Time Stands Still At The Festival Of Speed

Can you recall the first time you saw the car of your dreams in person?

I most certainly do. For as long as I can remember, the Ferrari F40 has been my dream car; it was the car that adorned my younger self’s bedroom wall. But it was only a few years ago, that I saw one in person for the first time. We were at Circuit Paul Ricard near Marseille in France for a round of the FIA GT1 World Championship, when we walked past a peculiar building on our way in one morning. It was through glass and it was only the rear of the car, but I’ll never forget that moment when I recognised what was in front of me.

2017 Goodwood Festival of Speed Speedhunters Stopping Time by Paddy McGrath-12

In the years since, I’ve seen F40s up close and in person, but it was that first encounter that I still remember best. Funnily enough, maybe the only car that I didn’t see today at the 2017 Goodwood Festival of Speed was an F40, but I’ll remedy that tomorrow. With an LM edition, if what I’ve been told is accurate.

2017 Goodwood Festival of Speed Speedhunters Stopping Time by Paddy McGrath-1

Thursday is the quietest day of the event, but it still attracts an impressive crowd of spectators for the middle of the working week. While action on the hill climb course is limited, it provides the perfect opportunity to take in the cars that often will be seen in action at some stage over the weekend.

2017 Goodwood Festival of Speed Speedhunters Stopping Time by Paddy McGrath-5
2017 Goodwood Festival of Speed Speedhunters Stopping Time by Paddy McGrath-11

There’s an absolute gluttony of exotic machinery on display, past and present represented in a way that I still can’t quite comprehend. As the day wears on, you do start feeling a bit fatigued and maybe blasé about what’s in front of you, but I do think that’s a normal enough reaction, for what it’s worth.

2017 Goodwood Festival of Speed Speedhunters Stopping Time by Paddy McGrath-1-2

But unlike pretty much every other show that I’ve been to, the Festival of Speed has ways of surprising you and opening your eyes, again and again.

2017 Goodwood Festival of Speed Speedhunters Stopping Time by Paddy McGrath-9

It doesn’t matter if it’s a car that technically might not be in production yet.

2017 Goodwood Festival of Speed Speedhunters Stopping Time by Paddy McGrath-7

Or something that exists for the rest of us mere mortals.

2017 Goodwood Festival of Speed Speedhunters Stopping Time by Paddy McGrath-2

Or something completely bespoke.

2017 Goodwood Festival of Speed Speedhunters Stopping Time by Paddy McGrath-18

There will be a car here that will make your world stop. It’s guaranteed. It’s not just because of the quantity, but the quality of the cars assembled. They are the best of the best.

It’s no wonder then why so many manufacturers are fighting for attention with some of the most impressive – and temporary – installations you might ever see. Their presence alone is worth a closer look.

2017 Goodwood Festival of Speed Speedhunters Stopping Time by Paddy McGrath-16

Even the vendors area provides a surprise or too. A road-registered and legal GT3-spec GT-R being built to decimate the Nordschleife? We’ll definitely have some of that.

2017 Goodwood Festival of Speed Speedhunters Stopping Time by Paddy McGrath-19

Before I go to sleep for a disturbingly short period of time, I just want to make sure that you’re going to be happy with what you’re going to see from the event. Essentially, this is the time for requests. So speak now, or forever hold your peace.

Paddy McGrath
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I'm am so yearning for a story on that street-legal GT3 GT-R. Makes me wonder what other GT3 cars can be made street legal?


It actually started life as a street car, but there is more coming on that one.

Aarón Pérez Torres

I wpuld love to see some st205 Celicas!


More Rotary posts, please!


I'll be happy with anything you decide to cover. Except maybe drifting (if there is any). Pretty sure speedhunters has covered enough drifting lately.


Never enough


Is that Agera the Hundra or the RS Gryphon? The Gryphon crashed recently didn't it?


Oh wait, it's the Naraya...


Can Am cars please.


I would like to see a lot of classic Italian goodness please. Mainly Alfa, Fiat and Lancia. Definitely take a picture if you'll see Fiat 131 Abarth!


I have a strange love for race car interiors. Might even classify as a kink. Any chance you could get a few shots of what's inside the cages?


That Delta S4...


Can you stop by Pat Doran, and see how the repairs are going on Rosie, his RS200, after he binned it yesterday?


I have seen on Facepage this morning that repairs are sorted and that he should be back on track this weekend if he isn't already!


Good to hear. And to be fair, it's a bit more period correct with slight panel damage!


250 GTO or 250 Lusso, which one will you choose? Hmm...


Can I just see as much as possible?, never know what will stand out at goodwood


Touring cars please; points for any late 90's BTCC/STCC/STW/JTCC/etc supertourers, bonus if its an Estate or a Dodge Stratus.


dealers choice, you always find the interesting ones


Just as much as you can please, Paddy.

I make it down the the FoS as often as I can but sadly can't make it this year. Just the sheer assault on the senses leaves you reeling for days after and you're never quite the same again. It's the acme of car shows and nothing else is ever quite as good. You get spoiled.

Seeing famous faces and famous cars of any ilk in such an immediate environment is something you have to experience at least once. On my first visit I was blown away with the fact that you could wander the pits and get up close and personal with cars you can only dream of owning let alone drive. The fact that they had the winning Le Mans cars there still covered in the dirt and detritus from the race just blew me away, or multi-million pound supercars that give you a warm fuzzy feeling in the nether regions, or one-off coachbuilt rarities that are so beautifully designed it almost makes you weep and want to hug the designer.

Pictures can only go some way to portraying just what it's like so if you can somehow find a way to release the smell of burning rubber, race fuel and nitrous through here that would go a long way to making things up for me.

Thank you.


Lots of supercars please!!!


And hypercars*


A mega FoS post, of at least 500 photos, less words more photos please!


Anything used and abused! Scuffed liveries, rubber up the flanks, scorch marks. I'm all for that shit!


Anything Aston Martin. I have no idea why I am so attracted to them, maybe my youth and watching and rewatching old Bond movies with my father, maybe its that color of British Racing Green that just keeps drawing me to them.

Any coverage will be awesome Paddy!


Homologation specials for the road.


The old stuff that doesn't show up everywhere please! Great start to the event, must go back one day...


As long as there is love for the rotaries, I'll be happy


Show us the cars, if you please. Please do not show us Bernie Ecclestone. I've seen his mug enough


Send rally cars please


Very interesting to see long exposure shots during the day. I think I was perfect for this event.


How long of exposures are you taking on some of those pictures? Are you using a tripod and an ND filter? And what lens were you using for most of these pictures? Thanks.

Paddy McGrath

17-40 F4L, tripod and ND filter all used. Exposures ranged from 2" to 30".