Would You Buy A High Performance Model 3?

It’s something that’s been a hot topic since the Model 3 was even announced – are we going to see a high performance variant?

According to Elon Musk, Tesla Motor’s co-founder, CEO and Product Architect, it will be happening, and possibly by this time next year.

In tweet sent out by Ryan McCaffrey, Executive Editor at IGN and host of the Ride The Lightning podcast, Musk confirmed that a performance Model 3 version, although not a priority right at this moment, is indeed slated for production.

Based on that, we thought we’d speculate on its potential based on the Tesla Model S P100D’s performance numbers.


The Model 3 is already quick out of the box with a 0-60mph time of 5.6-seconds for the 220-mile range 50- to 55-kWh, and 5.1-seconds for the 310-mile range 70- to 75-kWh version (Tesla hasn’t disclosed the exact battery capacity on either). That’s faster accelerating than the new Honda Civic Type R (0-60mph in 5.7-seconds).

The speculation forming is that there will be a P75D version (again, speculating on battery capacity here), meaning people are expecting the larger battery to get a dual motor setup for AWD, longer range than even the standard version, and better handling.


For example, the 100D is the long-range, dual motor version of the Model S and it can go 335-miles before battery depletion, go 0-60mph in 4.2-seconds, and hit a top speed of 155mph (250km/h). The P100D version, however, does 0-60mph in 2.4-seconds and a range of 315-miles, which is still better than the 75D’s mileage of 275-miles and 5.5-second 0-60mph).

If the Model S numbers are anything to go by, we could see a Model 3 75D hit that 335- to 340-mile range, drop its 0-60mph time to below five-seconds, but probably retain the same top speed. A Model 3 P75D could be just as crazy, to scale, as the P100D with a three-second 0-60mph time, a range that’s similar to the standard long-range and single motor version, plus enhanced suspension settings. Ludicrous mode could get the Model 3 P75D into the sub-three-second 0-60mph zone.


The future is looking amazing for electric cars thanks to the Model 3, a car that’s being targeted to the upper middle class masses. The electric revolution needs more cars like this to get the movement mainstream and it’s looking more likely as we continue to see other makes push for a high-range, mid- to low-$30-thousand range cars like the Volt, Bolt, and many others. We certainly can’t wait to see what comes.

How about you? Are you excited for the Tesla Model 3 P-D and the insane performance it can potentially bring to the table?

Words by Justin Banner
Instagram: jb27tt
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My biggest beef with this car is that it's main goal is autonomous driving. I mean, it doesn't even have a central gauge cluster! I don't know about anyone else, but that would really bother me.


Aftermarket HUD, turn off Autopilot. Done.

I get what you mean though, not a huge fan of autonomous driving myself


Here is where the intrepid tuners of the new age jump in with a wifi standalone Stack gauge kit that mounts to the steering column.


Right, the gauge cluster is just on a screen in the center. I'm not a fan either, but it's not like the metrics aren't there in front of our faces.


I would be so anxious not having a tach & speedo in front of me. Obviously there's no need for a tach, but it's just the idea that EVERYTHING is controlled through the touch display. Call me old school, but I like knobs and dials for the A/C at least. It'll be interesting to see what comes about with electric cars in the next decade. As someone who likes a good 5 state road trip, I think fully electric cars will never completely replace gas/diesel cars. I think the compromise will be electric/small engine hybrids like the BMW i8.

Jack the Hermit

Long live knobs and dials. And the ability to actually turn it on and off.


AC/heat knobs ftw. I hate the electronic one that I have now. I should be able to feel the knob and twist it to whatever I feel is alright. With button, I gotta look at the screen to see which Fahrenheit degree I'd like to put the heat at. It's very annoying, and I truly believe the touchscreen will bring more pet peeves like this to the surface.


I remember saying the same thing about a physical keyboard for my phone vs. a touch screen one. Give it a few years and likely everything will start to go this way.

As for the placement, I do feel you on that but I imagine it's an effort to make these cars more affordable. You're really getting a lot for the money.


I agree with the distaste for lack of physical switchgear. Touch screens require that bit more concentration, rather than relying on muscle memory and simply knowing things by feel rather than taking your eyes off the road to get that setting slider just right.

