The Underdog: Does Money Matter?

You know what? This is one of my favourite cars I’ve come across in the last few months.

You might be wondering why. Well, Ryan Walters hasn’t built this 106 to be the ‘first’. He’s not raided mummy and daddy’s piggy bank so that he can make a YouTube video called Guess What My New Supercar Will Be, either. And he hasn’t burnt the midnight oil putting this thing together for social media likes.

2017 Speedhunters Peugeot 106-2

In fact, when I met Ryan at the Forge Action day a couple of weeks ago, I quickly learnt that he didn’t even have an Instagram account.

2017 Speedhunters Peugeot 106-6

Now, I’ll confess to spending an inordinate amount of time on the internet; I love Instagram almost as much as I love coffee, pizza, cold beer and cake. Not in that order, of course. The internet is a wonderful thing, and I wouldn’t be sharing this story with you without it. But you cannot beat going to a show or track day to see things with your own eyes. That’s when you meet people like Ryan and get to have a look around cars like his Peugeot 106.

2017 Speedhunters Peugeot 106-8

The little French hatchback is not exactly polished, but that was never the point of this low-budget build.

2017 Speedhunters Peugeot 106-3

Cars for me are about having fun, in your own style, by any means possible. I’m not sure where the owner of the Mk4 Golf, complete with wheel in engine bay, fits into this ‘having fun’ equation, but I do hope they shut the bonnet before the drive home!

2017 Speedhunters Peugeot 106-9

What I can tell you, though, by looking at this photo is that 1.) I am not a photographer (shadow goals right there), and 2.) Ryan Walters is absolutely having a giggle with his 106 Rallye replica track day project. If this car had cost hundreds of thousands of pounds to build, it would be dubbed an evocation, a homage, or some nonsense like reimagined. But this is a replica, and it’s one for good reason.

2017 Speedhunters Peugeot 106-13

“The whole idea of this 106 was to build a track car on a budget that is sensible enough to justify the idea for an average joe like myself,” Ryan explains. “Being a ‘Pug’ fanatic and owning many Peugeots such as my beloved 205 1.9 GTI, which I restored myself, I get a lot of satisfaction out of working on these cars.”

One More Chance
2017 Speedhunters Peugeot 106-21

With this love for the Peugeot brand and not much money free to spend on his 106 dream, the objective was to build a Rallye rep without spending Rallye money and killing one of the rare genuine cars in the process. If you’re not familiar with the 106 Rallye, then allow me to explain. There are two versions, the Series 1 and Series 2. The Series 1 was launched in October 1993 with a 100bhp 1.3-litre 8V engine to compete in the popular sub-1400cc international rallying class. To be homologated into group N and A rallying a certain number of road legal cars had to be built and sold. Series 2 Rallyes featured a larger 1.6-litre 8V engine good for 103bhp, and in later model European-spec cars the GTI 1.6-litre 16V with 118bhp.

2017 Speedhunters Peugeot 106-22

When the car was produced, Peugeot planned to sell 1,000 examples into the UK, but demand was strong so the number of S1 Rallye models that made their way to UK was a lot more. However, as I type there are less than 100 Rallye examples taxed and registered here in the UK, hence why Ryan didn’t want to butcher one of these super rare Peugeots to realise his track dream.


Enter one mighty fine donor car. This 40,000-mile example of a 106 XT would soon be stripped bare ready to have its 1.1-litre heart transplanted with a 1.6-litre 16V GTI lump from a late-model S2.

2017 Speedhunters Peugeot 106-11

“It’s not the most expensive build by a long shot and there’s always going to be a car build that’s quicker, but it puts a smile on my face every time I go out in it,” says Ryan. This little car isn’t about ownership; it’s about the building and driving of cars that matters. And I think that’s great.

