First Look: Need for Speed Payback

It only seems like yesterday, but it’s been two whole years since the gaming world got its first look at the new, rebooted Need for Speed. Now it’s time to do it all over again with the next instalment in the long-running franchise, Need for Speed Payback.

As most of you will know, Speedhunters and Need for Speed go way back; Electronic Arts (EA) is the parent company of both brands, and we work closely with one another during the development of each Need for Speed release. It’s been this way since Speedhunters began back in 2008.

Of course, it’s an extra special day for everyone in the Ghost Games and Speedhunters’ offices when a new game trailer drops, and for Need for Speed Payback that day is today. Hit play above to check it out.


With E3 and EA Play conventions just around the corner, there’ll be lots more information to come in the weeks and months before Need for Speed Payback’s official release on November 10, 2017. What we can tell you in the meantime, however, is that vehicle performance modification and customization will once again play a big role in the game.


While Need for Speed (2015) amalgamated real-world icons of car culture with a fictional storyline, Need for Speed Payback moves into the action-driving fantasy realm. Set inside the fictitious desert city underworld of Fortune Valley, there’s whole new world explore, and with it comes some fresh driving opportunities.

We’ll have more as the release date edges closer, but in the meantime you can check out the game’s official webpage here.

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Loving the look of the new game!

Taylor Nelson

EA owns Speedhunters?! I didn't know that.

Anyway, I'll likely get and enjoy this game seeing how NFS15 was the first game I've completed in, like, 20 years.

Chris Colouryum

I'm pretty sure Speedhunters actually started as the blog for the r&d guys at nfs/ea as they were getting to travel and research so many cool aspects of car culture and wanted to share it. It's obviously grown into it's own brand now and even features in the game as a brand which is pretty cool!

Raphael Altendorf

Same thing to me. I loved the last NFS!


Keywords here: customization, action driving, valley, offroad bel air, datsun with a blown v8. Excited for this one.

Romulo Rodriguez

Show me some gameplay footage. I want to hear the sounds of the cars, the AI intelligence, the feel of the cars. NFS Shift is currently my favorite in the franchise so i'm the nut that likes some realism in the physics model

Anthony Chang

Looks great, hope it will have more classic cars, and please, don't be like "The Run".


I don't know why, but I just have a feeling this game's story is going to be even darker than The Run.


I just hope there is a dedicated 'offline' mode and internet connection is not required to play. Rural Canada (Saskatchewan) is spotty and spending 5 minutes playing and being disconnected had me turning the last NFS in on something different because I just couldn't play the game

Hopeful NFS fan

100% agree, sucks when games REQUIRE Internet


They've already stated offline mode is back.


I had read about offline mode and based on the trailer it seems like there is a story line they plan to follow. I'm mostly hoping the bottom of the case doesn't say 'Internet Connection Required to Play' not that internet connection is an issue for 99.9% of the target market.


Can you modify the vehicles? If so, a lot or only a little?


Dude its need for speed. You can put real bodykits. NFS 2015 customization was alot! Now they are saying that this is even MORE


Really wish they would add AutoSculpt back. It's probably hard to work around and implement because the bodykits and other aesthetic parts seem to be licensed to real world brands now, but I really loved how you could fine tune the dimensions of the body parts to your liking,

Tryon Lippincott

As long as it doesn't focus on multiplayer and has a decent single player mode I would be interested.


The modification in the last game was great, but the handling was woeful, even for an arcade game. Hopefully they can improve on that as the franchise as so much potential.


Would much rather prefer another Hot Pursuit installment but this looks cool.


im still waiting for need for speed most wanted 2005 to be on backwards compatibility. Guess ill have to keep waiting.

Hopeful NFS fan

Please have a GD and GC Subaru in this installment please!! I'm begging you guys to make it happen. The last NFS was ruined for me as you could only get that ugly hatch. And keep adding onto the customization, the last one was a great start but some more options for each car would have been nice. Some of us would like to play with cars we own or can own for the most part, not tons of different ferraris, lambos, and porsches


I feel you man.
Love bugeye impreza (MY00-02) but it feels like everybody else hate it.
Thank you Dirt rally.

Garrett Palmer

Crappy physics engines ruin these games for me.


I liked Need For Speed back when it was called OUTRUN.

jk great game.


