The Best Of The Best At The Never Lift Half Mile
Introducing English Racing

If my initial coverage from Motovicity’s Never Lift Half Mile weekend was any indication, there were lots and lots (and lots) of awesome cars out at the airstrip. Far too many to cover in one story, so here we are.

Can I just start by simply saying that parachutes on cars are very cool. It’s the sort of thing that would be absolutely ridiculous in any other scenario (please don’t start putting parachutes on road cars), but at a half mile event they’re right at home. With the relatively short braking zone at the Coalinga airstrip, they’re an absolute necessity in the cars eclipsing the 200mph mark.


As I’ve already let on, one such car was Myles Kerr’s 1994 Integra which hit 207.47mph (333.89km/h) in the last run of the day against his English Racing comrade Aaron Oneal.


Aaron’s Civic is also a wild one to look at.


It’s really quite clear that Aaron means the business, and while the Civic is powered by six cylinders rather than four, the fact that 3.5-liters are capable of 195.14mph (314.04km/h) is mind-blowing. This was before cracking the heavily modified intake that’s actually for a Chevy LS motor, so I have heavy suspicions that Aaron will hit 200mph on his next outing.


In addition to the insane functionality the Honda is capable of, it really looks quite nice in my opinion. I’d much prefer to see builds like this at car shows rather than a lot of what tends to show up, but that’s just me.


The same goes for the R35 that Remy Rudeen piloted to 205.67mph (330.00km/h) on Sunday. This is yet another car from the English Racing crew that took home a trophy over the weekend.


I just love the fact that these GT-Rs can be so incredibly fast while still appearing rather understated. With the subtle but meaty wheel and tire combo contrasting the chameleon paint job, it’s undoubtedly a rad setup.

JDM Speed

Another car that caught my eye off the track was the wicked fast PRE Racing Subaru Impreza STI. Capable of 191.8mph (308.6km/h) in the half mile last weekend, it’s also a car that I foresee hitting that 200 marker before long.


Like most of the fastest cars from the weekend, the STI doesn’t look as insane as it actually is, although with the ‘chute on the back you know it’s no slouch.


Another favorite had the be the Levelride Concepts R33, which was the only example of this chassis I found at the Never Lift event. It’s a street-registered car that Thomas Dourgarian has owned for over a decade, a fact that makes it even more special to see making runs down the airstrip.


Everything from super-rare to downright ordinary seemed to be out last weekend. Would you believe me if I told you that Charles Sager’s ’96 Civic passed the 180mph (290km/h) mark? Take off the aero in the rear and you have a proper sleeper…


One Japanese car that I’ve already mentioned was unable to unleash its full potential on the course was CSF’s Evo X, but it looked as comfortable in the paddock here as it did on the SEMA Show floor only months earlier.

Ze Germans

Luckily, the trip wasn’t a loss as for the CSF group as far as speed is concerned.


CSF’s Ravi Dolwani and his M5 sedan were able to make plenty of passes down the runway in Coalinga where 150mph (241km/h) was achieved.


Another BMW that really caught my eye was the M Performance F80. Surprisingly, this car was laying down the biggest burnouts of the day.


If I could only shoot one thing for the rest of my life it would have to be white cars doing burnouts.


The classic M-stripe colors are a stunning throwback to the old 3.0CSL ‘Batmobile’ from the ’70s and look surprisingly at home on the late-model BMW.

My next favorite German car had to be Taylor Knight’s 2016 E63 estate. What sort of mad man is it who goes 166mph (267km/h) in one of these?


Going 10mph faster at the Never Lift Half Mile was Jeff Dapra in his stunning 991. Even looking at the cars from one country alone there was a great mix of what showed up.

American Influence

As you would expect, plenty of V8-powered, big-bodied American cars came to the party last weekend as well. What surprised me, though, was that many of the cars were high-end factory specs like the four ZL1s that I spotted.


I would have expected to see more base models brutally modified for violent acceleration, but this wasn’t limited to the lower-spec factory options.


Also out at the airstrip was something special from Chuckle’s Garage. We’ve already covered it here thanks to a solid IAMTHESPEEDHUNTER submission last year, and it’s a build that’s accumulated tons of fans.


It’s pretty obvious why so many people like this pickup.


It wasn’t just American cars that felt the fury of eight big fat cylinders pumping away in the front of the car, though.


Ryan tells me he’s chosen a 5.3L from an old truck and added an 88mm turbo. Together, the setup is good for around 650hp. It’s delivered to the tarmac via an 8.8-inch Ford rear axle and, it’s crazy to say, but in any other car this weekend that wouldn’t have seemed like that much power.


However in the NA chassis it’s a complete monster. I definitely think the world needs more Miatas like this.


