The Abandoned Ferrari In Tokyo

This just keeps getting better. Or maybe it’s worse? I really don’t even know how to approach a topic like this anymore, one I’ve touched on quite a few times since my first post on an abandoned car in Japan – starring a Ford RS200 – back in 2010.

My latest find has come via a tip-off from a Japanese reader who just so happens to live pretty close to me. “If you ever have time, I’ll take you to check out an abandoned car you’ll find interesting,” he said. There was no way I could turn down an invitation like that.


So, on a very cold evening last month I was taken to check the car out, and the sight made my jaw drop right to the ground. I didn’t have my camera on me at the time, but not long after I returned fully equipped to document yet another of these abandoned car sightings. Last year we saw the AW11 MR2, the Porsche 928, and a Lamborghini Countach, but for 2018 we’re going to start with something from Maranello.


Can you make out exactly what it is yet?


That’s not a badge you want to see on a car that’s been left to sit and rot in the climate extremes that Tokyo experiences over the course of a year.


The cold months, the rainy seasons, the sweltering heat and humidity of summer have all turned the exterior of this Ferrari 456GT into a pretty sad sight.


The clear-coat has retreated back to reveal the various layers of paint underneath, and the Scuderia Ferrari emblems on the front fenders have almost lost all of their yellow coloring.

Then there are the brakes, which must be completely seized up judging by the amount of rust on the discs.

Funnily enough, after checking the online resellers here in Japan to get an idea of what these cars are worth (anywhere from the equivalent of US$40,000 to US$80,000 depending on year and condition), I noticed that this car may have had optional design 5-spoke wheels which feature a smoother spoke design than what the 456GT and 456M GT normally came with.

There’s all sorts of debris being collected in various openings, from air intakes to where the wipers rest against.


Compared to the 928 I came across last year, the paint on this newer 456 certainly hasn’t fared well being fully exposed to the elements.


Ferraris of this vintage aren’t particularly known for their high quality paint jobs, but this is serious decay.


This could very easily be saved, but it surely wouldn’t be cheap. The cost of a paint job, new tires and a brake overhaul would quickly add up, and that’s before praying that the 5.5L naturally aspirated V12 will crank into life. But even if it did, it would still need money spent on it to bring it back to full health.

It’s just too hard to look at a Ferrari in this state, forgotten about and left for nature to slowly eat away at.


But then again, who knows the circumstances behind these sort of findings. You assume the worst has happened, because what else can you think?


Unlike the exterior, the interior appears to be in surprisingly good condition all things considered. There is some lifting in areas of the leather-clad dashboard, but aside from that it looks like the car was decently cared for until the day it was parked up.


And yes, this is a 6-speed manual example, not a 4-speed auto which was the other gearbox option on this 2+2 seater. Imagine the joy of stirring through the gears one by one, a click-clack of the lever against the gate as you let the 436hp V12 sing to the redline.


With just over 41,000 km on the clock (~25,400 miles) the car was decently used – for a Ferrari at least.


Now it just sits there like garbage, awaiting its demise. How many more years could it possibly stay here for?


This is a restoration project just waiting to happen, and hopefully it will happen before it’s too late.

Dino Dalle Carbonare
Instagram: speedhunters_dino



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I always feel gloomy whenever I see cars with much potential just rotting away...


What a pity! This one deserves some proper restoration!
(Cars like these often have some "story" behind...)


In Australia the mags would have been stolen for somebody's commodore years ago.

Dino Dalle Carbonare

Anywhere really lol


Hahah to true


Give it to LibertyWalk or Anija...they know what to do.


What put big flares on? So then it would be a static display for hipsters. I suppose. If it's ruined now why not go whole hog.


The Japanese are crazy. I mean, honestly. "Forgetting" a Lamborghini Countach and a Ferrari somewhere, really? The circumstances and the stories behind those cars would be so damn interesting.

When I see pictures like this, I wish, that I had the amount of money, to save and restore all those cars.


Maybe the owner was the guy hanging in Paul Logan video, so I dont think he can drive this beauty anymore !

Dino Dalle Carbonare

Ouch. Let's not bring that sort of stuff into a conversation about cars...


Perfect Drift Taxi

Max @ghettoporsche

THIS would make such a great Roadkill episode!!!
LS Swap and off you go!
Loce it. Thank you for sharing Dino!


That's a terrible idea.

Max @ghettoporsche

A cheap and entertaining way to use a car that would otherwise rot into the ground? Terrible indeed.
But I'm not gonna discuss any further. This is the internet where everybody has an opinion, so you can have yours :)


That just shows Japanese are honest people.
I wonder why the public administration doesn't whinch it as it might become a rat nest.