I have strong feelings about the range, as well. Tesla is an American brand, and this country was practically created on the interstate family road trip.


The important question is, whats the towing capacity? I need something cheap and economical to tow my track car with!

Jack the Hermit

Speaking of towing, how long till we see modded teslas in tractot pull events? Lol


Model X might be able to do it.


Not worth the money, I would rather spend more on my track car then getting it to the tack.


I would buy the standard version. It's still plenty fast and practical enough to be a daily.

Just as log as it comes to Australia with a reasonable price tag (Not $80k+).


I really dislike touch screens in cars. I and cringe at the thought of a car driving me around. Autonomous/super futuristic techy cars are a big fat NO from me.

I wouldn't be opposed to a good, simple electric daily commuter though. The problem is the lithium batteries that are equally as bad or worse for the environment than anything you pull from a modern car.

Miles Hayler-MacMillan

Accelerating is fun, but cornering is more fun... I could potentially go EV, but only if the handling is there.


The Model S P85 I drove at Las Vegas Motor Speedway's infield road course had amazing handling and performance. It just too some adjusting to when it came to braking, which you could do far later than you think thanks to the ReGen braking.


I think the question we should be asking is if we'd rather "tastefully modify" an i8 or a model 3. The thought in the back of my mind is 'Will the aftermarket be able to keep up?' Electric or not, I still want to be able to work on my own cars


Learn to hack then lol, that's the future of car modifications.


I hate that terminology: tastefully modify.... It's such pretentious bull****.


What? Odd thing to hate.
Minimalist lip spoiler: tasteful
Glue-on fender vents: not tasteful


No, I wouldn't. If it looked like the Fisker than maybe. But Teslas all look like 90s For Tauruses. Why does the so called future look like almost a twenty year old Ford?




They objectively don't look like 90's Ford Tauruses lol. The Model X is an SUV for god's sake. lol


Taurus with a lift kit then ;)


I'm in 2 minds:
I hate the idea of autonomous cars and the lack of traditional controls (knobs and switches) is a massive no from me. I also don't like the lack of engine noise.

On the other hand the basic model is rwd so that is a massive yes - with that, I don't understand the point in making electric vehicles front wheel drive when the loss in economy due to frictional losses in the prop shaft and everything is nullified.


FWD is safer in bad weather. Not everyone's a driving enthusiast.


AWD is shit without the correct tires, I will say that. My outback doesn't do very well in the New England winters on all-seasons. Having it as an option is fantastic though.


That I get and the right set of winter tyres resolves the issue.

A car would sell more being rwd and not fwd though as those that care about the drive train will potentially buy it but those that don't care will buy for other reasons. That's the reason that bmw's making the 1 series fwd annoys me because it was based on a survey where 60% of respendents said they had no idea their car was rwd.


Are they really doing that? I know that's why they released the 2 Series Active Tourer (which is horrid, I had one as a loaner when I took my old man's 3 in for a service) it's FWD and nasty as hell. Amazed they're doing this to the 1 Series too if that's the case.


Supposedly that's what they're doing from 2018 when, along with the Z2 roadster, it's going to be fwd based on the mini platform.

This is all due to a survey BMW did of 1 series owners and 60% didn't realise their car was rwd - apparently this says they need to make it fwd as opposed to 60% don't know and don't care and 40% bought the car for a reason.


jesus christ that interior is horrible
it's like they glued on the newest iPad on the dash instead of an actual infotainment display


Certainly would buy one. In fact I'm seriously considering holding off buying a new car this year to see how the model 3 plays out in the UK. I've seen a few of the other models driving round and they do look very smart.


The problem with the Model 3, is that its already borderline into Model S territory. A performance model, would be deep in Model S territory, and the Model S is just a better car. Would you really get a Model 3, just to 1-2 seconds better 0-60 times, instead of a Model S?

Brennan McKissick

Not really since they are discontinuing the base model Model S. The Model S won't be starting at $65k or whatever anymore which is probably close to where a performance/premium Model 3 will be price wise.


