The Miami Journey Continues: Key Biscayne To Wynwood

Picking up from my visit to RMC Miami, we were waiting for a couple more cars to show before taking off to explore Miami.

Initially, I’d expected we’d just hang out at the shop, I’d grab a few photos and everyone would recommend some places to shoot at during my stay. But this is not the Miami way and, in fairness, doing what I just mentioned sounds a bit too tame, doesn’t it? Instead, my friend Nick Mendoza hit up a couple guys, all of whom were down to personally show off a few of Miami’s best spots.


And when the cars in question includes one of Florida’s first RWB builds, a couple Skylines, and other right-hand drive cars along with a bagged GT-R, you just go along with it.


And, about the R35 GT-R. I normally don’t really like these things, but I’ll be damned if they aren’t growing on me (a lot). While I normally see the R35 as a large, awkward, and entirely too different machine than the R34 it succeeded — not to mention the fact that I generally don’t like overly stanced cars or big wheels — Alex’s GT-R looked absolutely phenomenal.

She’s chosen an Air Lift Performance kit to nearly put the chassis on the ground when aired out. It makes the car seem smaller yet more aggressive at the same time, and this just might be the way I prefer these cars.


Sitting on yet-to-be-released Rotiform ARAs, the suspension and wheel setup on the otherwise relatively mild build are a lethal combination.


Soon, the stragglers appeared and we were ready to roll.

Well, almost. I just had to take a quick peek under the hood of the R34. I also noticed Nakai’s signature on the dash, and had to wonder if Dino wasn’t right in saying that the Rough World philosophy itself is indeed carrying over to other makes and models.

Miami Is A Video Game

Moments later I found myself flying down the freeway, rain in my face and wind in my hair. It was quite possibly the most fun I’ve ever had taking rolling shots: strange weather, a new city, surrounded by people I didn’t yet know driving in cars I wished I was in.


In fact, I must have been a bit too excited because not nearly as many shots as I would have hoped turned out. I include this self-deprecating tidbit for the other photographers who may be reading this; you won’t always improve and you won’t always go home with your best work.


But what’s more important than this is that you’ve properly enjoyed yourself and that you’re able to learn something through the experience.


Miami was very much this way for me and it was just so much fun shooting these two GT-Rs side by side, not to mention everyone else.


I had no idea where we were heading, but it hardly felt like real life. In fact, it legitimately felt like we were in a video game and everyone else on the highway was forced to watch, waiting for a turn they’d never get.

The Keys

After having more fun that I should have, we arrived at Key Biscayne. Actually, more accurately, we parked at the very first scenic stopping point on the way to Key Biscayne. Seems fine to call it close enough and say I’ve been to the Florida Keys, right?


Before traveling to Florida I knew very, very little about the cityscapes and environment I was about to find myself in. The Florida Keys themselves are, generally speaking, sandy islands formed over coral reefs which extend off the tip of the peninsula. I’m told that decades ago it was proposed that the shallow water here be filled to create dozens more of these islands for resorts, luxury homes, shopping malls, and the like.


Thankfully, this never happened on a large scale and the eastern outskirts of Miami remain an amazing place to photograph.


Adding to my joy we had an R32…




And that uncharacteristically stunning R35.

The evening consisted of me running around taking photos while our group debated where our next stop should be.


If you’re wondering why the DP Motorsport car is suspiciously missing from this story it’s not because I didn’t take photos of it. Quite the contrary; I could hardly stop pointing my camera at RMC Miami’s latest acquisition which deserves a closer look later on.


Eventually, there just wasn’t enough daylight left to go to any spots without their own light source.

The Road To Wynwood

Luckily, my semi-official tour guide Nick Mendoza knew exactly where to take me next.

After all, no tour is complete without at least a couple wide-open passes through a tunnel.


On our way to Wynwood there was (surprise!) more rain as we made a quick detour outside the Arena.


Due to the shoddy light and grumbling stomachs, we didn’t spend much time here.

In Wynwood, the art district of Miami, I found parking was at a premium even long after dinnertime on a Thursday night. Still, a few blocks away from our destination we were able to find parking together.

As luck would have it, I ended up not having time to shoot any cars here. Exploring the ever-changing murals and graffiti that covers nearly every building is going to be a necessity during my next trip to Miami.


Oh, and our stop? Tacos!


After returning to the cars and standing around chatting for some time, a certain car had attracted some attention.


I’m sure you can guess which one it was.


As far as I understand, there are no (at least, very, very few) legal ways for an R34 to be on the streets of Miami.

But the officer in question didn’t seem to care in the slightest. Quite the contrary; he parked his car blocking traffic, jumped out and said “this is the meanest thing I’ve seen on the street in Miami.” Actually, he changed this to “second meanest” citing a chrome-wrapped Lamborghini Aventador he’d seen some weeks ago.

He was perhaps not the same type of enthusiast as you or I might be, but his heart was definitely in the right place.


Police officer, pedestrian, bus driver or mechanic, it doesn’t matter where you’re from or what you do. It’s not important what type of car you prefer; whether you think that RWB kits are sacrilegious or that anyone who owns an R34 in America is cheating. Or if you just love it all.

No matter which way, taking your car out for a drive is something we can all agree on. It’s the universal language that can make us all feel the same excitement and satisfaction; it’s communicable between scenes, countries, and cultures.

Any one of us who was having a bad day before this definitely wasn’t after. So no matter where you are, follow Magnus Walker’s advice: get out and drive.