2017 Speedhunters Peugeot 106-12

If you’ve got the skill to build cars yourself and are prepared to burn the midnight oil assembling your dream, then you don’t need a few hundred grand to ‘own’ the latest supercar. Three grand and a load of old Peugeot parts will do just fine. OK, for sure you need some money, but often it’s more about getting creative and being more determined than the money itself.

My dream low-budget build would be a small-bumper Mk2 Golf all stripped out on Compomotive wheels. It would run a 2.0-litre 16V motor and I’d drive it to Austria for next year’s Wörthersee show. What would your dream wallet-friendly build be?

Ben Chandler
Instagram: ben_scenemedia



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THIS! This is the kinda stuff I wanna see! And it's exactly the kinda stuff I've made my own FB page for. To feature low-budget, grassroots cars and their owners. I so nearly came down to Combe just to get some snaps too! I sound like I'm gushing, but this is the type of feature/spotlight that I love reading on SH and it's a shame they don't come up more often. Nice work Ben!


Thank you brother. Only issue is that I am now checking eBay everyday to find a 106 Rallye!


It's the first thing I did man! I've always wanted a GTI-6 or 306 Rallye, they still crop up for sensible money at the moment.


What is your FB page?


It's not up and running yet as it's only been a week and I'm trying to get some more original content before going live but, it will be Deadbeat Racing. Stop on by! I'll open it up when the 9 til' 5 lets me. The ethos is basically, relatable cars, basic photography, minimal editing etc. The kinda thing the average Joe with a camera and some car mates could put together without a massive budget.


I loved the story Ben. It’s great to see these types of builds since a good number of us are on a budget! My wallet friendly build would be to grab my buddy’s 2-owner 1990 Honda Civic DX hatchback (which has been sitting in his garage for God knows how long) and throw in a B-series motor from the local pick and pull. I don’t think there’s a cheaper way to put a smile on a person’s face than having a light, high revving, naturally aspirated track car.


Sounds like a cool car. Share a photo of the DX Civic if you can. NA track cars are definitely good fun and keep the budget lower.


It's not the greatest picture but it will have to suffice. Yes, NA is way easier to maintain. Plus it's usually pretty easy to find spare parts for a old Honda in my part of the world. Pretty important if you make an unplanned excursion into the bush!


This is the only decent picture I could find. Not the greatest angle but it will have to suffice. Yes, NA track cars are easier to maintain. I love old Hondas because spare parts are plentiful and relatively inexpensive if you tweak something.


Grasroots cars area really cool, lowbudget doesnt mean any less fun tbh :3


I think that often low budget can mean more fun!


was surprised you hadn't done any features on 106/saxo's at all, I guess a lot are owned by max power enthusiasts, but there are a lot of extensively built ones dotted around the country with far more blood sweat and tears than most cars. mine for example, from standard to 300+hp turbo, to throttle bodies, back to oem ish,
this is a awesome car, awesome feature!


There are plenty of cool 106s and Saxos dotted about. You're right. Here's my Saxo that was put together back in 2007 and featured on Fast Car Magazine's cover. It was a VTR that was painted a custom Porsche Herb Brown and featured a Plush Automotive interior in butterscotch. I sourced a non-sunroof skin to replace the unsightly sunshine roof bulge that, in my opinion, ruined the lines of the car. Back then Schmidt TH-lines had been a dream wheel for quite a few years and I got a set of 14x8 and 14x9s shipped over from Germany. Removed al the windscreen wipers and Rain-X was life. Absolutely loved every minute of that car! Definitely ready to add a French hatchback to my 'SH Garage' asap.


Awsome car I remember that!!
Setting the stone for the euro look when it was new to the world !
Hats off sir. I know of a very very clean and tidy Bianca white S1 rallye for sale if you ever fancy one.


Always interested in buying a Rallye! Please send details to


I think the people that are at the track not chasing lap times, ultimately have more fun.

Low budget cars aren't built with top of the range race spec parts, and so are often driven at their limit, which makes it a lot more fun. My first car, a 1.0l K11c micra was a blast to drive because it was always on the limit of grip.