I enjoyed the last NFS, but it just had this overwhelming sense of incompleteness (A running theme with newer EA games). The customization system itself had depth, but the pool of parts used in it was very shallow. Not only that, but the list of cars available was surprisingly small too. In addition, the story line was way too simple and the writing was cliché.
Even with all this criticism though, I had a great time with NFS. I've been dying for a really good racing game for a couple years now, and I really want this one to do well. Best of luck to the dev team, and I am looking forward to more news!


This time looks like GG gives us some other reference other than police and customization from the preious NFSs, i'm just gonna post what i saw or remember or speculate:
Chevy Bel Air appeared in NFS2 SE;
High Stakes in NFS4;
car delivery in NFS5 (due to the fnf style plot?);
Cop Heli in NFS HP2, MW05, Carbon, UC, HP2010, The Run, Rivals;
Character Action scenes in The Run;
FnF style underground racing plot in MW05, Carbon, UC;
Crew member in Carbon;
SUVs in UG2, MW2012;
Day/night cycle in HP2010, MW2012, Rivals;
daytime slight yellow-ish filter in MW05 and UC;
race class and certain car customiazation from ProStreet;
Valley race in Carbon and NFS2015;
Rhinos in MW05, Carbon and UC.
that's all i can come up with for now.


im sorry but forza horizon 3 was much more fun for me than the last nfs game. the driving physics sucked, the Ai sucked, and it was overall frustrating to play. heres hoping as a long time nfs fan that we will get a good nfs game that is fun to play and has all the features we loved from the classics.


Still playing nfs underground 2 because awesome lol


Lol I play underground 1 (almost) on daily basis


This is basically the Fast and the Furious game we've all been waiting for. HYPE.


The reboot was a small step in the right direction, but EA failed to listen to the community as well as they should.

Car customization was on the right track but still didn't reach the levels of NFS Underground 2 (several cars even had NO customization options...). Fans were screaming for a manual gearbox and only got one after launch. Even then the cars handled like rail racers with tons of "training wheel" assists from the computer that often sent the car into the wall. And then there was the Always Online DRM returning from Sim City that fans repeatedly begged to be removed and still made it into the game.

So yeah, the reboot was a step in the right direction and hopefully EA learned from their mistakes (but who am I kidding really). Hopefully more fans have learned to wait until after launch to buy their copies this time around.


You can't trust EA, but you can trust Ghost Games for that. They actually listen to the community of their players, which is pretty rare of a trait for a triple-A video game developer these days. I appreciate the massive effort they exert into developing their games, to bring the best NFS experience they want gamers to have.

Which sucks, because no matter how hard they try, they can't seem to please everyone. See the comments section on the trailer? Never seen such hatred and utter disrespect before. Harsh reality :/


HMMMM!.....?? Doesn't it remind me of a franchise that also goes wayback to 2001!! There is a bald guy and a under cover cop.. haha

Brian E. Spilner

Shift had great graphics, good car customization and some of the worst physics i've ever encountered in a driving game. If you can't get the physics right then the rest means nothing. Project cars has good, realistic physics. Forza mixes arcade and realism well. Forza horizon has good arcade physics. Shift felt like i was driving a sack of potatos.

Lochlan Hughes

Just got shift 2 for the ps3 so I could drift at ebisu and after playing gt6 I can totally agree. So annoying how much cars rears would slide out even with massive spoilers and sticky tyres!


I've stopped buying EA titles ever since the porsche affair years and years ago, will continue to do the same.


EA doesn't have Porsche license anymore, it ended this year.


Yup, finally Porsche is coming to Gran Turismo (outside of a Gameshark hack) !!!

i really don't know why are you reading this

looks like fast and furious
really not what NFS needed, a story
could've kept on with the cheesy acting instead of le action movie xd

i really don't know why are you reading this

looks just like what nfs didn't need: an action movie story
this isn't fast and furious
otherwise the game looks nice


it really doesn't need a story tbh


I'm not real big on car games mostly because the cars never handle like the real thing. They are always loose and touchy. Plus most of the cars are always close to looking like the real thing but not really. Although I'm digging the trailer I wonder about the game play. It looks awesome but I wonder how long of story line it will have. Too many games have campaigns that are really too short for a sixty dollar and up game. Personally I don't care to play with others and all I want to do is put the game in and play. Not craft some part or gather paper to build a spoiler. I'll probably try when I can buy it cheap but not when it comes out.


