Welcome To Miami

This isn’t a story about cars. This is a story about you; a story about how what you type in the comments sections of our stories can truly resonate with those of us on the other side of the keyboard.

One bit of consistent feedback I see in the comments is that there’s more to America than California. I entirely understand this sentiment, but the logistics involved with getting around the 3.7 million square miles (7.6 million square kilometers) that make up the United States are obviously immediately prohibitive. While I recently did a 24-hour driving round trip to visit the Pacific Northwest (where I still have a handful of photos and stories to sort through), I wasn’t so keen to spend money on airfare to anywhere. In all honesty, I simply thought I wasn’t ready to make a big trip anywhere else and that surely IAMTHESPEEDHUNTER submissions would fill in the gaps.

However, when I realized earlier this year that May would mark one year of Speedhunting for me, the words “enough with the Golden State” — an actual comment on a more recent story — began to really resonate with me. I felt like it was finally the time to really cross the border, and call it dumb luck or some strange serendipity, but Miami, Florida was the first place I decided to branch out to.


Actually, truth be told, a huge part of the reason I ended up here last weekend is the fact that flights were so cheap when I booked one some months ago. It’s a place with incredible nightlife and fantastic cars from every sub-scene you could imagine, just about literally as far away from California as I could travel in the US mainland. Pretty good bang for the buck, you could say.


Immediately after a six-hour flight I found myself in a showroom surrounded by American muscle, rare Porsches, a mix of modified cars, and an absolutely unreal one-off build that arrived in a shipping container from Germany only two days prior.


Mere hours later we were eating tacos in Wynwood with half a dozen incredible cars in tow, including this R34 GT-R which a Miami police officer described as the “meanest thing he’s seen on the street.” Yes, a Florida-plated R34…


The following day couldn’t have been more different from my first night in Miami; it’s a place with incredible texture.


The culture, the people, or take even the weather, for example, which can generally be described as absolutely torrential downpours wet enough to soak through a sweater in a matter of seconds.


And then, the very next minute, the roads are entirely dry.


Miami is a city that you really have to visit in person to understand; to actually feel it. To smell the sea mixed with fuel, to hear the howl of V12s in long tunnels, and to experience a pair of 20-inch subwoofers shaking the ground beneath you.


But for now, just take my word for it that Miami is an insane place to experience.


I’ve only just barely scratched the surface on this visit but the friends I’ve made and the cars I’ve photographed have made a huge impact.


I’m not the only Speedhunter to branch out this past month either; Keiron’s also made a trip down to Florida where he had a wild ride of his own. He’ll have more on that soon too.


There’s just so much here and I couldn’t be more excited to share the color that Miami has to offer. The people, builds, and experiences that I never could have experienced if I’d stayed in California.

The trip that never would have happened if it wasn’t for you. So thanks for that.

Trevor Yale Ryan
Instagram: tyrphoto



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As a Florida born kid, I'm hyped for this next week


Maybe think more like the next...month... ;)


UwU heck yeah!

Cohen Baggerly

Do some coverage here in Nebraska!


I'll be in that neck of the woods next week! What should I check out?


Do it!


I agree!

Fernando Castellanos

What is Nebraska besides the college world series and corn?


Mountains of corn! This equates to lots of fresh e85 at $1.89 a gallon to propel our internal combustion engines forced full of 30+psi to the College World Series... Then on to some No-Prep cash days out in the middle of said corn fields at 3am, 50 miles from civilization. Got to LOVE cheap race gas... (smiles!) But other than that, yeah not much..


Hey man, corn is cool. This is sort of my point though, it requires an incredible amount of work to plan a trip and find decent cars from across the continent. If it was a quick drive down the street it'd be a different story.


I hope I'm not too late, but Nebraska would be great! The drags we hold here and other events at MPH (motorsports park hastings) and all the other grass roots stuff would be a fantastic edition! Especially maybe an update on those old dirt stories..? Kam Raceway and Junction Motor Speedway are 2 fantastic grass roots dirt racing tracks!! Man, I really hope I'm not too late to reply

Cohen Baggerly

You should definitely check out O street here in downtown Lincoln, and Omaha has a pretty good scene going on too. The Freddys restaurant on 30th and Yankee Hill in Lincoln is having a car show in the first week of June which should be pretty gnarly.

Cohen Baggerly

I can email you the details of it.

Cohen Baggerly

But keiron you definitely need to come check out Americruze over memorial day weekend, hundreds of all different kinds of cars cruising up and down O street for 3 days, its a super fun time!


Message me on IG, I'd love to learn more and hopefully be in town. @keiron_berndt


"Party in the city where the heat is on..."


Can y'all feel me, all ages and races, real sweet faces


About time. Florida has a ton of variety, great weather and a good selection of race tracks.


What do you mean, "great weather?"

It's always hot, sunny and humid.


Like most states, it just depends on which part you live in. I live on the coast, the ocean helps regulate the temps in the summer and the winters are very mild. To each his own though


Sarasota County.

The Gulf isn't much for wind unless you're in the middle of a hurricane.


I have to call in question your judgement regarding the weather ;)

Chris Crawford

Same here. I grew up in FL, all I remember are the damn mosquitoes.