Now I chase track prepped Clios in my daily mini, with the biggest grin!


Driving something at 100% is the best. And those track-prepped Clios are seriously hard to keep up with!


EP3 Type R with a liitle bit shorter final drive and coilovers -fun, fun, FUN!


Looks good. Are you running an LSD?


I love the story behind that, build it and drive the arse off it. I can't begin to tell you how much it annoys me to see big money builds that never get used. Exactly the same reason I've never done a big engine build on my own car, I can't be arsed to have it sat in the garage when I could be spending money on track days and driving it.


Thanks Jay. "build it and drive the arse off it" That's a good motto.


На тебя никто не ставит, на тебя никто не ставит, на тебя не ставит - Underdog
Уважать себя заставишь, уважать себя заставишь, уважать себя заставишь - мир у твоих ног
#13 Underdog


Google translate tells me that you wrote:

"Nobody puts you on you, nobody puts you, does not put you on - Underdog
Respect yourself will force, respect yourself will force, respect yourself will force - the world at your feet"

So, respect, I guess! Thanks for the comment!


"What would your dream wallet-friendly build be?"

Already built half of it.

1996 Crown Vic Police Interceptor with a manual transmission swap. Had it two years when some weird electrical failure killed it before I could put the Triton V10 into it.

Up till then, I had about four grand in it, including purchase.


I think we need to see a photo of this!


Loved this and need more of it.

Where's the Renaultsport speedhunting btw???


I've driven a Megane RS and that was proper fun. I also had some time in a Clio Cup car with sequential transmission, that was incredible. I felt like a race car driver for about 20-mins. Ha.


Yeah, been thinking that. There've been a few Pugs featured, but I drive a Clio! Plus, even the 172 Cup and 182 Trophy seem to get overlooked constantly when people do look at Clio Mk2s because the V6 exists. I mean, I get it, it's got a much beefier engine and all that, but at the end of the day the 172 Cup is still a pretty special car and I love mine to bits.

I assume the Trophy is pretty special too (Heard good reports!), I've just never driven one.


Exactly what I was thinking as well. Renault has been making some pretty cool hot hatches for cheap track day fun for years. I’d love to see some more of those on here. Doesn’t even have to be the clio’s, the little Twingo RS’s are a hoot to drive out on track as well (though I could be biassed because I own one of those little buggers myself). That car’s my budget track build, to be more on topic, and love it to bits!


Dude, the Twingo RS series is brilliant! Plus, the second-gen Twingos are actually built on the Clio Mk2 chassis IIRC, so they're more of a proper Clio than the newer Clios :P


You are correct sir. They do use the chassis of the mk2 Clio RS. It’s most likely the reason why they still feel somewhat ‘oldschool’ out on the road. Power feels like it’s lacking a bit, but that’s probably because the chassis is so good that it could cope with more. I’d love to have a go in a mk2 Clio RS some time to see how it compares, but unfortunately those are few and far between where I’m from ... How’s the Clio treating you?


What kind of power does your Twingo get? I've seen Clio builds with silly figures, but the generally-accepted maximum for the FF Clio 2 is about 300hp before you start to have difficulty putting it all down (you need a forced-induction build to get the F4R engine to that figure but I've seen some pretty crazy engine swaps too). I think the most recent Twingo RS is RWD though? So that may be able to deal with more still. Craziest non-V6 Clio 2 I've seen was a wide-body car in AUS with fat semi-slicks that's running close to 400(!)

My cars (172 Cups, one road and one track) are both pretty stock though- much as the chassis may deal well with more than 170hp I'm not there as a driver yet I don't think (and besides there's no room for that on most publIc roads!). I have to do a fair bit of maintenance (they're 15 years old!) but they're absolutely brilliant for me. I work out in the middle of nowhere, which means country lanes all the way home- and I really do look forward to the drive every day!