Trevor Yale Ryan
Instagram: tyrphoto

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I like the black s15. I've always liked that car. Why it wasn't sold in the States is a mystery to me.


My military buddy spent some time in Biscayne, and would send pictures of some wild rides.


I spent time in a '64 Biscayne, but then I sold it to a dude in New Zealand.


The S15 might not have been sold here for the same reasons the Skylines weren't, if it lacked safety parts like the side-impact bars in the doors.


I think the safety specs were an excuse. These cars are as safe or better than the equivalent US cars.
The import block started when some big manufacturers in the US wanted a grant to make new platforms that could compete with Japanese offerings. Instead the govt.. put the import block in place.


Yeah, not to mention, you can only sell a car like that to people with good taste.
That’s a very niche market in the US.


Yeah something like that, and emissions. You'd think it would have been worth the development cost.


I think it'd be worth it for the person importing the vehicle to get the mods done. If it's that important that you'd ship it overseas, then I say make the necessary changes and work from there. I'm very naive though lol.

Trs berlinetta

Could someone clue me in on what exactly the Rough World philosophy is? I know he makes some polarizing widebody Porsches but what does he stand for?


Probably just making a good living installing body kits. It’s westerners who’ve layered all this “mystique” onto him.

What does the quoted messiah, Magnus Walker stand for???
Basically, all he ever says is, “I like Porsches.”

No one cares.


It never fails to amaze me how no matter where in Florida you go, it always manages to look low-rent and skeevy.


Pretty sure every one of your comments, is negative in some form or fashion. Why? You know good and damn well, that there are plenty of beautiful places in Florida, but since you consider yourself a bit of an edgelord, you post nonsense like this.


Miami was built on cocaine


Good to see the LMGT3 wheel, although they are quite hard to find.

Matthew Everingham

Looks like a decent adventure!


Come along next time! But bring a Barra motor as a carry on, thanks.


Great article Trevor. Great words to live by. That R34 is looking mean.

Dino Dalle Carbonare

Proper speedhunting right here Trevor. I'll have to ask Nakai if he can sign my car as well... haha


Thanks Dino, there's tons to uncover in Miami and I feel I only scratched the surface. Ask Nakai how he feels about old Mustangs while you're at it ;)

Codrin Stefan

Ask him not to sign it THAT big tho and maybe with white so you could see it better. BTW how is the car going? When are we goign to see the next article on it?

Lachlan Doherty

Crazy to think how out of place both the R34 and S15 are on US roads, I guess we are just blessed to have them here in Australia. Have to say though, Miami has some amazing locations, these cars definitely suit it.


Sure it's a video game and won't convince me it's real life, image 27 kills the debate. Never though rain will give this much cartoon character to the shots.


No matter which way, taking your car out for a drive is something we can all agree on

Nope, the wife just does not agree...

Not a fan of that R34, though there are lots of people out there liking the carbon/black contrasting with the white. The RWB is clean though.


Great article Trevor! Glad you enjoyed your time in the 305. We expect you back homie you have friends over here waiting.


Jdm imports YOUNGER than 25 years are actually more common in Florida than any other state. There are many JDM importers that sell fully insurable, titled cars all the time. I literally saw a black r34 in Tampa last week. A quick look on Florida Craigslist will show R33,R34, FD3S, JZX100, ETC all being sold my importers with paperwork. Great place to be a car enthusiast.


Yep yep, some people fail to do it properly though and generally there's some level of risk involved. It seems to depend on a lot of factors, even luck sometimes.


Dude, tacos in Miami...?? I hope it didn't taste as lame as it looked. Hit me up when you get back to the 'Mont. My taco hunting game is on lock! Check out the pork belly tacos at La Cosecha in Oakland, the Panuchos at Los Carnalitos in Hayward, or the Tlacoyos from Tacos el Chavito on Peralta.


Haha they were good! Not really Mexican food, but still delicious. I'll check those out; in Fremont I hit up La Casita, and San Jose it's La Paisa (Araujo's) all the way. If you've never been to the latter you must re-evaluate your entire life.


Dude, I'm a fu**Ing Mexican! I've lived in Mexico City and have been eating Mexican food since I was born. We just call it food..
I'll show you plates you've never heard of.


Haha fair enough! But seriously, El Paisa in San Jose! DO IT! And I know...I used the feminine in my last comment...embarrassing. Amazing that I used to be able to have entire conversations in Spanish and it's all gone now.

Send me an update on your car, by the way! I'm sure our paths will cross someday.


Paisa is someone from your country. She (La) could've worked. We use it in Spanglish like, "Damn, that's hella paisa!" when we see something super Mexican.

Dude. I checked their reviews online...a Cindy, two Jennifers, Tinh, Lawrence, y tu, Trevor. Not a good sign. I want to go to the place where the parking lot is full of Chevy work trucks and there are hella dudes wearing cowboy hats in line. I avoid San Jose on purpose, but if I find myself lost out there one day, I'll give them a try.

About my whip...I cracked my frame in three places. I'll hit you up with the details...


HA! This is America.

Cheating and corruption is the name of the game. If you’re not corrupt and cheating, you’re not #WINNING.


Lmao Key Biscayne is not the Keys. Head on down there you'll see what I mean.


We didn't even make it to Biscayne pal ;)

Mike Forsythe

I gotta talk to Dino. This doesn't show Miami at all. If you want to know the real Miami send me a message.