Welcome To The R31 Pearly Gates
It’s Raining Skylines

Now that I look at the title, it’s probably a tad incorrect. This isn’t the place where R31 Skylines come to die; it’s a place where they sit neatly lined up and stacked, patiently waiting for their fate to be decided by R31 House.

Skylines that end up in this lot either become donor vehicles for other cars, or will eventually be brought back to life through a full restoration.


Whatever their fate, it doesn’t take away from the sight of seeing so many cars of the same make and model in the same place. The number is over 400, but no one really knows the exact figure as the R31 House facility is so expansive, and cars are coming and going all the time.


I’ve seem some incredible auto collections in Japan, but nothing like this.


The kyusha cemetery that Rocky Auto has created was impressive when I first stumbled upon it four years ago, but that pales in comparison to Shibata-san’s amassment of stock.


I mean, think about it, 99 percent of the cars in this lot are R31s, with every possible variant and body shape accounted for. Surely, there can’t be too many comparable places like this anywhere in the world? If there are, I’d sure like to see them!


As the gates were opened, the first thing I noticed was a pile of RB20s looking a little worse for wear. These engines were probably beyond salvage, but have been kept just in case. Because you never know, right?


I instantly felt dazed and confused about what I was looking at, and as I held up my phone and began doing a live stream to our Instagram feed, I just didn’t know which way to point the camera or what to say. Once I was done sharing the experience with the thousands of you that were tuned in, I hit stop on the feed and proceeded to shoot the spectacle all over again with my still camera.

I had to ask a couple of times to make sure I was getting it right, but I was told that almost every car sitting in here could be brought back to life if a customer came in and selected it for restoration. I nodded politely in amazement, but quietly wondered about the poor cars at the bottom of the stacks…


Going through all the R31s in here was akin to opening up a time capsule. I’m sure that most of these cars would have been cherished possessions at one point.


Most of the lot was easily accessible, but the one area I couldn’t get to was the very back row. Not only was it majorly overgrown with weeds, but as soon as I saw a bunch of JDM-sized (read: huge) spiders chilling on their massive webs, I was out of there!

Donor Cars & Spares

During my walk around I even spotted a few decently tuned cars, including the one up top here sporting an sizeable R31 House front-mounted intercooler.


Here’s an example of a donor car; the driver’s side rear quarter and back panel has been clean chopped off, likely in order to repair a customer’s damaged car.


Turbo, anyone? A bit of work might be needed to get the compressor wheel spinning again as it was pretty much oxidized in place.


One really cool thing about checking out these relics from a bygone era was indulging in a bit of vintage wheels spotting. OK, well, not so vintage as we are talking mid-to-late 1980s here, so ‘period correct’ would be a better term to use.

I found everything from SSR-made Hasemi Pro-S 6-spoke rims with the dummy center-lock nuts, to vintage RS Watanabes which are a suitable match for any ’70s or ’80s Japanese car. The white Crimson Linea Sport ‘Saucer Utmosty’ wheels were quite the surprise, as were the Linea Sport Fins. The Impul R701s are such a nice fit for the square lines of the R31.


Every corner I turned, there was a seemingly endless number of cars to look at.


I was just about to ask how many GTS-Rs were in this lot when I came across a couple towards the top corner.


This one even had both keys sticking out of the trunk lock!


To prove that many of the cars here are still in running condition, the R31 House mechanic showing us around lifted the bonnets of a couple, connected the batteries and then cranked them into life. So despite the cars looking abandoned, they do actually keep an eye on them.


Anyone up for embarking on a wagon restoration? This one had some oh-so-1980s aero bits on it.


Despite being surrounded by serious weed growth, this four-door looked to be in pretty decent shape.


Given that Mine’s opened its doors in 1985, R30 and R31 Skylines would have likely been some of the first cars that Niikura-san worked on.


Apparently this is a very rare integrated in-grille fog light option for the R31. I swear, every possible variant of the R31 can be found in this lot!

There was even a Tommykaira M20 sitting there waiting for a customer to come and select it for restoration. The crazy thing is, I saw another three M20s at R31 House on this particular day.


We took a closer look at this sedan, which despite the small damage up front was hiding a bit of rarity in the engine bay.


One look at the badge should tell you everything.


This diesel version of the R31 was powered by the naturally aspirated RD28 which output 92hp and 130lb-ft. That’s nothing compared to today’s turbocharged oil burners, so it was not exactly a solid choice for those after performance.

Truly Speechless

After seeing the entire R31 House establishment and then being shown this yard brimmed full of cars, it became obvious that Shibata-san is a man who doesn’t do things by halves. He made a decision fueled by passion, and has never looked back.


In doing so he has created a very special place, one that R31 enthusiasts from around the world flock to.

