Discovering Kyusha Culture

It’s coming up to my third year anniversary of living in Japan. While based in Tokyo and Saitama, I often frequented the local car meets with my partner in crime, Benny, who’s largely responsible for my interest in old Japanese cars and photography. Fast forward to 2017 and I found myself living in Saga Prefecture, and with help from Daniel O’Grady, pointed in the direction of the region’s abundant kyusha scene.

It was back in March when I attended a local nostalgic car festival at Yutoku Inari Jinja. There were some amazing pristine classics on display, but in my opinion the real gems were hiding in the car park. While wandering around and spotting everything from rare classic Euros to modified bosozoku-style mini scooters, Daniel directed me over to a hidden back corner of the car park. There, two cars immediately caught my attention: a Mazda RX-5 and a Toyota X30 Corona Mark ll.

I was instantly impressed with the custom body work on the RX-5 and the tasteful period correct styling of the Mark II, and both cars featured superb paint jobs. Watching them roll out of the festival together was spine tingling; it was like they were representing ghosts of the past, time capsules on wheels. These were my two new favourite cars.


A few weeks had passed when I made my way to another classic car festival at Marinoa City in Fukuoka. After a walk around and some time spent enjoying people dressed in period correct 1980s clothing, I spotted the same kyusha pairing. I was approached by the owners and told how they had seen my photos of their cars online from the last meet.

They had also lined up their cars against the palm trees and invited me to photograph them. Despite being in Japan, the whole setting had a real ’80s California feel to it [see featured image].


There is a whole world that comes alive if you scratch below the surface of Japan car culture and delve into the more niche sub cultures. Those involved really live for style, and that extends to period correct hair, clothing and music.

If you ever have a chance to visit one of these events, do it. You definitely won’t be disappointed.

Mitchell Meade
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moonlight runners aint shit compared to these


Obviously, but that doesn't make what they do any less cool. I don't know of a single more authentic zokusha built outside of Japan than the Moonlight Runners Cressida. While it's not this, it's still an incredible piece of work and a true representation of passion and style.


it still looks like shit though lol


I know you're joking but sadly there are people so close-minded and simple that they actually think that.


lmao nail on the coffin


bunch of n00bs they are compared to them, not even sure why they post


The feature pic has a real Fast and Furious vibe to it


that rx-5 is beautiful. next laptop background for sure. man I love kyusha cars.


I thought that these were photographs someone found in the closet, not brand new ones. Bravo on the period correctness.


Even that the cars are good examples, i loved the vintage photos style more than the cars themselves.


Fantastic photos taken of stunning cars. Great feature!


Great little article and the photos really add to it, hopefully more articles to come!


Great writeup, amazing pictures. What film did you use for these? Really digging the color palette, I want to buy some for myself.
Also from a car and photography enthusiast to the SH staff: please do some coverage in film! Yes, it takes longer to process, but for the end result it's worth it...

Benjamin Scott Cook

I'm gonna guess Fujicolor 200.

Trs berlinetta

Lovely pictures, what did you use to shoot them? I just go into film photography not long ago, I mostly shoot with my Pentax ME Super.


I fucking love how this is shot, both composition and media. bravo dude