England To Austria: A Rotiform Road Trip

Road tripping with friends between cities or states is one of the great opportunities that car culture provides, and when the final destination is a world famous car meet, it’s all the more sweet.

We’ve seen some great films from Rotiform in the past, and this 40-minute production documenting the team’s drive from England to Austria for Wörthersee 2017 is right up there with the best of them.

Combining behind the scenes footage of the multi-car cross-country adventure with features of Rotiform wheel-equipped vehicles along the way, it’s an inspiring watch for anyone looking for a reason to road trip.

Brad Lord
Instagram: speedhunters_brad



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Wow! Being that at the end of the day this is a marketing piece, this was a very cool video. Actually, 'video' does not even do it justice, as the content and editing really is more deserving of being called a 'short film'.

What I really liked was the camaraderie, and the inclusion of the 'bad' stuff as well. Tire issues, broken splitters, aggro cops...all universal car guy annoyances. It was a good balance to the glamour shots of the wheels.

Also cool: interesting to see the appropriation of USDM car culture overseas. Stateside we always talk in terms of JDM and EDM, so it is neat to see that it is not just a one-way street. Great stuff overall, very nicely done!


Very nice movie and nice wheels, and some really nice rides such as this drifting low beemer.
Though ... absolutely DO NOT STOP In the middle of the highway to put ducktape on your car. This is dangerous for you and the other people. I was just cringing


Why was there no wörthersee coverage this year? :(


We couldn't get anyone to cover it. In saying that, I was supposed to go but it clashed with FD in Atlanta. Definitely going next year, 100%.


Imo sexiest wheel brand to me personally , but not a fan of the prices . One day I will get a set for the WRX