Dino Dalle Carbonare

It's parked on private property, so there is nothing they can do


that private, undeveloped land in tokyo must be worth infinitely more than an old abandoned ferrari.

Dino Dalle Carbonare

Very true. And it's a big piece of land, a block literally, 100s of millions of $ right there


Yet again, absolutely gobsmacked at *not only* what some people will leave to rot.. but how people in Japan let it sit completely untouched. Bloody hell.

As for the car; what an absolute shame. What a pretty colourway. Had an identical 1:18 Bburago model of this as a kid, and have continued to have a soft spot for them since. A *proper* V12 GT Ferrari with a manual box. A dream car right there...

Got an afternoon and a couple bucks to spare? Do your bit for car lovers worldwide. Wash it, chuck a little air in those tyres, and put a waterproof car cover over it. It'd pain me to leave it like that...!

Dino Dalle Carbonare

That's why I like Japan, there's respect. Any other place that car would be gutted by now, Ferrari badges the firt to go. Japan is indeed a very unique place


Is there any way to find out who the rightful owner is at this point and try to purchase it from them?

Dino Dalle Carbonare

Yes there is a way, you ask the neighbors, or the owner of the land/car park the car sits on


Probably Yakuza car.
Check Hawaii or Thailand.
Re-registering it will likely get you interrogated by the police.


That's what I was thinking. Maybe the owner just "disappeared".


This car in that exact colour was my dream car when I was a kid. I had a BBurago 1:118th model of it. Think I still have that somewhere.

Richard Clayderman

1:118th scale would be approx. 40mm long.

Dino Dalle Carbonare

I always liked it too, 4 seater Ferraris have always done it for me

Richard Clayderman

What Supra kit is that? Andy's Autosport? What are the pop up headbeams from? FD? So sad to see unfinished project maybe owner got bored. Paint is not even good and open gate shifter is retarded because what if you drop a potato chip in the gearbox? I would like to see the bill from your mechanic on that blunder!


dude... NOT a kitcar

Mitchell Faughnan

Um, I can’t tell if you’re joking or not (because it doesn’t usually convey well through the internet) but this isn’t a kit car at all. That’s a legitimate 456GT.


When i saw the cigarettes and the foil in the interior, my first thoughts was directly the privous owner don´t walk anymore on our earth. Maybe no one will touch this Hourse because of the luxory duty they must to pay. My heart is bleeding .-(

Dino Dalle Carbonare

They'd have to pay the yearly road tax for the amount of years it's not been paid. Not sure if you can de-register and then re-register to get away with that


I need a really good reason to stay here in japan. Maybe this is it. Got an address for it to track down owners you can pm me?


Every time i see such cars i wonder what has happened to the owner? People just don't abandon cars for no reason


Occasionally, some owners ditch cars like this in the process of avoiding criminal prosecution.
*cough, cough..."some owners"


Thats a beautiful sight.

Don't get me wrong its a shame to see a car dumped, decaying into nothingness, forgotten but its also a strangely beautiful sight (to me at least)

The weathering on the paint is stunning, it's something that could never be reproduced other than by nature

I'm not saying leave it to rot, would be nice to see it move and be driven

I'd love to save it from its demise, make it work again and use it as is, no re-paint, no-restoration just how it is, how it has become


Yes, give it life again but leave the patina. To fully in enjoy how it drives is "the way".


I bet the parking was paid for, but the owner let the vehicle registration lapse because it needed something to pass inspection and kept putting it off. Owners who say, " I'll get around to replacing that" , but never do is how they end up in barns to be rediscovered decades later.

Dino Dalle Carbonare

Maybe, who knows!


Pretty much a couple of things happened. the biggest one is no money lol. Big problem since I don't know when. You see a kid driving around with a new car modded out 1000% in Japan. They get 30 year loans and then are struggling to pay from the beginning only end up selling them in 5 years. Japan had a money loan problem for sure. They have ATM like loam machines. All you do is supply your government issued drivers license or medical card. They its as simple as that to acquire a loan at extreme high rates as well. Then you got JCI Japanese Car Inspections and of course car repair. That is why

Dino Dalle Carbonare

I'm not sure I got any of that? JCI? You mean shaken?


I. Just. Cant.


I would have it! I wouldn't care about what it looks like from the outside as I would be the one driving it, if the interior is shot then strip it and replace it as and when, as for the mechanical parts, 3D scan every broken wishbone, crankshaft, valve etc and have it 3D printed, CNC'd or 3D print the mould so it can be forged.


machine everything out of magnesium or ti, and build the rest out of 4130 b/c steel is real.

Dino Dalle Carbonare

I'd rock a billet Ferrari! Can I have the tire in billet rubber as well please? #burnoutsfordays


Such a shame to see (like all the abandoned ones in Dubai!) but realistically can be so easily done


there is something inside of me that is screaming "buy me and give me a 4-rotor, i want to live and rev the right way". but you know, you have to keep that natural patina.

