An R34 Skyline GT-R Done Right

While doing the paddock rounds at World Time Attack Challenge last weekend, it fast became obvious that Australian’s are just as crazy about GT-Rs and RB26s as the Japanese. Hell, given the level of innovation I was seeing from the local companies showcasing their performance hardware at the Sydney event, maybe even more so.

In fact, I found so much interesting stuff that I’m currently putting together an RB26 tuning post, because I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s interested in the latest products being made for the much-loved Nissan straight-six.

But before I do, I want to show you this white BNR34 Skyline GT-R V-spec II Nür that was on display at the Plazmaman booth. To me, it’s probably the best representation of a hard-tuned Aussie Gee-Dee-Ahh (sorry, I couldn’t resist!).


I don’t know if it’s because I’ve seen so many RB26s in Japan running T78, T88, T04Z and T51R turbos, but it seems as though Australian tuners know how to build big-power RBs better than their Japanese counterparts.


I put much of that down to the fact that some of the biggest JDM parts makers have sat idle for the last decade and a half, while companies in Australia have never lost sight of the simple and very obvious fact that people love older GT-Rs, and now more than ever.


You can’t help but wonder what some of the legendary Japanese tuning companies must be thinking… There is so much RB26 development going on outside of Japan, and it makes an old GT-R guy like me rather excited.


It’s the little things that I like to admire, like the quality of paint, color coordination, and fresh new solutions for things that have only been done one way in the past.

This R34 does so many things right, beginning with the quality of paint on the HKS V Cam system cover (and rest of the engine’s covers), something that in Japan is often left either unpainted or poorly executed.


The dyno printout on the window proudly stated that this RB30-based engine develops 616.8kW or 817hp – a lot of power, but pretty much a middle-of-the-road figure for a country that loves huge dyno numbers and has a penchant for drag racing. I like seeing the various takes on cam angle sensors/trigger systems that are on the market now, something that the Japanese have never bothered addressing (except for Jing-R’s solution we saw at R’s Meeting). This one’s from Hi Octane Racing and is perfect for high RPM and big power applications, and also allows you to control the HKS V Cam without the need for an old V Cam control module or piggyback HKS F-Con ECU.


Given that it was on display in the Plazmaman booth, it came as no surprise that the Grim Performance-built car’s engine bay was laden with Plazmaman components, from the intake manifold, to the large single throttle body, through to the massive intercooler up front.


I personally love the custom piping that plumbs everything in place; it’s been beautifully welded but was then perhaps brushed and sprayed with clear. The massive oil catch tank was an interesting solution; I’ve never seen one quite so big on a street car.


The factory ABS unit is one of the ugliest things in the R34 engine bay, but here it’s been beautifully camouflaged. By the looks of it, even the metal lines were painted a darker color. Like I said, it’s the small touches that make a difference, the green color-matched aluminum washers around every bolt in the engine bay another notable detail.


Exterior-wise, there’s a Top Secret front bumper to set the tone, mated to the V-spec II Nür factory carbon bonnet.


Nismo side and rear skirts follow, ending with a pair of carbon fiber wing stays for the factory spoiler.


The RAYS Volk Racing TE37 forged wheels hide Alcon anchors, 6-pots up front and 4-pots in the rear. The Volks are wrapped in 285-section rubber front and back, which should provide plenty of grip even with the levels of power this thing generates.


So there you have it, a fresh and very Australian approach, creating what must be one very quick, street-registered GT-R!

Dino Dalle Carbonare
Instagram: speedhunters_dino



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Very clean and a beautiful build overall! The little touches really make it pop. Thank you for the coverage!


now thats a neat build of a gtr , thanks for the coverage


I think a Plazmaman shop tour is in order Dino


Super clean. Love it. Very good looking car.


Finally, something without that awful Nissan CAS


Question, is that pearl white?


Yeah its the factory pearl white.


dream drive dream drive


Pure beauty, love that green to make it pop.


Can't wait for the RB tuning post Dino! Australia's love and expertise with modifying turbo RB's extends back to the mid to late 1980's due to the Holden VL Turbo which has also recently skyrocketed in value and are a force on the quarter mile. My believe is that popularity of drag + roll racing is what drives engine power innovation > The accessibility, the overall volume of demand and some good old fashioned competitiveness for quickest ET's are critical factors. Circuit is great, but Japan needs to get back in love with the quarter!


its a nice skyline. good thing its white or it will get really hot in the australian heat :3


Beautiful engine bay


How do all these awesome builds come from down under? Don't they have super strict regulations? Are all the car guys there outlaws?

Rory @downshiftaus

Pretty much all outlaws, guys like Brett who owns this don't let a fear of the law get in the way of their dream build or their passion.


you can get engineer certs for stuff that's contradicts the guidelines

massive pain in the arse and shitloads of money though


@ yeah nah, unless you live in Qld..... I always feel bad for you guys down south and the phenomenal amounts of money you have to pay for engineer certs.


amazing engine bay. so clean. I would love to see how it looks with some darker wheels instead of the white. beauty overall.


Really appreciate the coverage Dino


Loving the attention to detail and how clean it all is. Saw it in the flesh and was one of my favorites of the show.
Green and white I think is a daring colour combo too, but I'd definitely say it's a success here!

I'm from Melb and coming up for WTAC, I really don't envy being a car guy in NSW lol. The roads seem to be 90% of the time, 2-lanes, and traffic stops every 100meters. Felt very cluttered and cramped. I appreciate our wider Melb roads a lot more now haha. So seeing builds like this surprise me. Props to the passion of the NSW crew!


Dino, there´s any photo from the interior?


The disrespext is unbearable, lol. Nice build. Let me start off with positivity. Not taking away from any of the great work, but to say Japanese tuners have sat idle and that Australians do it better, all while using Japanese parts on their build, is rather funny. Please come to Japan during the first wk of March.