Lights, Camera, Fitment: Wekfest Japan

Truth be told, this was my very first time attending Wekfest Japan.

With the hugely popular stance event always being scheduled for Golden Week in Japan (a holiday ritual that leads to a mass exodus of people leaving Tokyo), I usually find myself not trying to rent a car weeks in advance just to sit in hours of traffic, or struggling to get a seat along with Dino on the Shinkansen.

This year, however, now armed with my very own car, I decided it was finally time to check out Wekfest. With most of my camera gear loaded up in the trunk, the girlfriend and I made the four-hour drive to Nagoya under the cover of darkness in an attempt to avoid as much holiday traffic as possible. Upon arrival, and finding a little area in which I could set my equipment up, I began to look through the seemingly endless sea of amazing builds.

Everyone by now has probably read through Dino’s comprehensive coverage of the 2018 event, and adding more pictures and words from my perspective probably wouldn’t bring much to the table. So while Dino worked on the stills, I decided I would try and create a small video of the event, just so you can experience Wekfest in a different light.

Event filming event is a new challenge for me, but if this is something you would like to see more of (more tag team stills/film coverage with Dino) let us know in the comments below.

Ron Celestine
Instagram: celestinephotography

Wekfest Japan 2018 on Speedhunters



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if you want a video without music, wich actually shows cars, check out stickydiljoes coverage on youtube..

Ron Celestine

Haha thank you for the input. That could be something done as well if people would like to see the just all the cars. Open to suggestions ^^

sympathy dropout

Love it keep them coming Ron!

Ron Celestine

Thank you! Glad you liked it


Too much material for 1 short video but that could be good while featuring a single car (or small crew).

Ron Celestine

That's what I'm used to doing so I could see that maybe it was too much. Event coverage by film is new to me so I appreciate the input


I'd like to see some videos every so often. Honestly though I come here for the pics/articles; I usually head to youtube if I see a feature car here that I'd like to hear lol. Then again, that's just traffic you guys could be getting instead of some youtuber.


What is the car at 1:07?