Dino Dalle Carbonare

Not against rotary engine but this has a Ferrari V12 in there, I'd be more than content with that lol


I just have a sick obsession with the rotary, first car was an fb, 1.2 liters of yum yum. good god i loved that thing.

Dino Dalle Carbonare

You'd need a twin turbo quad rotor to move this fat ass Ferrari around haha


A Ford RS200 abandoned in Tokyo? It would be a great article to for someone to track down what happened to it. I hope it was saved or became a organ donor....

Dino Dalle Carbonare

What happened to the RS200? It's still there. They only thing that's changed as that there's a little more dust on it lol


All these abandoned cars.. On another subject, Dino, didn't I read in one of your articles about a serious-looking Countach with connections to MNC in a fairly recent article? I suddenly feel an obsession about learning all there is to know about those cars, and people.

Dino Dalle Carbonare

Yes, coming my friend! Give me some time and I'll feature that thing :)


Nice find! Now if it was me, I would track down the owner, negotiate that he pays me to take it away, then truck it down to my workshop in Kyoto where i remove the drivetrain and use it in the '63 250 GTO replica I'm building. 430hp into 880kg's makes for a lot of FUN!
Thanks Dino!

Dino Dalle Carbonare

Sure. Let's do it!


I am owner the Ferrari left inside extra site of family’s. Japanese very respectful. Driver was nephew but left very bad and we punish him he no longer alive! Ferrari not for sale. Remind us of nephew. Thank you for good pictures!

Dino Dalle Carbonare

Ohta-san is that really true?


It is now. Now you have to go light some candles and incense to remember the nephew that died the way he lived! Gone but not forgotten.


Knowing the price of parts and labour for this kind of V12 Ferrari, this just doesn't worth it. It is sad but it would cost two or 3 time the price of the car. Only the V12 timing belt change costs 12k€ at Ferrari because you have to take the engine out... And as every soft plastic must have dry up, you would just have to replace any damn thing to play it safe...
Weird to see 550 wheels on a 456 btw.


The engine does not have to come out to change the timing belts on the 456.


Still 8k € to change it at a Ferrari dealer.

Dino Dalle Carbonare

Viva la Ferrari


KATO-SAN!!!!!! SAVE IT!!!! haha

Dino Dalle Carbonare

LOL he would too


Thank you for sharing this beauty with us, Dino. There is always a story behind abandonded cars (see Ohtas' comment) and I just love finding them by chance or via a tip-off. Judging by the paw prints next to the fuel filler cap there is at least one cat who loves the this 456GT as it is.


I could only think of Saito taiming that V12 while reading. No other way to resurrect it.


Pretty sure if I owned a Ferrari I'd remember about it, how can these cars just become forgotten objects, if you have the money to buy surely you have the money to maintain. I can only imagine its left abandoned due to financial difficulties or as some have said to get away from criminal prosecutions.

Either way, its a sad state to see any car but even worse when its wears a Ferrari badge. Wouldn't it be incredible to track down the owner and find out the history and how it came to be as it is. If they don't want it, ship it the UK, i'l look after it!


I definitely would take it if they're really doesn't bother me to.With a little restoration to it exterior & engine,this monster might roar almighty on the street again.


Owner probably took a walk in the Aokigahara forest for not to return


Cars that have pop up headlights are my weakness.It just like 2 cars in one.

Dino Dalle Carbonare

Same. Not all of them, but a lot


Ls swap it

Dino Dalle Carbonare

LS swap it? Go away!


nope......also this is not a drift build


Doesn't have to be a drift car. Make it a reliable daily or weekend car. Italian lines with American power. Everyone here wants to build it back to factory condition but that would be so expensive. Everyone hates LS swap because they're everywhere, but they're everywhere because they work

Dino Dalle Carbonare

The particular V12 in the 456 was actually the most reliable V12 Ferrari had made up till that point. Hard to say what the modern ones are like now as most owners I know at least drive 500 km a year lol


Looks like an s15 silvia. What a shame for it to be rotting away like that.


Don't ask me for this location. Paint looks good back in 2009.

Dino Dalle Carbonare

LOL how did you find it. Looks like it was moved too, as that's not where it's parked now


is it me or something's censored here.....why the front wheels got blurred?

Dino Dalle Carbonare

Yeah weird


I love stories like this, thanks for posting. My guess is that it was stolen by some gangsters then abandoned when they came under some heat or something. It's amazing though how it hasn't been stolen again or at least broken in to after so long.




Its really a Fiero kit car. Nobody get their panties in a bunch.