My opinion is that i like how they're giving us a hunk of metal, and then offering several trims. I like this better than having a model lineup as confusing as, say, BMW has. So because of that, yes I would consider buying a performance Model 3.


It looks like a thumb. No noise. No mechanicals. They may be the future but ill just buy used and if they become the only option, id rather walk.

Jack the Hermit

I'm just not buying the electric car hype. I get it, but at the same time, isn't the range and charge time still lagging behind a lot of gas and diesel burners? At the very least, I'm ready for more manufacturers to get in the game, because this just looks like another iphone with wheels.


we will finally be arriving on driving a lets go ^ ^



Александр Трофименков

Oh hey, now you can text or watch YouTube/Netflix etc while driving because the car can pilot itself without your effort! Isn't it nice? Isn't it what you've always wanted? I understand that electric cars are faster, more efficient etc, but still I won't buy one. They don't make sounds, they don't shift gears, they don't do a single thing that actually made me love cars. They are like an iPhone, very useful, kinda overpriced and you will throw your old one away as soon as new one comes out. good engineering without any soul.


The perfect point A to point B car! With no motor, that basically eliminates all consumables like, belts, engine oil, air intake filter, etc, thereby making reliability far better. I for one would love this as a daily driver.



It won't be long before someone is drifting a model 3. That will be a game changer for peoples attitude about EV's.


I'll take one. it's rear wheel drive, has coils on all four corners, good power out of the box and endurance is just a heavy duty cooling system away. electric vehicles have enormous potential for tuning. you get to juggle battery discharge, torque delivery, and then trying to keep it all cool. there is plenty of work to do on these cars and cracking the computers is just a matter of time.


Probably not.


the front look of the car reminds me the face of Deadpool, in the brawling scene with Wolverine.


If I could make it sound like a Ferrari V12/American V8/6 rotor wankel/supercharged Auto Union/or inline turbo 6, both on the interior and exterior......the yes.


Why the exterior?


This is always what I want in an electric car. As long as I can make it sound like my favorite engine, then I wouldn't mind my ICE being replaced by electric. But until then, I'm never buying an electric car until then.


Very very very fancy golf carts.


People looking for a high performance Model 3 are invited to search our previously used Model S inventory, which offer extended ranges, improved performance, switchgear and interior space - with bonuses like free charging and air suspension - backed up by one of these best warranties in the business. Voice commands and performance options are coming.


My biggest issue with any electric/hybrid is the price. Base price is already high. Add the "performance" and cost goes way up. Much better "smiles per gallon" alternatives out there. Maybe in 15-25yrs from now I'll look at a Tesla the same way I look at SN95 Mustang or 80's IROC Camaro


No, i don't like the "TV" on the car, i want to drive, not playing videogames.


HELL NO! I would never even consider a tesla as a viable option for an everyday driver, let alone a performance car. Let's face it, Teslas are boring as hell and ugly as shit. And don't say they're the fastest ride on the road because they're not. Tesla has absolutely no soul to it. It's like an appliance that you can drive. If this is the future then I want a time machine.
I must add that I still firmly believe that the concept of electric cars is fundamentally flawed from the get-go. Where is all the electricity going to come from to power these gigantic golf carts? Burn coal? Nuke Plant? Millions of windmills? I'm sorry but it's just unfeasible, figure out how to build hydrogen cars. It's not like this is a new idea, it just has a Apple like sheen to it that easily excites soft minded fools that buy into every flash in the pan trend.


Well, the problem with hydrogen is the production. Our main source of hydrogen production comes from natural gas, so you're not being any more environmentally friendly with it on the production side. Using electrolysis to separate it from water still requires energy from electric power, which is only about 75-percent efficient at creating hydrogen. (A good paper on it is found here: http://www.biowasserstoff.org/fileadmin/Quellen/Unser_Kommentar/Wasserstoff_loest_keine_Energieprobleme/Does_a_Hydrogen_Economy_Make_Sense.pdf).