After all, this is probably one of very, very few that’s capable of gapping a C7 Vette.


Although none were the fastest over the weekend, there were a handful of high-end Italian cars at the Never Lift Half Mile too.


While not as sexy or exhilarating to drive as the P1 I spotted out here some years back, Kris Gutcheon’s 570S is certainly a sinister machine and one I was a big fan of.


And although I’ve seen too many of this particular model at Cars and Coffee events by now to get too excited seeing them, any McLaren is nice to spot at top speed events like this. I really only expect to see them cruising around on the street in Silicon Valley or at private track days here and there.


Of course, your weekend isn’t complete without at least a few wild Lamborghinis.


While Tom Phan’s blue-purple 2015 made it over 190mph (306km/h), I would have been curious to see what the blue-wheeled Huracán that was growling around the paddock would have been good for. As far as I saw, it didn’t make any runs over the weekend, especially not any over 200mph.


Though the R35 is perhaps not quite an exotic, another that surpassed the 200mph mark with a 201.79mph (324.74km/h) run was Tom Phan’s other ride, a full-carbon fiber GT-R. It wasn’t a shock to see so many of these Nissans out at the half mile shootout, but along with Remy’s this had to be one of the coolest in attendance.

Beyond the expected participants at the Never Lift Half Mile I was stoked that there were so many different models and modifications out on the runway this last weekend. Who’s to say what’ll show up next time around…

Trevor Yale Ryan
Instagram: tyrphoto



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Im pretty sure that blue turbo is a 997 and not a 991.


D'OH! Yeah, you're right.

Keith Simister

The blue wheeled Huracán is owned by Damon Fryer. It didn't make any passes but is Supercharged by VF Engineering making 800 HP. Big fan of it and you can see more here...


Great way to spend a weekend......the civic 4 door what a legend of a sleeper........200 mph in half a mile.....I'm seeing the attraction..........................


While I've come to accept front-wheel drive, It still looks weird to me to see all that mass up front on a car.

Looks like a cartoon bulldog.

Maybe they should paint the car up to look like it's wearing one of those 1940s Tough Guy Sweaters.


Hahaha yeah that sounds about right. I agree, something feels oddly wrong about it which makes it even cooler to see them flying down the runway though.


I used to think it looked weird too.......................back in 1997, haha.


And let me guess...not a single car in this event is running on bags.


Well if you count the E63 Estate and it's rear airbags then 0.5 cars?


P.s. every car in this post was badass and massive props for your reference to lock stock and two smoking barrels with "ze germans" reference.


Haha thanks man


The Black PRE Subaru STI is known as the #BLACKWIDOW and has run as fast 197.46.


Awesome shots and thanks for the love Trevor. I ran 199.38 on Saturday, the 195 was broke. We are all hoping for 2 bills in Colorado next month though as well :)


Oh you'll get it for sure out there. Hope I can make it out!

Jay Soh Tsu Chung

LOL, the Miata's ride height looks like an off-roader.


My next favorite German car had to be Taylor Knight’s 2016 E63 estate. What sort of mad man is it who goes 166mph (267km/h) in one of these?

Answer: Germans
What is so mad about doing 270+ km/h in an E-class? I once did it on the german Autobahn and even my wife fell asleep. Underwhelming. An unrestricted E63 on the Autobahn easily does 300+ km/h. You just have to find the right time and place with little to non traffic. Perhaps it's a matter of getting accustomed to it.


The mad thing is not doing 270 km/h. The mad thing is doing that Kind of speed in a family estate in half a mile (~800 m) from standstill. And an unrestricted E63 doesn't do that.


Same thoughts, haha. For us Germans it may be nothing special going that fast, but for the rest of the world it definitely is!


Like Moritz you are not getting it at all. Pressing the gas pedal and waiting one Minute for the car to reach 270 is nothing special and anyone can do it. Now try doing that in sub 15 seconds over 800m in a family estate. Your standart amg will not be capable to do that. You need really big power and you will need to find the grip at launch somehow.




Yeah, but neither of you did it in a half mile. That speed itself isn't that crazy, but finding the grip and having the power to accelerate to this speed in a wagon is what's far crazier.


"This was before cracking the heavily modified intake"

100 shot of NOS?


David, it was too much boost and it flexed the adapter plate and then broke the tabs of the plenum. We JB welded it down the next morning to run, making it to the finals against my teammate Myles. I have a 150 shot plumbed in the car but didnt use it this weekend. It was a 100shot last year though and it worked epic.


So.... No rotaries at this event?


I'm sure Rob Dahm was there in his 3 rotor Rx7? He was doing a half mile event in his latest video on YouTube


not true...Rob Dahm was there with his 3 rotor. check his youtube


I'm pretty sure Woking is in England, not Italy :D