Florida’s Dirty Testarossa

Something about this whole situation just reeks of Miami.

I’m sure similar cases exist elsewhere as well, but if I had to guess, this region of Florida would take the award for ‘Most Old Supercars Laying About.’ The palm trees, the empty parking lot and, if there even are any present, the indistinguishable businesses. Oh, and the filthy Ferrari tucked away, mostly under the awning.


I was running a bit late for my last shoot of the weekend outside Miami when I spotted the Testarossa sitting in an empty business park. So, with a complete disregard for what time it was, I did as one does and turned the car around for a closer look. I’ve been having a thing for any older Ferraris lately (perhaps because some are sort of almost in the realm of affordability) and just couldn’t help myself.


It certainly doesn’t seem abandoned — as the 456 Dino spotted earlier this year clearly is — but you can tell it has had at least a few good rains chucked down on it. Also, since it’s been parked a small local friend seems to have found it a nice place for a walk, a sit, and likely a scratch.


So, what sort of person does this to one of the most desirable Ferraris of the ’80s and ’90s? It takes a special mindset to give up on having your Ferrari for the weekend, and I can only assume the owner must have a fairly large collection to just leave this one at the office.


Even though the Testarossa isn’t as massively expensive as one might think, it’s still a bit of a shame. I’ve honestly only seen a handful in my lifetime and this one was definitely the dirtiest of them all, but given where I found it, it actually adds up.


Only in Miami are you guaranteed to spot a misplaced, three-decades-old Ferrari.

Trevor Yale Ryan
Instagram: tyrphoto



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Robert Shisler

Maybe the ceo came in on the weekend to get some shit done. That also doesn't look at all that dirty.


Great photos. I personally disagree with your take on it though. I like to see a car like that used normally. Why not, I would if I could! Life is too short for wax and polish!


FFS.... People complain when a super car isn't used and is a trailer queen ... then proceeds to complain when a super car is used and is very slightly dirty... this is a stupid post.


Hey, not complaining!


Testarossa isn’t as massively expensive as one might think

isn’t expensive !?! :O


Well, like Einstein said - everything's relative.

Then again, we haven't discussed maintenance...


They're certainly less money than I expected them to be when I ha d alook online the other day. COnsidering what's happening to 911s and the like.


compare Testarossa with 458, California, 599, 430, 360, 575, 550, 355, 348 and they are newer models with less money

Pedro Azevedo

I was expecting being covered in mud and dirt...


It just looks like someone came in to do some work, it rained like it normally does in Miami, and a cat looking for shelter hung out on the possibly warm engine cover. May have only driven a couple miles to get there. Great pics but complete click bait.


Funny, I drove by this car this week and thought: "Wow! That guy got a dynamite parking space. No door dings happening in that space!"


While you're in Miami, try to find at least one Coke Lord Countach.

You know, white-on-white with red piping on the seats.

Hopefully, the guy who owns it'll live in one of those Spanish-architecture mansions with the white leather furniture on the white wall-to-wall carpeting and slate tile floors.


no formula drift Atlanta story or pics?

Anthony Montana

I cannot believe Ferrari even implemented those annoying auto-retracting seatbelts.
That’s gotta be embarrassing when you’re in hot pursuit of drug lords.


Yeah those things are the worst. I hadn't actually seen one of these that still had them in use before.

Mikko Kukkonen

That Ferrari doesn't look "dirty", "filthy" or even "misplaced". Actually it looks quite well taken care of, and just, you know.. parked. I understand the subtle contrast here, but other than that, I find this article to be a bit useless.


Waterspotssssss! Layers of em, just haven't seen one in this state before. They're always babied.




In science class dreaming about owning this car!


Wow......a car being used as a car, there is nothing wrong with anything I am seeing here....it is driven!!


Well, it's not like he drove it through Morocco.