Kansai Flavor: How Auto Select Builds An R34

Before I jump into a proper and extremely comprehensive post on this year’s R’s Meeting – you can expect a total nerd-out by the way, so if you are into GT-Rs you better not miss it – there’s one more spotlight that I want to share with you.

The reason this BNR34 stood out wasn’t because of its carbon fiber exterior, or the fact that it was built by Auto Select in Osaka, who we all know have put together some of the craziest Rs of all times.

It’s because the owner just doesn’t care!


With R34 GT-R values continuing to soar, more and more owners are choosing not to tune them up or put too miles on them – if any. It’s totally understandable if the only thing you’re interested in is making some capital gain out of the investment, but come on, what have GT-Rs always been about? These cars define tuning; you cannot own one and not touch it, or even worse, not thrash it to within an inch of its life. It’s sacrilegious. So seeing an example taken to the extreme is always refreshing.

Under the hood, this Skyline packs a stroked RB26DETT running upgraded turbos for an output of around 600hp. An HKS V-Cam ensures the low and mid-range is kept nice and lively.


The rest of the vehicle has been modified in a very Kansai sort of way. As I’ve mentioned in the past, things are done with a little extra color down south, and this car is a good example.


From all the unpainted carbon panels that make up its exterior to the welded-in and gusseted cage.


There’s even a cooled race bucket seat in the stripped-out cabin.


If your attention isn’t totally consumed by the humongous rear wing you may have noticed the center-exit exhaust through the rear bumper and diffuser.

I have to say, cars like this are a refreshing sight when compared to all the meticulously cared for Nismo demo cars that are so beautifully put together they’re almost unexciting to look at. The point is that it’s good to have extremes, from the guy that spends $150K to transform his car at Nismo’s Omori Factory to the guy that spends the same amount creating something evil to tear down the track in. The question is, which camp do you side with?

Dino Dalle Carbonare
Instagram: speedhunters_dino



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Any more specs on the motor and turbo set-up Dino? Given all the other HKS bits, it is relatively safe to assume it is an HKS 2.8 stroker kit and either their SS or RS drop-in turbos.

Dino Dalle Carbonare

Looked like GTII RS


Very nice set-up paired with the 2.8 stroker. Pretty responsive off the line and still flows respectably up top. I drove an R34 with a similar combination and it was an animal at the top of 3rd gear into 4th.


My dream car is an R33 with the Nismo Grand Touring refresh that you highlighted earlier this year Dino. But I know I would be out on track trashing the car, and hauling ass down my favorite mountain roads. Cars are meant to be driven. So I guess I'm in both camps?

Dino Dalle Carbonare

Good man!


do birdshit welds come with the package or was it the owner's choice


sorry to be off topic, I wanted to ask if you guys are doing any stories on the 2018 STI?


I side with both,because they are simply 2 different ways of enjoying the same car :)

Dino Dalle Carbonare

Maybe the best is to have 2 cars lol


IF you can afford them :P


is it bad to throw $150k at the Nismo catalogue? Lol I really don't know.

Next mod for Project GTR: 007-spec license plate.


Hi Dino, can you do an update about the mine's r35?


This is a great car but I would be so hard-core U would use it as a daily driver lol. But the prices are skyrocketing to the point that I have seen 35s that are cheaper than 34s and well kept 33s.


It's kinda scary owning a car thats appreciating in value quite quickly. At the end of the day if you bought the car because you love it, then do with it as you please. Drive the hell out of it, take it out only on nice days, daily it, whatever you want. If anything, keep stock parts to switch back to if you ever do decide to sell it. Most people I know who have GTR's buy them for themselves and to enjoy, not to resell which is a very good thing.

I never cared too much about kms especially in Australia where you have to drive many kms to go roads and to get anywhere basically. It does add value to the car of course though


Great write up on an even better car. I agree a car is to be driven no point in spending so much money just to look at it and I think the more you spend the more you should enjoy it


It's always refreshing to see a proper cage in a Japanese tuner car for once.

Also, is that a CF A-pillar or just a faux wrap?


I prefer track/clubman builds, I don't understand the logic behind dropping 100k on something you can't drive.

I'm actually a bit surprised this AutoSelect 34 doesn't have a single.


Need to ditch the rear view mirror, coz it definitely help lightening up the car :)


All the buck for ALL the go. No garage queens.


As for the question, which side do you camp....I like to strike a balance... For a street car, I think original interiors with original exterior bodywork, maybe just a factory colour respray or mild lip but then wild looking engine bay.


Just curious, not critical. Why have an upgraded radiator without electrical fans and a shroud?


No garage queens.... I have No.25 Type R wich lives on the limiter at every outing...