The Master Special: From V8 To V12

Back in 2014, Dino caught up with a very special 1933 Chevrolet Master Sedan at Gatebil Rudskogen in Norway. The Chevy 350 V8-powered hot rod, built by 22-year-old Mattias Saikkonen from Sweden, brought some unique style to the event – air suspension and BBS wheels being two of its more unconventional modifications.

In the story, Dino alluded to the fact that Mattias wasn’t anywhere near finished with the ’33, and that he had a few ideas for the future, perhaps even a V12 engine swap. Well, as it turns out now, he totally followed through with it.

Defined Cars is a relatively new YouTube channel (this video is only the third upload), but as you’ll find out from pressing play above, its future looks pretty bright. We’re loving how Mattias’s car had evolved too with its new BMW 12-cylinder heart.

Brad Lord
Instagram: speedhunters_brad



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Looks so good. Would have like to hear the engine in the video thought!


Looks so good. Would have liked to hear the engine in the video though!*


Other me is right.


V12s are great.

Brennan McKissick

What an insanely awesome build.


Love this!! And I have the same steering wheel in my car too...bonus!


Amazing car and clearly a very skilled craftsmen to be able to re design and build a car in such a unique way.
Although he doesn't seem not have the steering wheel on straight which seems really silly to me, Is it some sort of style as a lot of people have it in modified cars?