And The RAYS Casio G-Shock Winner Is…

With all the big events we’ve had on our calendar this month, we thought we’d let the SH x RAYS Casio G-Shock competition run for a little bit longer than we originally planned.

Over this time we kept a close eye on the submissions that were added to Instagram with the tags we specified, and as ever selecting just one winner was a tough ask. But we’re sure we’ve made the right choice.

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We’ve always valued authenticity here at Speedhunters and that’s why we had to choose @sonnysaints as the winner. Not only does Sonny’s image feature a set of vintage RAYS Volk Racing mesh rims, but they’re fitted to his Toyota Corolla KE70. A big congratulations from Team Speedhunters and from the guys at RAYS in Japan!

A big thanks goes out to everyone that entered this competition – there were some really cool images and wheels posted. Fear not though, we’ll have other competitions coming up in the future, so keep an eye out for those.

Dino Dalle Carbonare
Instagram: speedhunters_dino



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YAY TO THE WINNERS ((((o(*>ωωωωωωω<*)o




Thanks guys!


Nice! I envy you man! Philippines represent! :)


Congrats! :)


Awesome and mind blowing


Not hating or being a sore loser and I do understand the winner has a beautiful set of vintage Rays. However wasn’t this supposed to be about the most aesthetically pleasing photograph? Quoting “ In particular, we’ll be looking at overall image quality, originality and composition”. This looks like someone just decided to take a snap one morning without a care in the world for the actual end result.
Seen as this competition was about the wheel manufacturer Rays, the photograph that best accentuates the wheel should be the winner, shouldn’t it? There were some truly special shots entered and it ended up being this?
Sorry but it seems like whoever had the final decision just picked one from random.
Congratulations to the winner, the car and wheel combination is just fantastic . This is nothing against him. Again, congratulations to the winner, peace.


100% agreed.