Then there is the problem with power density, a gallon of gas contains more energy than a gallon of hydrogen, even in a compressed state. It takes about four to five times the volume of compressed hydrogen to equal the same amount of gasoline for a vehicle of a similar size. (More on all of that here: http://www.popularmechanics.com/science/energy/a926/4199381/)


Everyone does realize that as soon as the gov stops handing Musk fist fulls of money that shit will go belly up? I'm betting on Tesla failing, especially after sinking so much cash into developing this hideous soulless iCar.


You might want to look into how much government money Tesla actually gets. Here are a couple of sources to read:

In addition, Musk himself has called for the ending of tax incentives on all electric cars. As quoted here: https://seekingalpha.com/article/4069065-elon-musk-begs-feds-please-end-teslas-tax-subsidy "Yeah, absolutely. And I should perhaps touch again on this whole notion of - it's almost like over the years there's been all these sort of irritating articles like Tesla survives because of government subsidies and tax credits. It drives me crazy. Here's what those fools don't realize. If Tesla is not alone in the car industry, but all those things would be material if we were the only car company in existence. We are not. There are many car companies. What matters is whether we have a relative advantage in the market." - Elon Musk, May 3, 2017"

Also, be sure to hate Toyota for it's government help: https://www.dallasnews.com/news/plano/2014/05/12/plano-approves-675-million-grant-and-other-incentives-for-toyota
And Boeing: http://www.seattletimes.com/seattle-news/boeings-historic-tax-break-from-state-even-bigger-than-thought/
And Amazon: https://www.bizjournals.com/seattle/news/2017/06/13/amazon-washington-state-tax-breaks-robot-warehouse.html
Oh, and the entire oil industry: http://www.taxpolicycenter.org/briefing-book/what-tax-incentives-encourage-energy-production-fossil-fuels


Yea I'm sure he wants to stop the flow of gov money. lol Look. The fact is you get 7500 back in taxes if you buy one of those things, 2500 more than that in Cali. If they stop that I can assure you less people will buy teslas.
And don't start with that shit about "we aren't the only ones!". I get it, and I don't think anyone else should either but the fact is Tesla has survived at the governments teets thanks to Obama and Elons massive amount of political donations and Lobbying. Tesla is the PERFECT example of crony capitalism.
I also get that you must be connected with them in some sort of way. I'm not affiliated with anyone, I'm just an average US citizen that stays as informed as one can these days. I am disgusted with everything that had gone on under Obama and one of these things is the huge amount of subsidies and incentives associated with Tesla. Oh and I'm sure Mr. Musk called for a stop to them, he's already got his slice of cheese from us tax paying peasants and wants to try and look good by saying that.
Before you call me a fool again, know that I am a veteran of the US Army infantry and I represent a huge swath of people that have a fair understanding of what's going on and are none too happy about it.


I'm not affiliated with Tesla or anyone except this website, which is also not affiliated with Tesla. I'm just a guy who's been in the auto industry since, practically, birth and know the writing on the wall of the ICE.

Also, my grandfather would be embarrassed to know that someone was foolish enough to use their veteran status as a tool to try and shut someone up. Disagree with me all you want, hell, even call me a shill, I don't care. However, pulling some bullshit like that is what used to get your ass handed to you by your CO even after serving. Just because you served doesn't make you superior, especially now that you're a fellow citizen. Trust me, what you've done is honorable, commendable, and people should look up to it. Act like it instead using it as a way make yourself sound better than you fellow patriots.

Also, if you really were an "informed citizen" you'd know that much of the tax breaks Musk got were under President George W. Bush with the Energy Improvement and Extension Act of 2008, backed up by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, However, it was in 2011 that President Barack Obama pledged $2.4-billion to the EV industry.


Wow you are an ass, I wasn't using my "status" to shut you up, I just added it so you understand that when you go around downing people sometimes you're disrespecting people without knowing where they are coming from. You come off as someone who thinks they are better than everyone else and your opinion is the only one that matters, and THAT is why I let you know I was a veteran. Say what you will but you're quick to discount someone's opinion and resort to name calling.