Hot Pursuit 2 (yeah, the old, simple PS2 game, about four NFS titles before EA started to become a joke) is still my favorite.


Will I be able to drive my 65 fastback in game?


Mustang guys should be covered, they put like every iteration of the thing on the last nfs game, cept the sn95. Sn95s never get any love lmao

Lochlan Hughes

Fingers crossed you won't need online to play and has the same customization as the last game. I'll buy a ps4 if it does.


They've stated there will be an offline mode so you dont need to be online 24/7


Trailer looks good. Graphics look very nice. I hope the physics are betetr than the 2015 game. Hopefully they're similar to Forza Horizon which is the vibe I'm getting from this trailer. Just a more street-racing and mission based game. Very excited to see/hear more about it!


Subaru Impreza 06 Mitsubishi Lancer 06 Chevy impala 1995/64..


Add all need for speed cars from the history of the previous games..own up to 20 cars Mitsubishi Lancer 2006-2009 Subaru Impreza 2006 2010 Chevy impala 1995-64 Bring back the Chevy Firebird cars good for drag racing...Ford GT 05..Chevrolet Corvette zr1..most wanted BMW


For the police cars Chevy Corvette, ford Crown Victoria, Ford Taurus as well as Racers a Ford Taurus in my garage would be great..


They should do a need for speed in New York state including the five boroughs well 4..


BMW most wanted


Lmao, they leaked the new BMW M5 in the Deluxe edition cover tho :v


I just want EA's visual customization, Rockstar's open-world and Turn 10's physics/tuning/car list


This seems like CSR Classics in a way


Honestly I think the cars look great and the "world" design also looks really good! But i am worried that this will become more of a NFS The Run 2 due to the storyline.

NFS Shift + NFS ProStreet are for me the best NFS games, they mix a very large area of modifications with a large number of event types! The track day atmosphere was the perfect scenario for all us racers and car fanatics... And most importantly offers countless RePlay-Ability!
OH and am i the only person who misses a REAL drifting event in these games! I don't understand how its such a small part of the new NFS games when its such a huge part of car culture these days!


All of these car movies and games are turning into some fake heist stuff and unrealistic action. Whats up with this?????? NFS 2015 has to be the best.


Yea the whole Fast and the Furious thing has gotten laughably corny, unrealistic, full of reggaton, and totally gay. PLEASE don't ruin NFS, listen to some people and make a game with decent handling, a track day feel, and relatable cars.
I can see and have a feeling the game is WELL into dev now though and am getting an idea of the direction... kinda disappointed


If you want a real car game (no pun intended) play Gran Turismo, if you want a fun arcade game minus the heist stuff play Forza Horizon 3, it's simple. NFS was and always will be the king of outrageous stunts, speeds and spaceship-like racing, it was always their central concept.

Kadeem Eiland

I really, really hope this one has ACTUAL physics, let's be honest the previous game was the biggest let down ever...

Christian Fiore

Any chance of a Switch release, or does EA still have the blinders on?


It's a real shame that Speedhunters didn't hook up with Gran Turismo instead of NFS. Imagine the potential and insane things that would come out of Polyphony Digital owning Speedhunters instead of the producers of an arcade oriented saga.

Paddy McGrath

Speedhunters didn't hook up with anyone, this is an EA funded and supported project since the beginning.

Patrick Peebles

No rubber-banding please... I don't understand why that is still a thing in arcade racing games.


I really really hope that they actually put some physics in this one that make it fun to drive again. The last one for all the great stuff in the game (cars, characters, customisation) the one big thing lacking was the cars felt like crap to drive.

Let's hope they've sorted this out this time.


i hope the driving is well less arcade


Always thought it odd a game designed for those not old enough to drive was pushed so hard on an automobile enthusiast website


So many people play video games now even as adults dude.. they aren't new, and even my dad plays video games sometimes and I'm 25 so you know he's old lol


This NFS is begging for some rally style subarus to go along with the bel air and all as I assume there will be a modicum of off road driving. For real though the hatch in the last one wasn't doing anything for 90% of the Subie fans. Add a GD or two and please for the love of God have a GC8/GM6 first ten impreza, the kids need to know these cars like they do the skyline and 911


Any idea if there will be wheel support for consoles this time around?? Biggest frustration with the last NFS was my G29 gathering dust as I played!!


why don't they just call it fast a furious the game..another one


Do you have manual transmission in the Nfs payback??