On Video: StanceWars Seattle

StanceWars, according to its organizer, is the largest growing fitment event to come from the Seattle, Washington area. Their home-base show took place this past weekend, and our friend Mark Vasilyuk was there, camera in hand.

If you’ve never made it out yourself to StanceWars Seattle, the show takes place in a parking garage so it has the feel of a genuine meet. At 90°F (32°C) it was a hot summer day, at least for the Pacific Northwest, and all the bodies and exhaust fumes in a crowded parking garage only contributed to this.


But the heat didn’t stop hundreds of cars from lining up hours before the event to slowly roll into the garage, nor did it stop thousands of spectators clamoring to get in on the weekend. But before the show even starts lots of attendees have a long drive in, so we’ll start there.


Mark and Jaden, who I’ve already introduced here and here, cruised together to the show and attended a little semi-exotic pre-meet beforehand. Mark says the people in Seattle are the most stoked of any he’s met when it comes to cars. Rather than some areas where passersby are irritated by the lack of parking or traffic caused by an event, it seem that even non-enthusiasts are interested in the cars and what’s going on.


And the enthusiasts themselves are second to none. Many of the cars at this event would go on to StanceWars together, and cruising on up to Seattle, Mark describes the drive there with Jaden as something that will undoubtedly become one of the best memories of his childhood. Cars driving by yelling how cool they thought the GT-R is, a Supra tempting them into a high-speed pass on the highway, and so on.

We’ve all been there, cruising with friends, and we know the excitement it brings. Driving in a recently-finished project, whether yours or someone else’s, always carries a certain indescribable satisfaction. Capturing these moments can sometimes be an moving experience and I understand entirely where Mark is coming from.


Arriving at the show, StanceWars is organized in a way that the rooftop is composed of the ‘Top 100′ with the lower levels of the garage filled with other entries.


While I’m personally not a bit fan of shows, as some of you may have gathered, I really like this method of organization. It makes shooting the event much easier, with what some consider the ‘best’ builds grouped together. This layout still allows for some proper hunting on the lower levels to find your favorite builds in the mix there, too.

Being held in a parking garage you have all of the perks of a casual meet with without the drawbacks of police cruising the area or the risk of getting kicked out. These big garages generally make for great shooting conditions as the day goes on with a variety of direct and dynamic light with a mix of harsh and soft shadows.

While Mark focusing on video, his friend Michael Ericson captured some stills as the event went on into the evening after sunset. With loads of cars hanging out and cruising around in groups long after the show ended, it’s a great way to spend a day.

Perhaps I’ll need to head south to get a look at StanceWars’ Los Angeles event later this year, but to get the real feel of it all last weekend in Seattle — from the drive down, cruise in, to the aftermath — check out Mark’s video above.

Trevor Yale Ryan
Instagram: tyrphoto

Video & Photos by Mark Vasilyuk
Instagram: skuraweekly
Youtube: SkuraWeekly

Additional Photos by Michael Ericson
Instagram: me.cap



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stance aka how to fuck up your car 101


Proof there is a sucker born every minute


Video is horrible. Could of did a better job. Focus on the orange s2000 way too long. If you want to ask the guy out. Just say so


To each his own. If that's the case I'd love to see your work; you can always make a submission. As for stance/fitment, it's here to stay and a significant share of the aftermarket ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Frankie Neptune

Why ask him out when there’s the GTR owner (on the video freeze-frame) with those perky, dirty pillows.


And don't get me started about the use of word "Fitment"




Well this comment section turned real sour real quick