There was a ton!


Hey, can we get some pictures of that M4 and Acura but with colour please/?


Patience my good friend.

Damian Carson

That's literally down the street from my place! Love to seeing you guys come down here!


Thank you for getting off the West Coast.


I'll give Florida this - the weather sucks, but it's a great place to be a car nut.

No inspections, good pavement and - credit where credit's due - I must say a good word for the cops.

They leave you alone unless you're doing something legitimately dangerous.

The Interstate speed limit is 70, but I've had at least one County Sheriff tailgate me at 95 and pop the roof lights, only to blow past me when I pulled over.

Change multiple lanes without signaling in front of a marked police car so I can make an off-ramp, they don't care.

Can you get that kind of public service in Tokyo?

I don't think so!


I second this!!! Everywhere in central/South Florida you can drive with complete disregard for anyone's safety and it's no big deal. Because EVERYONE drives like that. I'm sure Trevor seen tons of crazy driving in Miami. Hell the Haitians sometimes forget to drive on the right side of the road !


“Everywhere in central/South Florida you can drive with complete disregard for anyone's safety and it's no big deal“
Woah, “complete disregard for anyone’s safety” is “no big deal”. Florida sounds like a great place, reckless drivers galore and proud of their sh*t driving.


I third this Miami 305 all my life with close to the 100 plus moving violations and never lost a days driving privilege
No inspections wide roads and unless your on the wrong side of the road the cops for the most part let you oh go about your business of wild driving lol
And if you do get a ticket it’s about $69 for the lawyer to take care of it
I got a ticket in LA once Cali lawyer wanted $500
I’m just never going back to LA ha


Yes a slight contradiction in my post about cops being pretty lax and having so many tickets unfortunately I rank up there when it comes to bad Miami drivers
1980 KE70 track street
2007 F430 spider

Dewade Wilson

maybe a little bit more on that 959 conversion


I think there will be soon, its a dp Motor sports 935 turbo


Wait, what do you mean "half of dozen cars are in tow"? What for??


After driving around FL for a few weeks last month, shots like these beg for color! FL is always one of the most colorful places for cars.


And for the love of all that is holy and for the love of the sounds and smell of money exploding out of a car's exhaust, get yourself to Pittsburgh from July 1-14th for the Vintage Grand Prix! A 2 week celebration of everything about cars and one of the only races held on public streets in the world. Hundreds of tuned up and polished cars of every make, model and from each nation across the past century all on display too.

phantom2468 .

I am from Northern Florida. Jacksonville to be exact. I want to see what is good in my home state.

Andre Gonzalez-Leon

Great to see Miami getting some love


Truly wish I knew you were coming down to South Florida. As a Speedhunter supporter for the past five years, I've genuinely been intrigued with every post of or relating to Florida/Georgia since they strike home. We have so many events for tuners and enthusiasts down here it is insane. And don't let Miami be the only spot because Miami is not South Florida. Palm Beach, Broward and Miami encompasses South Florida and you have to see what the other counties have to offer. Every GTR imaginable, classic JDM, american, rat, full resto, you name it, we have it. I've recently come across a 67 Mini Cooper for sale on Craigslist here too. Glad to see you made it to Wynwood though. Keep it coming!


Miami sucks! Might have a decent car scene, but the hot humid weather, and flashy guidos are totally reasons to avoid it.

Although California, and SoCal in particular, has arguably the best car scene in the world, there are some good places around the US that are worth checking out.


California is just about the most overhyped shit to ever exist. You have some of the most restrictive emissions, inspections, and laws for car enthusiasts in the US. Most of your car culture is all show no go BS. Go around most of the US and you’ll find much faster cars just about everywhere (albeit not quite as flashy)


Miami...there are many ways to describe Miami, FL and the good thing is that you have plenty of car culture whether you are into Porsche, exotics, muscle cars, track oriented cars, or just show cars. Cars and Coffee Palm beach is probably the event that best represents what South Florida has to offer, and apart from that if you are into 911's just visit Parkhaus1 (there is really no other place that beats them). Anything from a Nakai San build, to Magnus Walker who is a regular, you can really enjoy the scenes of amazing machines. Did I also mention Das Renn treffen that happens usually every year? Enough about Porsche. Next if you are visiting, make sure you also check out Homestead Motorspeed way on Friday Nights where the 1/4 mile shootout happens where you can find Muscle cars, JDM and Euro or whatever else you can think of. Miami is an awesome place when it comes to car culture, the only complaint I have while I lived there are the flat straight roads (no elevation or curves whatsoever), and the douchebaggery that comes with all car culture. Before I forget, make sure you also check out Active Autowerke if you d like to shoot some BMW proper cars. Glad you got to experience it!


hope to read the post for the silvia 3rd to the last pic ^_^


I really hope Miami gets that new F1 race. Circuit looks cool, and the location is amazing. Could have one hell of a car show inside the AAC over the weekend.



I was born and raised in Miami, and currently live in the Bay like you. Funny how that works, maybe out paths will cross one of these days

Matthew Sales

Any more of that hot rod with the insanely wide front tyres!?