The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

No, it’s not December despite what society would want you to believe.

July is not only the height of summer in the Northern Hemisphere, but it’s also peak Speedhunting season. This is the time of year that defines every motoring enthusiast’s calendar and we’re aiming for a full-on assault of the best events we can get to around the globe throughout the month, but to two in particular…

2018 July Editorial Speedhunters-3

For one weekend in July, Goodwood is home to some of the most iconic, rare and expensive cars on the planet. The Festival of Speed is a celebration like no other as the cars aren’t just present to be admired, they’re there to be driven. I’m not sure there’s anywhere else on earth where something like a 250GTO can feel ‘common,’ or where you can walk up and touch any one of F1’s legendary cars (although you should probably refrain from doing so).

Tasked with the enviable role of covering the Goodwood Festival of Speed this year is our UK Senior Editor, Jordan Butters. It’s going to be a mammoth task to capture the event solo, but I can’t wait to see what stories he’s going to send back from the south of England. Jealously levels will be at maximum.



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Will Dino be attending 7's day again this year? I always look forward to the coverage of that one.


Awesome stuff always from u guys . keep up the good work

Jordan Butters

TL:DR – Jordan works himself into an early grave by doing the work of four people on two consecutive weekends.


Glad we're all on the same page.

James Oversteer

Enjoy FOS Jordan, sadly I can't make it this year. 76th MM was amazing though, never seen Goodwood in the snow before then! I'd kill to do what you guys do for a living, tried submitting a few articles but sadly I don't have the connections or the skill just yet, maybe in time.


Man I love that shot of the two 86s and the Supra tandem! New wallpaper!