Dino Dalle Carbonare



Reminds me of the story of Hachiko the dog... l would just break the law to have that car in my doorway, what a shame. Could you at least bring something to cover it from the elements?


In Australia abandoned vehicles aren't allowed to sit for more than 14 days, sometimes different depending on the local council or if the registration is still current. After they are towed if the previous owner is not able to be contacted they are sold at auction along with other vehicles the police have confiscated for traffic & other offenses. I've been to several of these auctions and while no 456GTs or 928S4s make an appearance there are certainly some interesting vehicles. I recall a 6 month old C63 complete with finger print dust on 90% of the body, usually something like this will get repossessed and appear at a different auction all cleaned up and everyone would be none the wiser of it's history but this particular example must have been paid for with cash which might allude to the PO's source of income. Then again that would just be speculation, maybe they were just avoiding income tax. What makes these abandoned Japanese cars so intriguing is the fact that we don't know the story. I wonder if the VIN can be used to track registration or importation documents?

Dino Dalle Carbonare

Yeah maybe on public space or land. This is on private land. No right to touch it. 14 days sounds silly but then you Australians have some of the silliest laws on the planet. So if a person goes on holiday for 15 days his car is going to get sold off? haha


Yep, if someone goes on holiday and has an unregistered car parked on the street it will get stickered and towed. They do give you a bit more time to get the car back before they sell it though. Don't get me started on our other car laws! Having to have an engineer put a special compliance plate next to my vin plate just to have an aftermarket steering wheel is just one.

Dino Dalle Carbonare

That's unbelievable! You guys really need to stop, take a step back and hit the reset button on all your car-related laws. I keep asking Australians how it's all managed to evolve in such a way? It seems your government just despises anything to do with cars


I can see where they are coming from, most of the laws are based around complying with ADR legislation but they take it way too far. In order for an aftermarket component to comply they need to spend huge amounts of money testing and certifying their products, which not many international manufacturers are willing to do.

Dino Dalle Carbonare

Yes they are. Ever heard of the TÜV? Germany handles it very well


This is what I love about Japan, the honesty and respect.

Dino Dalle Carbonare

That's it


I love this. I've driven Ferraris, sold them. And while I appreciate clean and pampered examples. I love that this car exists. I would drive it as is. Crusty paint. Rusty wheel bolts. I feel like this Ferrari has achieved vehicular Car-vana. It's being treated like a REAL CAR!! Neglected, and still pined over by someone who sees a car in a field and its potential. Nice find Dino!!

Dino Dalle Carbonare

Thanks Time! "Car-vana" <<=== love this!!


I would want it to learn on. I am baffled by their high priced maintenance, as the basic air-fuel-spark and clutch-pressure plate-transmission are the same industry wide. Maybe I would have to ruin it to find out the facts. Or not. But reading the OBD II scan would be an education in itself.

Dino Dalle Carbonare

I think they engineer it all to cost a ton of money to run it.


It's almost worth pre preparing a container, hiring a car transporter and recovering it. Yes, it's theft, but to restore it to its former glory is surely better than to let it rot?

Dino Dalle Carbonare

Yeah it would be but you'd have to get the ok from whoever can say they own it. Or buy it first!


I would honestly rather see it left there rather than see it "brought back to life" with an LS swap or fender flares. There's something incredibly poetic about those pictures, so I can only imagine the impact it has on it's surroundings when seen in real life. I am sure the locals take some sort of pride in it, or respect at the very least; the fact that the windows are intact and the badges are still there is amazing. Even for Japan I would have thought (it's basically in public space). I wonder how long it has been there.


It's heart breaking ,can I keep it


I have the opportunity to go to Japan every summer, so now I want to find this


sooo anyone ever seen the abandoned cars in dubai?? LOL!


I`m sure the engine is fine with simple oil and filter change, flushing the fuel system and change brake+fuel lines (you have no idea how fast that stuff rot).
The hardest part will be to modify different brand brakes to suit.
I`d be perfectly ok with driving it looking as-is just to bring a thought to anyone else who are contemplating just leaving a car alone like that.
Not even surprised it`s been left as is by all passer-by`s, after all it`s Japan :)


Wheels are off a 550 Maranello, they were not an option on the 456 GT


Jeez... so sad to see this, it should be definetly banned to do this kinds of things. Gob. should always act in these kinds of cases, sell the car or take it to somewhere safe at least and then sell it.... It goes beyond who owns it, lot of people admires this kinds of art, lot of people work hard in order to bring this car to life and even more people wish they had this car... and then, there it is, just waiting for the rust to eat it all, and forever be gone.


Hey please!
I need to know, i should bring that horse alive!!
I stay in japan, so i need to found that car as soon as possible, no matter how hard it is
Please email me the location you found that car