A 280ZX & The Perfect Day

It was the middle of last year and I had flown to Melbourne.

It was mainly to meet my sister there before she came back home after being in Europe for so long. Sort of a spontaneous short get away for me but I had a full day to myself before she arrived. So, I jumped online and messaged the only person I knew in the area.

2018 SPEEDHUNTER Macca Greene Datsun 280ZX-09

Ned picked me up from the airport where we headed back out to the suburbs with the pure intent on finding some awesome locations to take photos of his cars. However, it was only as we pulled up in the driveway that I had my eye on only one of them, and that was his 1981 Datsun 280ZX.

I was so beyond happy to see that it still had the L28, being carb fed with triple-45mm side drafts. I have a thing for old Japanese cars. Ned says it has seen better days and he’s been working on other projects. But I didn’t care. I wanted shots of this car.

2018 SPEEDHUNTER Macca Greene Datsun 280ZX-01
2018 SPEEDHUNTER Macca Greene Datsun 280ZX-05

The only issue was that the car was currently unregistered. ‘Could we out run the cops in it?’ I asked. Ned chuckled to himself, ‘I doubt it.’ He replied. None the less he wasn’t too phased, he even knew the exact location he wanted the photos to be taken in. 
There was an abandoned gas station was just around the corner and I can tell you now, our eyes were glued to the mirrors making sure to avoid any department of transport of police units that maybe circulating the area. But it was worth it. Just to hear the sound of those ITBs opening up with that raw carby sound is just unlike anything else.

The sound was orgasmic, can I say that here. Orgasmic? He’s had a few problems with this car, everything from harmonic balancers constantly shitting themselves to fan belts deciding to snap on +30°C days and now just recently, it’s spun a bearing.

He’s hoping to get it running perfect again this year so it can be driven more often. It’s a car set up for running the hills and my god she does it perfectly. The sounds that come out are incredible, there is no electronic throttle or other electronic controls to get in the way of that direct feeling you get with the road.

2018 SPEEDHUNTER Macca Greene Datsun 280ZX-08

Ned use to have a spare Z that was stored in a warehouse nearby, but now all he has is the shattered remains of one, after some vandals had broken in, smashed all the windows and then tried to set it on fire. I believe there’s a special place in hell just for those people. I honestly couldn’t even begin to understand why someone would do something like that.

But all in all, it was a brilliant and yet brief experience that I hope to return to someday.

Hoping it’ll be ready for the open road by then.

Macca Greene
Facebook: Grip Runner

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I've always had a thing for the 280ZX, here in South Africa they never got much love but does seem to start peaking the interest of old Jap metal lovers lately. The fact that you took the time to snap this confirms your addiction Macca - thank you ;)

Tokushima Timmay

Watz Jap?
Do you mean Japanese? Or even better, Nihonjin.

Word to yo momma.

Trs berlinetta

Nice shots, I've always thought those were underrated. Nice to see one finally getting some attention on here.


Nice to see more shots of Melbourne cars. We definitely fortunate to have a big JDM following here.

small ball man

looks like a proper shitter hey


this is an "I AM THE SPEEDHUNTER" article for a car with a nearby restoration plans not a detailed feature on a high end build, it's like the articles where some good old cars were found and posted here (this time the owner is well known at least). It's full of rust and full of items struggling to live, even the owner is telling this, it's not a car entering a show and waiting for the 1st prize.


Is that the same guy under this name or someone hacked him? (i couldn't notice if you're serious or sarcastic from your "hand writing").


I noticed 2 more but not 20, damn you can make your own debate on any article.


Glad someone else noticed all the rust hanging out of it too. Car is unregistered...because with rust like that it'll never pass roadworthy inspection.
Also, condoning driving an unregistered car on the streets...Good Call SpeedHunters.


Oh no they drove an unregistered car around the corner for a photoshoot


Bruce you hero you


Yes Regan, they drove an unregistered car, which also means it was completely uninsured...You'd change your tune if he crashed into your property or your family, and injured them or worse...But I guess you Ferrets probably think driving an un registered, un insured, un roadworthied car makes him a real bad ass, you know like John Dilinger. Flogs.


Killer shots of a typically unloved chassis, but I am surprised Paddy and Dino let a car on ROTA's slip into a feature article.


RWB Australia sticker is there.


And a RWB sticker automatically makes a it a better rusted 280as than the one down my block?


I like turtles.

I also like stickers...but mostly turtles.
Lots of stickers here, but not enough turtles.


gotta love a good 280zx against a harsh urban backdrop. here's to hoping we see it again soon!


Thats the problem with these old L28's they cant make they're mind up if they're carb feb or ITB's ;)


Well what is an ITB? - An Individual Throttle Body for each cylinder right?
It's got 3 side draft carbs on it, each with two barrels. Each barrel is fed air separately
So, 6 cylinder engine, 6 carb barrels and 6 throttle plates
Sounds like ITB's to me?

Matthew Sales

You've said it yourself - side draught carbs have two chokes or 'barrels'. Obviously this means they cannot be ITB's. Individual means one, which is half as much as two (Sorry to be facetious but it should be blindingly obvious). Not to mention throttle bodies don't have venturis, jets, accelerator pumps & emulsion tubes etc. This is a triple carb set up, not ITB.


I love a good 280ZX! You don't see enough coverage or building of these cars. Thanks Macca!