Towards the front of the yard were a few different Nissan models including a 280ZX, a Leopard and even an S15. More donor cars for engine swaps, perhaps?


R31 House exists at a level unmatched by any other Japanese tuner I’ve ever visited – and I’ve visited a lot of them. A one stop shop to realize all your R31 dreams… simply incredible.

Dino Dalle Carbonare
Instagram: speedhunters_dino



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Why are you guys trying to push R31's SOO hard? They're cool but there's way better cars out there you could be covering.


I like the coverage, got a problem punk? :P
They're not pushing anything, Dino and co are publishing multiple stories because of the immense scale of R31House. This isn't some other show with VWs scraping the ground with wheels sticking out of the guards.


I think you missed Dino's warning that the next coming weeks were gonna be full of R31s ^^


In a sense, I agree... Not because I have anything against R31's or Skylines in particular, or because they are not cool enough for my taste (because they are), but I feel Japanese cars in general are a bit over-exposed, which is not a bad thing in its own, except it kind of "covers" / "hides" other smaller car cults... I mean, heck, I'd love to see small, old, obscure Italian/French cars modified at some point... (and not necessarily only the "performance" versions)... I'd also love to see car culture from places other than the USA/Japan/Germany (I think these are the most common ones? someone correct me on this if my facts are wrong)... Are there any other countries you haven't visited that might have interesting car culture (Europe other than Germany/UK/Italy, South America maybe, Africa)? I don't like winging, but I feel that articles could be more interesting if you mixed the locations up a bit more... Still, great work.


I feel like for years R31's were basically ignored in favour of the later generations. I know a lot of JDM car guys who wouldn't recognize them as Skylines.

We didn't get these in North America to my knowledge, so I welcome all the coverage!


Because people like all kinds of cars. I for example, am really thankful for the R31 House coverage, because I saw multitudes of their ads on the pages of Nostalgic Hero.
Hopefully one day I'll also end up importing an R31.
This website is dedicated to car culture as a whole, not hypewagon cars. Hypewagon is more of Car Throttle prerogative.


Because they're unerated. Also probably because like the whole porsche boom some of the people here have invested into them so want their price to go up from being more desired...


They're not covering R31s per se, they're covering R31 House because they were given a huge all access visit.


All kinds of people in the world, liking all kinds of cars.

Dino Dalle Carbonare

Well it's all simply explained. We visited R31 House, they had a ton of cool cars, we tried to shoot as much as we could to share it all. I doubt dumping all of this into a single post would have done much for getting the feel of what R31 House is all about. We love all sorts of cars and we always try to cover everything out there. Funny you mention French & Italian cars. I'm actually working on something for next month that you should all like. Japanese approach to French & Italian cars....

Matt Kambo Khoun

This is why Speedhunters is hyping r31's



Wow. If I had all the monies...


This is the most un-car-person kinda question I've seen on here for a long time. Maybe this website isn't for you...


I don't think it's un-car-person like to ask a valid question of wanting to see variety much like SH used to do.


"there's way better cars out there you could be covering" - Like, all of the other articles you could be reading? Haha

There's a couple of features on one MASSIVE shop, if you'd read it you'd have seen the size of it and you'd have realised why one spotlight or whatever wouldn't have covered it.


I should point out, this was in reply to 313.

Also I'm intrigued how huge these JDM spiders were, mainly because they terrify me.


me too


I dunno if they would be consider 'Australia big' but they were quite massive


Having returned from Tokyo on Friday, I can confirm: huge, terrifying, brightly coloured spiders.

Dino Dalle Carbonare

I took a pic of one recently, I think it tired to eat me while I was shooting the Liberty Walk NSX


I didn't knew there was a diesel version of the Skyline, curious

Dino Dalle Carbonare

TD blocks are damn strong, tuners have used them in big builds with RB heads...


And awesome! Now I want to find any generation shell and shoe horn a Cummins 5.9L in it because technically that's in the family thanks to the Titan.


The Cummins in the Titan is actually a 5.0L turbodiesel V8, you may be thinking of the 24-valve turbo inline six available in various Dodge Ram models.

Source: was a powertrain engineering intern for Nissan this last summer at Decherd, TN plant.


damn, I would like to make a sleeper with the wagon. keep the stock look but with a potent powertrain.

Dino Dalle Carbonare

Love your idea!


You said 280ZX, don't you mean 300Z? (Z31) at least I didn't see the 280ZX in the pic...

Christian Salmon

Being a 3rd world citizen with low salary and expensive import tax be like


Holy mother of god! Those oldschool wheels are sick! It took me ages to get a fourth centerlock for my set of Hasemi Prot-S´, because one was missing when I bought them. And there, they just sit in a backyard rotting away. :(

Dino Dalle Carbonare

All you have to do is go there and pray they will sell them to you haha


The wheels man... all those wheels.