My Twingo is standard (engine wise), apart from a full exhaust. Factory figures suggest it makes 133 bhp, although none of them ever make the mark apparently. It only weighs 1000 something kilograms, so that offsets the ‘mediocre’ power slightly. It does teach you how to keep your momentum, so it trains you as a driver. A french dude did a swap on one of these twingo’s, converting it to the 2 liter 200 bhp engine from a Clio 3 RS. That thing did manage a 7 something minute lap at the ring, so quite a serious little racer that. Unfortunately Belgium is quite strict on engine mods, and forced induction is a no go over here. The new twingo’s did get a renaultsport version, but not the full fat RS treatment. They’re labelled as gt, and one of those is my current daily (you can start to see a trend here). They are rwd, but with a 110 bhp 900cc turbo three pot it’s more of a lukewarm hatch. Safety stuff doesn’t really allow a wiggle of the hips or anything. But for city driving there’s little that can touch it. I’d love to pop down to the uk next year in my RS to drive the country lanes and mix in some track day shenanigans. I assume you’re a uk resident? If so, you’re a lucky guy with all those great roads in your back yard. Also: happy to hear the clio’s still manage to entertain!


Yeah, I'm in the UK. It's good and bad- you're right in that there are some lovely roads and I can get away with some fairly extensive car mods here, but the less said about the state of politics in this country the better really :/ . It's a shame you can't do more with the engines in Belgium, because it sounds like you could make that RWD Twingo into a proper little screamer with the right bits :( Still, lightweight and quick are my favourite things for a car to be, so it's not all bad- my friend drives a Skoda Citigo as his daily and it's surprisingly capable because it weighs next to nothing! His project car is a Pinzgauer 710 though, little bit different :D

In all honesty it sounds like you're having a lot of fun with your Twingos, regardless of the power deficit, and that's the most important thing, right? I'd love to get a chance to tinker with one at some point, but I've got a lot of work to do on my existing projects already at the moment :p

And you bet your boots the 172 Cup is entertaining. It's the lightest of all the Mk2 Clios at a gnat's whisker over a tonne so the power- to- weight on it is phenomenal even without tinkering. And the handling is just brilliant. Makes me feel good to be alive every time I get a chance to stretch its legs a little :)


This is good content, more of this!


My dream would be a Chevrolet Cavalier z24 on 15x8 enkei’s with a larger turbo and short shifter


First more features like this please. Race/Track cars will always be cool. Second my wallet friendly track build is my Miata, budget bilstein coilovers, 595 RSR's, second hand roll car, race seat, I/H/E. I probably have less than 3 grand into the complete car and its rock solid on track days. Winter plans call for rust repair, vvt swap, and 15x9s.


You have the same name as me, this is unnerving! haha. Photos of the Miata?


I come here often to find inspiration for my 2006 Citroen C2 VTS. For me I was important that I could have a car which I could drive around Stockholm and London as well as complete a lap of the Nurburgring in. Most of my car comes from Ebay and I in fact was able to get my rear valance on sale during amazon prime day, the car evolves every pay check as it's slowly replaced, restored and or modified.


Nice photo from brunchen. Interestingly, or maybe not that interestingly, the first time I drove the ring was in a Citroen C2 VTR. It was a press car that we borrowed from Citroen UK when they were first launched!


here is my budget friendly nissan sentra with sr20de engine


I love how much car culture there is in the Philippines. Thanks for sharing, looks like a fun car.


My dream project build would be swapping an N/A RB25 into a 1980 Datsun 280Z without touching the exterior of the car. It'd be mainly used for freestyle drifting. If you want to know what I mean type تقحيص زد بالكويت on YouTube and see how much fun people are having with simple and cheap builds.


I think I know the type of 'drifting' you're referring to. Very extreme, indeed!


My dream low-budget build is a mk 2 golf with my wrecked rebuilt gsxr 900 motor it it. Lowered, nice wheels and a sequential transmission.


