March By Name, S-Chassis By Nature

When I spotted this rather brightly colored Nissan March at the Nismo Festival over the weekend, I instantly jumped on my Instagram account and posted a shot of it saying how it was the most interesting car of the event.

In a way, that sentiment is still true. I mean, it sure as hell could never be on par with the sort of cars that Nismo brings out to Fuji Speedway for its annual festival, but the ingenuity and effort behind the build saw it shine above pretty much everything else.


The car was on display at the Doriten booth, and rightly so because this is a car re-engineered to drift. No longer underpowered, and most definitely not front-wheel drive, the K12 has been three years in the making, built single-handedly by its owner and driver.


The easy part was ripping the entire engine and rear-wheel drive powertrain out of an S14 Silvia; the hard part was making it fit in the little March.

He managed to slot the whole thing under the car, including a 6-speed transmission from an S15 and the rear end conversion.


Despite the rather short wheelbase which would make it a tad twitchy and nervous on the limit, the owner apparently drifts it very successfully.

It’s these sort of unique projects that not only continue to grab our attention, but show how Japan’s custom car builders still impress with their outside the box thinking.

Dino Dalle Carbonare
Instagram: speedhunters_dino



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You would totally think of a "on-a-budget" shitbox just by looking at it, but hearing the sr20 roaring at the light with the rear wheels spinning would make anyone reconsider the judgement
sort of want

Dino Dalle Carbonare

Totally. I gotta see this thing drift once at least!


Very good post Dino. Love random things like this.

Dino Dalle Carbonare

Randomness is often the best.


Car - yes
Vinyl - Nope


Micra (March)-Yes
K12 or later- HUGE NOPE.


It's more just the yellow, ballsy color choice.


It can be made into perfect sleeper. What else looks more tame than K12 Micra/March? It also still have enough space for the rear seat. In fact, I instantly desired to make such conversion. ;)

Dino Dalle Carbonare

They should have a race series with these things haha


Canada's got a Micra Cup series. Not RWD-converted, though :(




i really hope too see a nissan sentra or se r with sr20de feature soon ^ ^


Now THIS is my kind of car! Thanks Dino!

Dino Dalle Carbonare



Cool car, really unassuming when you see it.

However, I honestly hope that the cage is properly done, even if it's minimal. To me, it looks like the main hoop is made out of 2 or more pieces. If you look at the bend in the main hoop, on the last image, you'll see a weld connecting two straight pieces of pipe, right where you're not supposed to weld it. It would be a shame if it's not a proper cage, considering all the gusseting and the work that went into making the car.


Dino Dalle Carbonare

Not a cage expert but I see what you mean.


You should always avoid making the cage bends out of pieces of pipe, because you reduce the strength of it. A-pillar/roof pipes are always one piece with a few bends and the main hoop as well, since they are the most significant parts of the cage :)


Makes sense, one solid piece bent is gonna have more structural integrity than a couple pieces mated together right?


Exactly. The problem with welded parts is that they are structurally strong on the weld, but weakened around it, because of the heat from the weld. That is, unless you heat treat the whole thing heh. That's why you go with solid bent pieces. Another issue with welding a gazillion pieces in a cage is that they a pain to get a full weld and weight.



I enjoy quirky hatches that go. One question though; doesn't shoehorning an engine in like that create some accessibility issues for maintenance?


Sweet build! but that rollcage is just built ALL wrong everywhere dangerous........

Blake Warren Stacey

Longer wheelbase than an ae86