Jay Soh Tsu Chung

I can only imagine the value of all these cars at this place...

Dino Dalle Carbonare

Goes up by the day, if you take into account the potential value...


Anyone else catch a glimpse of an R32 in the second picture?


what does a rb20det run these days. that would be a fun engine to drop into my fairlady project.

Dino Dalle Carbonare

Still very affordable


I love that rd28 diesel, it might not be fast but sure it must be fun, the old school burble of a non turbo diesel engine and with rwd i kindly ask to you speedhunters, please could you feature more of these uknown diesel japanese cars that are fun and rare in japan. I would love to see a full feature of one of those cars if possible.

Dino Dalle Carbonare

A post on Diesels? You know, I've never thought about doing that lol


"Turbo, anyone? A bit of work might be needed to get the compressor wheel spinning again as it was pretty much oxidized in place."

Eh, leave it in a bucket of PB Blaster for a week and it'll spool like the day it was made.

Dino Dalle Carbonare

Had to look that up. Pretty impressive!


I really love that this place exists, and I've been digging the extensive coverage. Thanks for bringing places like this to the forefront.

Also a funny thought about that GT-D, the RD28 crankshaft might be as valuable as the rest of the car combined. Reminded me of when I was trying to source an LD28 crankshaft for a stroked L28 (that project has since been abandoned).


Still got that crankshaft? I am looking for one.


I don't, sorry. Stay vigilant, you'll find one eventually!


That's a zenki Z31 300ZX, just hanging out there. Guess R31 can house Z31s, too. ;)


Final chapter, first photo, the white R31’s rear wheels anyone know?


SSR Formula Mesh


Can I have one to restore and own it when I get there, PLEASE?


Man. These articles are great Dino.

That Wagon on the top of the stack with the nice blue colour and the stickers down its side...god damn i Want another R31 wagon so bad.
My first car back in about the year 2001 was a simple stock R31 Pintara model here in Australia. With a modest 86kw or so i still loved that car haha. Always wanted a skyline wagon...Still do.

Dino Dalle Carbonare

Thanks, glad it's all been appreciated :) I should be going back to R31H once they finish their crazy drift car...


313, Are you cooked Brother? Have you read all the articles on R31 House? This place seems remarkable. I don't think there would be another place on earth like it. Don't like R31's? Scroll on, don't read the articles.


What are the odds someone can snag the center caps off of those white enkei aeronautic 3 spokes... I've had a set for ages but no caps!

Dino Dalle Carbonare

Probably best to call them up?


I like the R31 coverage. Keep them coming, it's a lovely car from a golden era. And many thanks to R31 House


I really hate wagons but that withe one in pic 27 had changed my mind.
The only problem stopping me is that it's not considered a collection here and when it will be no one can imagine the taxes.
Why the hell they created these laws?

Dino Dalle Carbonare

What laws?


Import laws:
where i live a car is considered collection when it's 50 years +
after you have the huge amount of taxes

Richard Clayderman

As with R30s and other cars before that, SH is now doing a big marketing push to up the values of R31s. Many readers will have at least a passing familiarity with these cars, but model by model, the Speedhunters lifestyle marketing machine puts these cars in the boutique window of what they refer to as "photojournalism". There must be some vested interest from the corporate overlords. What's the connection at EA?

Dino Dalle Carbonare

Man are you overthinking this a tad too much or what my friend! Made my laugh though :)


Hasegawa had a great series of tuned R31 model kits. It was the first time I had heard the term "saloon racing."


The funny thing about this article is that it isn’t really about R31s, it’s about everyone on this site. Like it or not every car you have ever owned, or will own, will be in a lot like this one day. This article shows how you’ll leave your pride and joy, and where it’ll end up one day.

Dino Dalle Carbonare

Good point!

Richard Clayderman

I'm taking mine with me to Sto'Vo'Kor.


Dino, for the love of all that's holy, PLEASE stop showing any pictures of the wagons!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I CAN ONLY GET SO HARD!!!

Dino Dalle Carbonare



F31 <3. I really wish we'd gotten the Zenki front end here in the US and not a bastard child with the facelift and non revised interior. I've searched for years to find another in good enough condition to be worth spending the money on.

Those wagons pulling at my heart strings though. SO.MUCH.WANT.


Please make a trip to Car Shop Friend; that's the holy grail for Leopards


If only I could have a few of those...


Yes, I'll take that wagon for restoration. Thank you! Once again your just killing me with all this r31 goodness!


"..but quietly wondered about the poor cars at the bottom of the stacks…", i thought exactly the same thing. then further down i see a wagon on a wagon and they must've been putting them on really gently as they don't seem that badly damaged. thought they would've been crushed under the tops cars weight.
post a pic of that spiders