Soon will be flying round Combe too


My Yaris TSport. Stripped interior, bucket seat, LSD, coilovers, partly polybushed, lots of braces, NS2R's, upgraded cooling system and almost unmodified exterior. I wanted a car that's cheap to own and cheap to drive without attracting any attention at all. Nobody is going to look at it twice, nobody wants to race me at the traffic lights and I can go to the Nurburgring, do some laps and drive back home for less than 200 euros. Awesome!


Looks great. I'm about to try some Nankang tyres out at the track, so will look forward to sharing how they perform. Thanks for sharing, Alex.


Dreambudgetbuild? Ek4 civic hatch with a hacked together awd drivetrain.
....maybe not so low budget after all.


EK + K-series and you're going to mix it up with the best of them.


Ha. Always starts out on a shoe string budget and then things get silly!


would be an E36 328is with stock M52B28 and a hard diet for weight saving


Can't argue with that. Diff, good suspension geo, and decent tyres and you're off for some fun.




Haha that's much golf with the big wheel ;) it's a advertisement tool for my powder coating bussiness


YES! Finally a full story about a french classic hothatch. I love you guys : )


Love you too, pal. Haha.


Wonderful stuff, any extra info on the mods it has?

As a pug fanatic (and an S1 owner) I will admit that I got a bit excited to see one featured, especially because as far as I can tell this is the only non factory one ever on this website, all the others are either on factory racing cars or on the RCZ-R at release

More of this please! :D


I'm sure the owner will be on here soon to let you know Will.


YES. See, all the ridiculous all-carbon 1200hp drift monstrosities are great and all, very nice to see no doubt- but this is where the vast majority of us are at in our Speedhunting lives right now. I have two projects running right now (other than my daily), a sensible one and a not-very-sensible one.

My "sensible" one is a small French hot hatch not completely dissimilar to this (I mean, OK so mine's a Clio and not a Pug but you get the idea). Seeing cars like this in SH is great because it shows what's achievable without breaking the bank on expensive custom work and accessories. Plus I love anything small, light and quick (and in case you couldn't already tell I have a certain soft spot for small French hot hatches).

My not-so-sensible project involves trying to cram a B18c6 into a mk.3 Civic, but that one's gonna take a while...


When I come across a budget build on the street, 'in the wild' so to speak, and it has been well thought out, I always lose my mind a bit. Small, light, n/a and quick is a lovely combo!


Need more grassroots build features like this ! Hat tip to Ben

Also, have to ask. What wheels are those? Looks like steelies, but has an interesting pattern


Those are the actual OEM 106 Rallye steelies.


They're Series 2 Rallye steels which are half an inch wider if my memory serves me right.


Okaaaay... No wonder they look nice. Do they come in 4 x 108 stud pattern?


Your knowledge of French hatchbacks never ceases to amaze.


My low-budget first car dream is to own a MK3 VW Cabrio. It would be a combination of race spec but comfort too (daily driver comfort) so I want some coilovers, upgraded transmission, shifting and steering (it's a slow car, so I think suspenssion and handling it's more important). I'd keep it N/A with the basic engine mods. It would have an electric soft top conversion and really nice interior upgrades. My goal with that car is to cruise the "Espinazo del Diablo" which is one of the most dangerous but beautiful mountain roads here in Mexico. Wish me luck!


Thanks for sharing your story. Is this the road? It looks incredible.


Bit more safety gear would also be sensible. Half cage at least.


I think stripped interiors only increase your awareness that there's not much in these. If a full interior was still present, you wouldn't think about it but you still wouldn't have any more protection.


Probably a dirt cheap 318i stripped out with any good BMW components I can find. They are probably the cheapest RWD car in Australia at the moment that isn't a falcon or a Commodore.


There's no such thing as a cheap BMW coupe here in the UK these days. I guess to keep cost down, you'd have to go for a 4-door. RWD is always fun, though.


