresh, and for 2018 Japan’s favorite micro rock crawler takes things to the next level.

GReddy had this mildly modified example on display next to their booth at D1GP, and I couldn’t resist grabbing a few images for a little spotlight.

Suzuki has really hit the bullseye with the design of the new Jimny, starting off with a big plastic grille which seems to be comprised of some of the best elements from the world’s most iconic off-road vehicles. Squint and you’ll see a bit of Jeep’s Wrangler and maybe a hint of H1 and H2 Hummer, but the Mercedes’ G-Wagon flavor is undeniable. The design is beautifully angular and tough looking, but at the same time so contemporary.


GReddy has already fitted their little blue ‘J-Wagon’ with a set of 16×5.5-inch RAYS Volk Racing TE37X Progressive Model wheels and a functional set of Toyo Open Country tires.

In total show car fashion, the Volks are fitted in two colors, bronze on one side and black on the other.


The Jimny is on sale in Japan in two guises, this regular kei version powered by a 63hp R06A turbocharged and intercooled 660cc three-cylinder, as well as the Jimny Sierra. The latter is not categorized as a kei car, runs chunky black overfenders to accentuate its rugged looks, and is powered by a 102hp 1.5-liter K15B.

We all know the Japanese love their things nice and small so it’s no surprise that a large tuning scene has developed around the Jimny over the decades. Most parts offered by the aftermarket are function-based and all about making the pocket-sized off-roader as capable as possible.

The Jimny is renowned for its ability to squeeze through the tightest of trails, but these Suzukis are also capable of tackling the wildest obstacles. Underneath, the model still runs a ladder frame with two solid axles, which, as Jeep has proven, remains the best layout for maximum articulation.


Despite its newness, GReddy already has a cat-back Power Extreme R exhaust system available for purchase, plus cooling upgrades and electronic tuning accessories.


This post is simply to celebrate a Japanese automotive icon, and the fact that Suzuki has nailed the design of its latest iteration so damn well. I can’t wait to see what people and shops do with this new Jimny platform.

Right, back to our regular programming…

Dino Dalle Carbonare
Instagram: speedhunters_dino



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So cool! These were huge back in the day in NYC. Tons of rotary swapped versions. You still see them around here and there. Hope they release this in the US as well.


Rotary swapped Jimnys? Never heard of that before.


People would swap rotary engines INTO them?


Yep. It was a popular swap in Puerto Rico. Lots of Puerto Ricans in New York did the swap and hit the strip for street racing on the weekends back in the 90s. Here's an example of one in PR:


I've seen videos from Puerto Rico where they rotary swapped them while still retaining 4WD. Race them in the mud.


I think SH should cover more offroaders. I love all the cool cars that get posted here, but I would like to see offroad built Tundras, Tacomas, 4Runners, Land Cruisers, Jeeps, and whatnot being posted on here, even though they don't meet any definition of speed lol. Some variety would be nice.


>the Mercedes’ G-Wagon flavor is undeniable. The design is beautifully angular and tough looking, but at the same time so contemporary.
I'd say it's Ural army truck touch: see headlight and turn signal light pattern; and design of this car is not so contemporary, but rather with 70's influence.
That's what I see.


There used to be one of these
(it was a samurai which I believe is the same) running round my town on stretched steelies with fender flares bullbars and a soft back cover. Always thought it was really cool ride


I'm sure this has been said many times before, but, It's strange how TE37's look good on just about any car..


I love Jimny's and love seeing a new one! Such a cool little car I just wished they sold them in the USA.


I actually nurture the idea of a mildly roughed up Jimny as a winter daily, I believe it could be fun, practical and relatively low-budget.


This is awesome, and I wish I could buy one here in the States. On the topic of kei cars, I saw a Honda Beat the other day! I've never seen anything so tiny on the road before.


I wish we'd see more of this sort of thing back in North America. Every time I'm on that side of the pond my envy knows no bounds for all the variety of kei vehicles and the sheer variety of adornments you can select from the factory

Mees Superjesus Kohne VonJaski

Land rover take note with the defender replacement.


The Jimny can sit at the cool off road kids table at school. I reckon this damn thing has always been proper but the previous gen was a bit too soft IMHO. This design, however, is on point.

My only beef with it is the fact that Suzuki does not (for God knows what reason) sell the damn thing with a diesel engine, something it desperately needs.


Hey Dino - Cool piece. Quick question: Is the Top Secret story coming soon?


Actually its really cool to see it has already mods to put on.
I agree the nailed the looks of it, even that i am not into that thing, it makes me wonder if i try it once, it would catch me.
Sigh, another expensive hobby incoming... :)


...am I the only one that sees the styling is clearly based of earlier versions of the Jimny? It's funny how someone that's so into cars can't even tell this is a throwback design.


SiR Dino, MAN thank you for sharing this one, really really great feature car. Very inspiring build.


really nice car thanks for doing the unusual


I have a question. does the Jimny 660cc, three cylinder engine version also come with 4 wheel drive? and will it be powerful enough to take the Jimny off-roading? Just curious. Thank you. I have a 1995 Jimny SJ and it has a 1500cc engine.


Awesome. I'd buy it even if I don't really need an offroader :)


Thank you Suzuki <3


Want! Need!