Battle Of The S30s

We all have our favorite manufacturer, mine being Nissan for the styling and overall performance potential of its classic models. So while searching for spotlight-worthy cars at the Koza Motorsports Festival in Okinawa, I naturally gravitated towards the old school offerings from the Japanese automaker.

That led me to not one but two left-hand drive S30 Datsun Z cars in the exhibition area, each modified in a different way to reflect their owner’s individual tastes and personalities.


First the green car; the vibrant lime paint made it stand out among everything around it while complementing the extra aggression brought about through bolt-on overfenders and subtle suspension work. I think this S30 has a great stance.


The bright orange car was almost as eye-catching, but instead of messing with the bodywork, this one’s owner decided to keep things clean and simple.

The one similarity I found between the cars was in the wheel department. Both run Work Meister S1Rs in a 17-inch fitment.


Chrome work and polishing features in both engine bays, but the approach taken is completely different.

The owner of the lime green S30 decided to keep the car’s original straight-six L-series engine, but has made some simple but effective upgrades including triple Weber 45DCOE carburetors .


In the orange S30 there’s a much more modern theme, an RB20DET being the centerpiece.

The interiors are relatively similar, save for a vibrant red re-trim to contrast the lime green S30’s outward appearance.

I like both these cars, but it’s really hard to choose a favorite. Which one can you relate more to – the original-bodied orange car with a turbo fuel injected engine, or the wilder-looking creation that keeps it analog under the hood? Let us know in the comment section below!

Ron Celestine
Instagram: celestinephotography

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POWER wil decide for me...


I'm torn, I think from a style point of view it's not to my taste but there is a lot to like overall, I'm surprised by the choice to keep the L series in the green car to be honest with such a lairy paint job, bodykit and interior. I feel as though the RB should be in the green car and the l series in the orange, is that wierd?


Yeah that's what surprised me too, same thoughts. Also, too much arch-gap on the green car. Needs a little more lows.


Whilst I respect the work that has gone into both cars, neither are my taste.
The more modern steering wheel just looks plain odd too.
That said, this is what I love about car culture, two people with the same car who have totally opposing visions for it. Life would be boring if we liked the same stuff.




The green one looked riced to me...sorry, nope.


Is the orange one really an automatic??? That'd put me over the fence in the green one's direction.


I like the orange one more because fuel injection. I think they're better than carbs. And is that an automatic shifter in the orange s30?


Both look ready for some serious off roading with those wheel gaps.



Disagree on the orange version. I think that's a very functional height for real world driving and suspension articulation.

But, the green one almost looks lifted, that could be it's ridiculous flares though.


The orange car is definitely better I agree 100%. I think it can be another half inch lower and still have a great ride, I recently lowered my Challenger nearly 2 inches front and back and the ride quality improved greatly, not only in performance but in comfort. It has less wheel gap than that orange car but, I'm also running 35 series tires too.


the green monster is fugly on the outside, i do enjoy the idea under the hood though, the orange monster is gorgeous but could use little flares, while the rb20s intake and all the chrome is wins if the chrome and intake get a change up. i want to see the top of the engine, its the talking point under the hood. Major reason why i hate the 5.0 mustangs of my era.


Those appear to be Solex's, not Webers.

Super cool cars. I'd take the green one just for the NA-Six Soundtrack.


What a shame, I like the green car but red interior... pass


No contest.

The green one is hideous. Chartreuse with a rubbery-crimson interior... add overfenders to the S30's lines and then chrome wheels?

Sorry, but for me this battle was over before it began.


thats an rb25 in the orange one.


the rb25 in the orange one is in desperate need of a wire tuck and vacuum line clean up lol. green one looks like shit and both wheels are too big


What a hideous couple tbh. Both has awkward interiors thanks to the ugly modern steering wheel, the green one is so high it can compete in Baja 1000. That bumper on the orange one is obnoxiously big also.