The Six-Cylinder Rocket Bunny 180SX

Feels just like the other day we were at Tsukuba right? Well, we were.

The season is quickly ramping up over here in Japan and there are certain events which we just can’t pass up. The idlers Games is one of them.

It’s a favorite of ours here at Speedhunters, as it’s all about racing – not against the clock like we saw at the Attack event, but against others -as the day always ends with a 12-lap race where the top qualifiers from each category can battle it out.


As ever, this is a goldmine if you are into the game of hunting cars, or speed in our case. That’s why I’m going to reverse the usual procedure and share what really stood out from this year’s initial round.


Idlers is all about function, so this Rocket Bunny kitted RPS13 almost stood a little out. From afar, there was no exaggerated fitment. It all seemed purposeful so I went in for a closer look. Thankfully the hood was propped up and opened after a recent session to help it cool off…


Or to give curious passers by something interesting to look at?


I did see the car shoot down the main straight prior to finding it sitting in the paddock, and I did notice a very familiar scream as it thundered towards turn one at high speed. While my guess of it running an externally ‘gated top mount turbo turned out to be right, the fact that it was propped up besides an RB25DET wasn’t – keep it in the family as they say. It was cool seeing a tastefully executed swap with attention also being given to presentation.


No wonder it was quickly generating its own little fan club.


Stripped out race cars are awesome, but you know what, balancing everything in one car is even more satisfying to see. So, with adequate accolades up front, it was real nice seeing that – inside – it’s still mostly a street car, save for the addition of a JDM bolt-in (let the internet hate begin) cage, the fighter jet style gauge line up on the dash and a bucket seat for the driver.


We have seen Miura’s kit for the 180SX in many flavours, mostly geared towards stance, but here it’s applied for the pure benefit of containing the wider wheel and tire package. Of course, it does awesome things with the way the car looks, too.


The owner then finished things off with some carbon canards and a lip spoiler, but I’ll let you judge if these offer any aero benefits.


Hiding behind the semi-slick covered TE37Vs are huge Brembo six-pot calipers for the front, hinting that the driver isn’t taking any chances in this department.

There’s large four-piston brakes at the rear too. Seeing as weight balance probably isn’t the best with a big six cylinder up front, it’s no wonder that the rear 11-inch wide TE’s are shod with 295-section A050s.


This is far cooler than any sticker.


I never got a chance to chat to the owner as that number on his license plate got me curious. Maybe it’s hinting at the fact that it’s been stroked, or maybe it’s an RB26 with RB25 covers?

Whatever the truth might be, it doesn’t take away from the fact that this is one hell of a track car and maybe quite the handful around a twisty track like Tsukuba.

Dino Dalle Carbonare
Instagram: speedhunters_dino



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Looks like a real ass kicker, good find.


Aslong you´re not a sponsored racer, you don´t need more than this ^^ great build love the shiny enginebay


Now I'm reminded of the motor trend 240ss which is also cool and very clean looking.


To me, this 180SX is what every sports car/supercar wearing overfenders should aspire to be like: a wide-bodied, track-devouring beast! :)

Dino Dalle Carbonare

They should add it on the instructions. Must have capable car before fitting. If engine is stock fenders will not mount correctly :D


That's an ironic statement Dino considering the number of poser cars this site features.
Fitting the current fad body kit and some over priced wheels seems to be all that's required to score a write up it seems.


Knowing the current and upcoming generations (the idea of pay for it and keep your hands clean instead of DIY), they will definitely take the bait but you have to write "warning:" with a big and bold character.
If it started like this and kept the "devilish" lie hidden then we will save humanity. Believe me it will work, the new safety on site stooped an engine servicing because the mechanics were not wearing hand gloves and the oil provider's datasheet mention it as a hazardous liquid and must not have a direct contact with skin.


So good. It transcends the Rocket Bunny kit (-8

Fitzgerald Mayi

Dino could you post pics of some of those z34 in background if you have or in future curious to see the some japan ones as a fellow owner.

Dino Dalle Carbonare

Sure thing man, I'll add some images in the event roundup :)

Fitzgerald Mayi

thx dino much appreciated.


I think you must have a small break, maybe a year or so, your mind is telling you that a rocket bunny kit is not an exaggerated fitment anymore. (Even me, i was not surprised and saw it "normal")
Love the color matching of the engine bay and the helmet, maybe time for the new TEs offered in "Pink".
Regarding the cage, since it's a "street car" or whatever it's classed, it's holding all of the interior so the bolt-in cage seems a better option.


I started to find my very own GT86 kind of boring and looking standard like a stock VW Golf until I realized I‘ve been looking at way too many Rocketbunnys on the net...


keep it like this for a couple of years and you'll have a unicorn

Dino Dalle Carbonare

Damn, now that you mention it I may need a break after all. It's funny how some things become almost normal after a little while haha

Abdullah Isdanul

Hurrah. An S chassis that turned into a kickass "Track Toy" instead of "Sideway Machine" Bullshit.
Not that i hate Drift Motorsport or community itself, But seeing an Hatch S13 doing some hot-lapping is quite mind refreshing.

Just my 2 cents
(Pardon my crappy English. Not my native language thought)

Dino Dalle Carbonare

So refreshing right??

Abdullah Isdanul

Coulnd't agree more, Dino. Out of curiosity thought, How much an Unmolested S chassis cost in japan?
In indonesia. The "Drift Abused" one can cost up to IDR.350,000,000. (US$24.000). Cause it can reach "Six-Figure" for the "Virgin" S chassis (S13 Hatch) as far as i know.


Would be a fun car on Suzuka!

Dino Dalle Carbonare

It's got the brakes for it, that's for sure!


Definitely! Look like it would be an absolute bomber. Can't weight much more than what 1200 kilos with 500-600hp judging by that turbo?


It really is refreshing to see an (widebodied) S-chassis used for track purposes!

But I have to say, I really look forward to the event coverage. There are so many cool cars in the background: a Focus RS on TE´s, Amuse Z34, FD, etc.

Dino Dalle Carbonare

There are yes, too many in fact haha


Love these street-registered privateer time attack builds. Did you happen to know what time it ran Dino?

Dino Dalle Carbonare

Still waiting for idlers to post the time sheets on the website


Never mind the 180... Show us more of Tomio san's Car Make Corn's Roadster behind!


Just to be clear, what's the difference between a "Car feature", "Special feature" and "Car Spotlight"? These days they all look the same...


Stripped out race cars are awesome, but you know what, balancing everything in one car is even more satisfying to see.

It's such a tricky balance. As always you caught my attention with anything S13 related. Back to finding things to change on the Silvia. By the way, when are you getting your R34 running again.You made me have to get the Tomei ARMS Turbo and then you dissapeared like a thief in the night. Get back on the Street!

Александр Трофименков

Is it only me, or this is like... the most generic build possible? I looks like it came straight from the mind of a 12 year old, who recently bought an nfs game, got hooked by it and since figured a few engine names (most likely jz and rb)