I'm into E46 saloons a lot lately, can be had pretty cheap in 325i or 330i variants. It'd have to have to be a dedicated track car as annual road tax here would be more than the car is worth.


More budget builds like this please!!! Reading about cars we can actually afford is fun.


Glad you enjoyed the story mate. Thanks!


A car that makes my heart excite more than the 1000hp 'stock' hypercar.
All the glass roots machines are passionate and cool.
I would like to see articles covering such machines in other countries as well.


I'm sure we'll be bringing you more content like this in future since it is clearly enjoyed by you guys.


Great build and a philosophy I'm sticking to right now... I've got a 93 Micra 1.3 that's an utter hoot to drive daily and really annoy people at how nimble it is... As already said it gets a little bit better every payday or when something breaks...

Owned it for two years now and it's done the nurburgring, gatebil, Santa pod, a couple of other UK drag strips as well as road trips all over Europe... And still takes me to work every day!


Bloody hell, we need some photos of this mate!


You're the guy that turned up at Gatebil in a Micra? You're my fucking hero!


Haha yeah that's me! Still got the wristband hanging from the rear mirror! I'll get it back one year when work finally permits...


What year was that can you remember? I'm sure I have photos...


It was 2015 good sir! Hopefully here's a pic from the ring on the same trip


Great article. I think my dream budget build would be a Formula Ford. You can find them for around $15,000 and they will lap faster around most race tracks than super cars...


Your budget is clearly a lot different to mine! Hahaha. I get the philosophy, though. Ha!


LOL I can assure you it's not. The car I race at the moment was bought for maybe $2,500 but the team owner has probably put in over $60-70k to build it. Fortunately I get to drive for free otherwise I would be ass out! Being alive costs too much money!


Nice, that makes sense!


Do you have any pics of your old mk2? Loved it with the rondals!


My red Mk2 that was painted military green? Or my black Saxo I painted brown (above)?


The mk2! Forgot about it going green, that reminds me of the Lexus!


Screaming yellow focus svt with eab package, coilovers, and some grippy tires.


Formula Ford. Faster than most super cars at race tracks and about 15,000 USD. Can't beat the value for money.


I won't argue with you there, often looked at used single seaters here as a trackway option. Have you ever drove one out of curiosity?


I haven't yet, but a close friend of mine has a Swift DB4. About 250whp and 1100lbs. It will lap Willow Springs about 8 seconds faster per lap than the fastest Time Attack cars on the planet. Turn 9 apex speed at WSIR is GTR or EVO on the planet can touch that.


I should add that he paid $25,000 for it...

Marcellus Wallace

Nice Report Ben, well done! This kind of Cars are great fun in small, tight corners. 100HP to 140HP sounds low, but that's enough and it's a quite good Technical training, to take out the drive from a Corner. My "low-budget-dream-built" would be a 1993 Mitsubishi Colt 16V (C58A). I only would make it lighter by stripping down the interior, putting in a bucket seat and a snap-off OMP wheel.


Learning to drive well in something with not too much power definitely pays dividends in the long run. Love a Snap-off wheel, too!


Now this is something.

In Portugal this swap is done ALOT, even it being ilegal.

For me it makes this the perfect pocket rocket, light, fast, pretty and nimble.

But i would do something different, as my dream budget build is, one of this 3:

- Toyota Starlet KP60 with the 4age engine;
- Opel 1204 (Kadett) with the c20xe engine;
- Volvo 340 with the 400, 700 or 900 series turbo engine;

Or even on a tighter budget:

- 106/ax with the 16v engine (exactly like this one)
- ef civic or rover 216 coupe with a b16


Citroen AX with a 16v motor would be amazing!


I'm looking to dig up a MKI Toyota MR2 for my budget build. Just lower it, tweak the suspension a bit and make the engine a little more efficient and I'm good to go!


