We Run The Night

Despite the local authorities being heavy-handed when it comes to modified vehicles, Australia’s largest city enjoys a diverse and vibrant performance car culture.

With Matt on the ground in Sydney we’ve been seeing some great content from the land down under, but this time around we want to – no, make that need to – share a new video from Harnett Media, produced in conjunction with The-Lowdown. It’s called ‘We Run The Night.’

Shot in 4K and finished off with a slick edit, we’re getting a real Need for Speed (2015) vibe from this clip, but more so, it just makes us want to meet up with our friends and go for a late night drive.

Brad Lord
Instagram: speedhunters_brad



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Chris Colouryum

Wow. Sick edit.


Hartnett media always coming up with super high quality videos!


Wow, that is a rad edit. Love it!

Matthew Everingham

Repping Sydney well! Awesome work boys!


"Squad goals"


Thanks for the love Speedhunters! <3


So are these cars *ahem* Legal?


I set sail every chance I get!


Why do you think they are out at night...they would be defected within hours during the day.

David Sciberras

People are quick to judge and jump to conclusion around here about defects LOL


what makes those cars illegal? I'm from the States and I don't know the regs in Oz.


Like Mark I also drive mine all the time and have not even been pulled over let alone defected *touch wood*


I drive my car all the time and never have been defected :)


The bit where all the cars are stationary, it looked amazing! The amount of cars too in a convoy at night. Lovin' it


That is so sick! Silver R33 was sooo good too!

Hussein E Rawat

What a wonderfully beautiful video. The sense of epicness is just mad. I love the way the cars are way there parked up and they are looking all majestic and fearsome all at the same time. Thanks for the the love.

Omer Carrothers

I *heart* EVERYTHING about this. Hell, I'm not into giant-fenders-stanced cars or anything like that, but I can appreciate the love the owners have for their cars, and this was really well made and I really want to check out what's going on in Australia.

Nathan Welland

As good as the video is, the Night/Morning we spent to film it was even better, get out there amongst it with your friends and enjoy your cars, that's what its all about people!


We run the night......No you run the show car circuit and will never be driven the way they should!!!


I'm perfectly ok with these cars sitting in a garage, art sits on the wall, tools get used in the field.

However, you can't imagine owning cars like these and not having a little fun ;)

Steven Planinic

Really.. Thats why there are three current Time Attack Cars in that line up as well as plenty others that see the track and road more then most cars.


Real life NFS


Beautiful shots. Some really nice composition going on there.
But alas, conflicting feelings arise. Wanting quality expensive parts while despising materialism and brand lust. Yes, the answer is just ride the bus.


It is so funny, while cars are expensive (and modding isn't cheap by any stretch) I never consider this to be materialistic. It is about the love of the machine, the build process, making something that is reflective of who you are as an individual. It has less to do with who has what, and more about what it sounds like when it blips through a tunnel. The automotive experience is at the root of all of this.

Miles Hayler-MacMillan

Awesome vid, great work guys.


This is legit. What an edit, bet the drive was fun too.