You Never Know What’s Around The Corner…

Last week, I spent a bit of time with Dino in Yokohama assisting on a couple of feature shoots. During some downtime, I poked my head down a side street just across from where we were shooting and caught a glimpse of an iconic Japanese car in a classic colorway.

Of course, I had to go in for a closer look…


In this day and age of over-the-top wide-body kits and God of War for power under the hood, it’s always refreshing to come across something a little more down to earth.


There is a certain beauty in simplicity, and the owner of this kouki AE86 Toyota Sprinter Trueno has absolutely nailed it. Nothing has been done to disrupt the car’s original ’80s body lines; a simple suspension drop is all that was required to give it a more purposeful look.


Many would argue that 14-inch is the perfect wheel diameter size for a Hachiroku, and in this instance gold SSRs go so well with the panda paint scheme.


The interior was a little more busy with gauges, an A/V system, extended shift knob, and a deep-dish steering wheel among other things. The Cusco spin-turn knob is a pretty good sign that the owner likes to get the 86 sideways.


Japan is a real treasure trove for random car finds, and although this Toyota only appeared to be mildly modified, it was a pretty clean example that I’m sure Takumi Fujiwara would be proud of.

What memorable parked-up cars have you come across in your travels? Let us know in the comments section below!

Ron Celestine
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This is such a nice car. Its not trying to prove anything. I doesn't have 1,000hp, it doesn't have a rocket bunny kit or any other type of over fenders, no negative camber or bagged. This car is just about existing in a crazy car culture world that we live in today. I admire that. Sometimes you just wanna have a car you can get into, drive and have a fun time. Sometimes its such a relief to not have to be the fastest, lowest, coolest or trendiest car in the world. You can just have love for a car in its OEM state and be happy. I love it

Ron Celestine

Absolutely! I mean, all the craziness that the world has now and days is great and all.. But sometimes just seeing something in it's natural, simplistic but beautiful state, is just as much of a joy of not more. This was one of those more days ^^


I once saw a Nissan SE R b13 here in the philippines at mabalacat pampanga, way cool cause we never had the 2 door Sentra b13 here.


I love it :D, im so sick of all the widebody , crazy engine swap and generaly over the top stuff that seems to be the trend now. I'm much more impressed by a car that the owner cared about for years and has driven and modified to his taste than some crazy thing a guy with too much money to spend put together just to be the king of the internet ^^

Ron Celestine

Right?! I tend to gravitate towards the simpler builds.. But then again lol, I do live in Japan SoooOo ^^ it is a nice change tho!


I went out one night to a track called Mission Raceway (i live in the lower mainland in bc, canada) and we pulled up in the lot and there was a ferrari 458 italia with volk te37's and your Speedhunters banner across the windshield. So obviously y'all are well recieved over here

Ron Celestine

That's awesome! Glad to know we are liked in those parts ^^


Hey neighbour!


Makes me wonder if and when it's beneficial for someone to replace their ferrari wheels. I'm actually asking lol.


As a tire tech whom has worked on both Ferrari and Lamborghini. There doesn't seem to be anything special about the wheels. They aren't particularly light or anything. So it's probably still an upgrade to anything but the value.



Matthew Adkins

"I've just been in this place before!"
"(Higher on the street!)"
"And I know it's my time to come home!"

And I could go on. Damn catchy songs.


The other day I've come across a Ferrari F50!

Ron Celestine

Now that is a rare sight indeed! Haven't seen many of those roaming around here myself tbh


I never see these, even in poor condition, where I live (RI). It's always fun to see stuff in the neighborhood rather than at a show or something.

Dino Dalle Carbonare

It's funny 'cos a lot of the time when I came across random AE86s years ago they would be in crappy condition most of the time. Now most seem to have been given a ton of care! #collectable


I wonder what modern cars will be treated likewise in the future.


Beautiful. Perfection.

Soo much better than that abomination of a GTR just posted


Yep, sure do. As an achievement, putting it together in that timeframe is an awesome achievement.
Aesthetically however

Dino Dalle Carbonare

You mean the R35?

Ron Celestine

Uh oh lol..


For me it's fun to spot the odd nsx, and try to explain to my girlfriend why my neck is breaking. Most recently though, I've seen an imported s15 nissan. Idk how they got one over here, but it's the first and only one I've ever seen. Underrated car imo.

Ron Celestine

Haha I can understand that feeling. I'm always explaining to my gf why my neck keeps snapping while we are walking around here in Tokyo.


Only this weekend just gone, I stumbled across an absolutely spotless Ford Sierra RS500, I managed to have a chat with the owner too as he was hopping out and it was a genuine example and #9 of the 500 made. Finished in deep black, sporting the classic whale tail and correct wheels, it was as it had just rolled off the production line. Don't think you'd have much change from £50k nowadays.


This is defo more like it Paddy. More posts like this on Speedhunters please. :)
Stunning car, amazing location, clearly owned by a true petrol head.

Ron Celestine

Lol I'm try my best to keep those coming ;) (Ron lol)


Sorry Ron! Must have miss read the bottom of the post.
Awesome pics, quality subject. We need and want more like this RON!

Ron Celestine

Hahah its all good ;) Thank you!! I'll be on the hunt for more ^__^


I saw a bone stock R33 GTS-4 with its hood opened at the local repair shop about a month ago. I bet the owner must be not knowing the value of the car, or preserving the fun of stock Skyline.

Ron Celestine

True for both accounts. May just enjoy it the way it is. The important thing is it's being driven! (Or at least getting repair to be driven hopefully lol)


Saw a Lancer GSR(?) parked along a residential street while I was lost following Waze around Metro Manila


I still remember being 11 and seeing a replica Shelby Cobra outside an ice-cream shop. At the time i didnt know that replicas existed, so I was utterly amazed seeing one on the street. Shinny silver paintjob, fat tires with "small" rims and a simple and clean brown leather interior.
More than ten years later, I can still remember the feeling of awe that was left in me.

Ron Celestine

That's crazy! I remember when.. (maybe I was around the same age) my neighbor had a replica Shelby Cobra. He use to drop his son of to school in at and it always caused a scene haha


Saw this Lancer GSR(?) parked along a residential street while I was lost using Waze around Metro Manila!

Ron Celestine

Nice find! Getting lost is sometimes the best way to spot some rare finds ^__^ I try to do that all the time here haha


Here in the DFW area of Texas I see plenty of coveted cars. The first one that comes to mind is my neighbors 1971 Chevelle SS with a stroked 383 SBC. There's also a GT350(new one) in the same complex, a 1st generation MR2, two modded 350Zs and a few other Audis and MBs throughout.


Ron Celestine

Oh man.. I need to meet the GT350 R! (I know its not the same as the GT350 you found lol ) I don't think one has made its way over here yet... May have to make a trip back to Texas soon haha Thanks Alex




86, just the way I like em! Simple and to the point.
One day, I hope to own one.

Ron Celestine

No hope.. DO! ^^


2 years ago, I sold my mini to a guy for his daughter, he came back a fews days later to retrieve the wheels with winter tyres, he loaded it up in a Rolls Royce Wraith !!! Did I said it was with white leather interior? > the trunk was too small... I was like: "Seriously?" O_o


and voilà


Sweet find, car looks like its in nice condition. Although those wheels are made by Gallop Racing, not SSR.


The most memorable car I saw was a JZX100 Chaser (always wanted one since high school). The moment I walked out of Narita Airport, I heard a JZ echoing through. I looked over and it was a slammed JZX100 with big wheels and a nice body kit. When I came back to Australia, I basically bought one as soon as I came back.