In The Moment: Halfway There

If you feel that there’s been a lot of Formula Drift coverage lately, you would be right.

Over just the last six weekends, we’ve had three rounds of the 2017 championship take place on the East Coast of the United States. It’s almost hard to believe that we’re already four rounds in and officially past the halfway point of this season.

2017 FD New Jersey In The Moment Speedhunters by Paddy McGrath-4
2017 FD New Jersey In The Moment Speedhunters by Paddy McGrath-5

The story so far for the Worthouse drift team has ranged from highest highs to some disappointing lows. Wall Stadium Speedway in New Jersey, which played host to this weekend’s fourth round, was not the greatest of events for either Piotr or James. But by the time the smoke had settled under the stadium lights, James remains top of the championship, with a 56-point lead.

2017 FD New Jersey In The Moment Speedhunters by Paddy McGrath-6

There was a Falken Tires driver on top of the podium for the third time in four events, so a victory by association will have to suffice this weekend for the Worthouse crew. It’s been a reminder, if ever one was even needed, that this will be a fight all season long.

Next stop is Montreal in mid-July and with a welcome a six-week break in between. It’s a long overdue opportunity to stop, take a breath and prepare to go again.

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Formula Drift is coming to Montreal!? I really hope someone on the Speedhunters team covers that. The Canadian car scene needs a lot more coverage.


There's been a few articles showcasing the car scene over there if you haven't noticed.

Mārtiņš Ēlerts

What a race! The fact that Odis car lasted till the end of his countless battles was astonishing.


As a drift freak i really enjoyed your post and wish to see more posts like this.


This story is to short. Need more information.


It's supposed to be like that.

Jordan Butters

The image with all of the spare bumpers is immensely pleasing.


I was so gutted for Piotr. The 1 chase he managed to do was incredible.


I was there. What a great weekend. Unfortunately it doesn't seem like FD can go one event weekend without some controversy. First was the "incident" between Dean Kearney and Vaughn Gittin Jr. From where I was sitting and from the replays I have seen Vaughn got his rear tires up past the "crease" which caused him to spin. If there was contact it was slight. All the chatter about there being a rubber mark on the side of Vaughns car, remember, he had a heavy collision with Juha Rintanen in practice. Could the rubber mark not have come from that? Ultimately Vaughn gets the win.

Second, and in my opinion the most egregious decision of night, was disqualifying Matt Coffman after his 5 minute time-out. We are in the Top 4 at this point. Drifting is as much about putting on a show for the fans as it is about the competition. For all intents and purposes Coffmans crew fixed his car before the five minutes was up. They pulled the clock away he got the car started and pulled out on to the grid. They went on to spend close to ten minutes reviewing the rule. More time than it took Coffmans crew to fix a leaking fuel injector. We all sat there waiting for the run to start only for Matt Coffman, who is ON THE GRID with a running car, to get disqualified. Now I'm a huge Odi Bakchis and wanted him to win this event so badly after watching him deal with all the issues he was faced with all weekend but this was NOT how I or any of the fans that were sitting in the stands wanted this to play out.

They really need to hash that rule out a bit better. Give them five minutes to work on the car. If the five minutes is up and the car want start and make it to the line under its own power, sure, DQ. The car was fixed before the five minutes was up.

Christian Clark

With ya on most o fthat, with the exception of this: what would you say to Kristaps, had Matt been allowed to make the start even after time was up, had he lost? Immediate and valid protest. FD made a rule and Coffman, whom I love, fell on the wrong side of it by a hair. But a rule is a rule.


It's a gray area. The car was fixed but the crew forgot that the kill switch was engaged. Therefore it was not firing. If they let him go do you think Kristaps would be happy since he pretty much made the time minus the jack stands in Atlanta?

Also would it be fun if there was no drama?

David Hasan-lichtenstein

Kristaps was different as lugs were missing and none of the car was aligned, as much as I wanted to see him run. Coffman's car was ready and missed it just because the killswitch was off. I would have liked to see both of them run cause we don't watch FD cause we like technical rules. We're there cause we love crazy violent driving so let em run.


I think I am going to be making a trip to Montreal for this. Maybe I can get lucky and run into you Paddy!


Sooo nice