If you weren't trying to bring up you status, why bring it up at all? Your service to this country had absolutely no bearing on this conversation. Even if I was "downing" you, your service doesn't reflect the conversation at hand except to say "I'm better than you." At least that's how it came off when you said "Before you call me a fool again", which I didn't. You presented opinion, I came back with facts to say, "hang on, maybe you should consider this," and you came back with the attempted shill remarks and using your status as a veteran to say that you know better than me or anyone else who disagrees with you.

Trust me, I'm the last guy who goes around saying my opinion is the only one that matters. I certainly don't think I'm better than anyone here, I'm the first to doubt myself. Which is why I research, look for facts both for and against my opinion or understanding. If I see something that I disagree with what I know and find the proof that backs me up, then yes, I'm going to bring it up no matter who you are. That's how a debate is supposed to go. That's how this country was founded and made into a place that people want to live in, no matter what it takes. Until then, I do stay quiet and research until I find something that either backs up what I know or form a new opinion or understanding.

All you've done is said I'm wrong (which is fine, it's boring to be right all the time), stated your status as a veteran as a reason you know better than me without showing me why other than being a veteran. Links, research, show me I'm wrong other than to tell me you're a veteran.


Not once did I say I was better, nor did I say I wasn't trying to bring it up. I brought it up thoughtfully and on purpose. You're quick to disrespect someone with differing opinions no matter how much you act like you welcome criticisms. I brought it up as just one example of the kind of people you step on with your comments aren't always 10yo boys. You just use the same typical shaming rhetoric used anytime someone let's someone know where they are coming from as a veteran. You can take your sweet time and craft responses as carefully as you want but you came off a disrespectful person that doesn't want to hear anyone's opinion that doesn't jive with your specific ideas and point of view. Shame me all you want but I'm not about to feel bad for being what I am and letting you know the type of people you discount so quickly just because you're behind a keyboard and can't see the other person. Do what you want bud but you've shown your colors and I won't be reading another article of yours


For you to so feverently defend Tesla and paste so many articles you must understand where people would get the idea that you're affiliated in some way. It's just weird for you to have such prepared arguments and articles at the ready and not be affiliated in some way


I didn't have these at the ready, I found them. Bookworming and Googling are traits I have, apparently. I started as a Tesla and EV hater, really hated the fact they didn't have a transmission until I started looking deeper into EVs and how they work. The more I looked, the more I liked the idea of a high-performance EV vehicle.

As I've stated before, the internal combustion engine isn't going away anytime soon but they won't be here forever. I've also stated that EVs aren't as green as most would be lead to believe, but that's not my reason for liking EVs. I understand that, no matter what we do, we're going to harm our planet to get energy. Just a fact of life that in order to get, you have to take from something. From the food we eat to gas we use, we have to get it from somewhere.

I really wouldn't have cared if you said I was wrong that second time. Again, someone telling me I'm wrong, ohh, so scary. I'm not perfect and I can't let that stand. Believe me, I've been wrong and have had to correct myself plenty of times, but only after someone showed me I was wrong beyond telling me "you're wrong" and giving me opinion with nothing to back it up except for stating opinion. Opinion, mine, yours, the President's (Republican or Democrat) or otherwise, isn't fact. So, no, just because you state who you are or try to use something to prove your age, doesn't mean I'm going to accept it. If you can prove it, I will adjust and preach that. Just because you believe it, doesn't make it fact either.

Again, I respect anyone who does serve as I have had family that did. I do feel that most veterans aren't appreciated as they should be. They chose to serve country over self, which takes a lot. However, it's those veterans who do use their status to claim they are better, know more, or anything that makes them above the citizen who didn't serve that gives veterans a bad name. Then there are those who steal valor and claim they are veterans that also ruin it for those who actually serve. Fortunately, there are people who know that's not all vets and that those jackasses are few and far between. They just make the most noise. Push the right buttons. Make people get pissed off.

Also, I assume most people who read this website are over the age of 18. Mentally is questionable.

So, again, if you have something to back up your opinion outside of who you are, how old you are, or you beliefs, I'm all eyes. Otherwise, I've got no reason to believe you and change my mind.


The future is erectile dysfunction.


With the Lucid Air going into production in late 2018.... not a chance. Probably even the T3 will take a dip in sales, not to mention the S, the Mercedes E and S classes and the BMW 7 series.