Size Doesn’t Matter: Australia’s Grassroots Drift Haven

Archerfield Drift Park is a popular circuit located to the south of Brisbane, Australia.

Its popularity tends to result in it often coming up in conversation, with it typically described as a short track for drifters of all experience levels, begging the question: ‘why I wouldn’t want to go to a bigger race track, one with a short track or skid pan as well?’ This can be a difficult sentiment to overcome through explanation alone, but I’ll try.

2018 Drift Park Australia by Macca Greene-02

I was invited to an event late last year, completely unsure of what to expect. I walked through the gates with my hi-vis and queried the staff on how I would go about jumping behind the barrier for some shots. I was excited already and wanted to be close enough to taste the burning rubber, and also to test the limits of my photography without turning it into a contact sport.

2018 Drift Park Australia by Macca Greene-05
2018 Drift Park Australia by Macca Greene-11

A few waivers later, the rest was all down to common sense: no standing on the track, no standing in the way of the escape lane on the back corner, glue some eyes to the back of your head, and – in theory – don’t get hit.

2018 Drift Park Australia by Macca Greene-10

Safety was clearly a top priority and the staff were experienced enough to allow photographers and videographers the freedom to explore the track, whilst still being quick to let anyway know if they were getting a bit too extreme.

2018 Drift Park Australia by Macca Greene-03

Being new to the track and unfamiliar with the drivers, I was told which drivers would put on the best show. Conversely, I was also warned when a fresh or inexperienced driver was about to do a run, just so we knew to stand well out of the way of them in case they ran out of talent.

2018 Drift Park Australia by Macca Greene-06

Under the direction of Australian professional drifter Luke Fink, ‘Archy’ has has undergone significant development and improvement since he took on the circuit lease early 2017. With close to $100,000 invested in just the last year to bring it in line with both his high expectations as well as that of the greater drift community, the track has been widened, extended and expanded. It now even has a Nikko-inspired drop through one of the corners.

2018 Drift Park Australia by Macca Greene-09

The track provides fantastic opportunities for drivers to hone and show off their skills, likewise for photographers and videographers. Regardless of the expanding size, every single section of this track is visible from anywhere you may choose to spectate from. For better or for worse, nothing gets missed at Archy.

2018 Drift Park Australia by Macca Greene-04

All this adds up to a fun little circuit that plays host to various different events all month round, including drift practice events, drift competitions, burnout competitions, and show and shines. There are even hire cars available, mentoring sessions, and car storage, all designed to make it as easy as possible for aspiring drifters to get a foothold in the sport.

2018 Drift Park Australia by Macca Greene-07

Everyone involved in the vision and subsequent development of this park should be immensely proud of what they’ve accomplished.

2018 Drift Park Australia by Macca Greene-12
2018 Drift Park Australia by Macca Greene-08

I’ll always return in order to try and outdo my last shots; the drivers will always be back because of how affordable and accessible it is, and to try out whatever is new on the ever-changing circuit. The spectators will be back because of, well, all of the above. Plus, there is always hot food, cold drinks, and the chance to be up and close with the cars as they hammer past on limiter, spraying rubber – and occasionally dragging panels – along the walls.

Macca Greene
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Great story and great pics. The tone and light is a refreshing change from the crisp oversaturation that is often found with drift photography.


I agree I really liked the photos.


Daylight is very much Brisvegas, Queenslan style


Image 4: a binding wire/cable tie and a plier is all what you need to fix any problem.
The opening image says it all.


Love Archy, good fun place. Also, as soon as i seen the author name, knew i was reading a fellow aussie's piece! onya champion.


Brilliant, now "goin for a Maccas" means coming to speedhunters :D


Does anybody know the car in the last photo? I was thinking an R30 skyline?


I'm not 100% sure but looks like a Nissan Pintara to me as it is OZ. technically its an r31.