The problem is finding a clean one around where I am


Old workmate used to have a MK1 MR2 import which was supercharged I think - very light and quick, something like a 5s 0-60.


That sounds like a pretty simple, but solid, plan. Keep us updated!


I love this. My dream budget track build is a BMW E36 320i sedan, akin to the BTCC cars.


Seems like a lot of you guys like the idea of having a non-M powered BMW track car. I bet there's a lot of those out there embarrassing 'better' machines... Or even M cars!


This is great story! More of that budget builds please.
My wallet friendly project is Ford Sierra, my plan is to shove Volvo T5 engine in it.


Photos please!


Sorry for messing up the comments, it didnt showed any uploads, then,few days later I see that all of them were up.


photo on a old set of wheels,but its a cool photo.


Bonus points for the banner?


I have learned later that these are RS6 seats. My friend has done me gagues and switchboard. Steering wheel is Raid turbo wich needs new leather,got it for almost nothing but its perfect for drive.


Thank you for having an interest. Here it is. I have just put Japan Racing JR12 this morning. Hope you like her.


Looks great!


On old wheels. but kind of cool photo.


Bonus points for banner?


Im glad you took interest in. Paint is done at friends garage(not booth), I have found bodykit thru years,wich is optional RS with cossie bumper wich is not on the car right now,I have put seats from Audi RS6 wich I have learned later, Killen springs,Powerflex bushes,my friend has done gagues and switchboard, just this morning I have put JapanRacing JR12 wheels. Plan for the future is Bilstin B8 shocks or Gaz silver coilovers (cant decide yet) and then finaly Volvo T5 engine.


This!My budget Renault R5 Campus with GTT 1.4 turbo engine,around 170hp and 700kg,fun toy :)


That's absolutely brilliant. The R5 GT Turbo was my dream car when I was a kid. I wanted a Tungsten Grey model which I was hoping to lower over 15-inch TSW Stealth wheels. Alas, the dream was never realised. One day maybe!


I've never thought a 106 or 205 would suit my, um, size, but would love to try a 306 GTi-6 or something along those lines. Even the Clio 197 is a secret pleasure of mine that I'll never admit to in public.



306 Rallye, Paddy! Get on it.

Bastien Bochmann

More of these kind of articles, please!
These grassroots fun builds are the stuff I can relate to. As for your question at the end, 'What would your dream wallet-friendly build be?' - I'm currently building a '90 Mk2 Golf. I sourced a complete 1980s Zender Z6 bodykit, 7 and 8 x 15 ATS Cup wheels and tomorrow I'm going to pick up a donor car (Mk3 Golf with the 2.0 8v 2e). Will be a affordable, fun build. Not very fast, but enough to put a smile on my face and best of all it will be a piece of history as it will look like it drove straight out of the pages of a tuning cataloge from the late 80ies.

Miles Hayler-MacMillan

Inspiring! Great to see some accessible goals!


Thanks for the feature Ben, much appreciate it, had a good laugh that day and it should be flying round the tracks next year, for now, more tinkering


Yes Ryan! Glad you enjoyed the feature and thanks for sending the info to us so we could share your story.


Here is my little project, love a nippy little hatchback all about power to weight and chuckability


I own an old vw Polo steilheck, bought it for 400€ and I wouldn't change it for any other car in the world


Cool little car! My first track car was a 306 XSi, very capable on track despite low power. My dream and current low cost build is Mk3 MR2 with 2zz engine, same sort of cost as this nice little pug, but mid engine 190bhp and still <1000kg

Magnus Mathiassen

damn what a car! so glad to not only see stance from the US or drift spaceships from daigo in japan, but low price builds from europe; give us more!
on that comment teaseing question: due to the fact im a trainee, and taxes are so high as they are in Norway, ill answer my 03' BMW 316i, want to learn how suspention works so my goal is a gokart feel and that it stick to the moutain corners in the area.