Titanium Gamer: From Virtual To Reality
Titanium Strong

In many ways, this isn’t how things are typically done.

For decades, game studios and developers have worked tirelessly to recreate the feel of driving a car and the excitement which it brings. The developments and progress made over this time period beggars belief, allowing you to get as close to driving the real thing as possible from the comfort of your living room. However, I can’t recall the last time someone tried to turn a video game back into real life.

It sounds – even in concept form – absolutely bonkers. So when the good folk from Need for Speed reached out to us explaining that they had achieved just that – in conjunction with Castrol EDGE – they immediately had our attention…

The concept was a simple, but fun one: Create a new driving experience and pitch a video gamer against an experienced driver on a level playing field. A custom camera rig was fitted to the rear of a Mustang GT, before the car’s windows were completely blacked out, leaving the drivers with just a screen inside of the car – depicting the same car, but from the rear – as their only source of reference.

The main difference here is that there’s no reset button, and that any mistakes would be punished just as they would in real life.

The experience offered would no doubt be surreal: All of the feedback and sensations of actually driving a car, but with none of the usual visual references. I’m not sure how I would fare, if I’m being honest.

To celebrate this experiment, you can participate in the Castrol Edge Titanium Trials from today, exclusively within Need for Speed Payback. Want to see who came out on top once the clock was started? Check out the final video on Castrol’s YouTube channel, along with exclusive behind the scenes still images in the gallery below.

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Behind The Scenes
2018 Castrol EDGE Titanium Gamer NFS Speedhunters-3
2018 Castrol EDGE Titanium Gamer NFS Speedhunters-4
2018 Castrol EDGE Titanium Gamer NFS Speedhunters-8


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I know this site is owned by EA and you are required to post this content and it is pretty cool. However these guys http://virtual2reality.tv/about/ are attempting to put the gamers right into the hot seat.


Yo Paddy, can you tell EA to stop making stupid driving mechanics? Thanks :*


I can't upvote this comment enough!!


Interesting concept, but I dont think any self respecting sim driver (that's any good) would ever use 3rd person view. Its all about in-car 1st person.


Amen brother, and if they really wanted to do it right, they'd be using VR rather than pancake (2D) gaming to get it as close to real life as possible. Lame!


I want my time back


BlackPanthaa is involved here


This is such a cool production, there should be more people doing things like this.


If only NFS Payback wasn't one of the worst racing games in recent memory :(